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tooth out, antibiotics in

>> Sunday, June 24, 2007

i couldn't decipher if was excited at the term "minor surgery," or was scared at the stories of "pain" after a tooth extraction.

i placed the fate of my tooth, gums, and nerves at the hands of my second cousin (who is our dentist) yesterday. two days ago, my gums started to hurt because of the wisdom tooth, aka third molar. before, i didn't take notice of my tooth coming out because it didn't hurt and if it did, it was bearable. it was only two days ago when i couldn't eat properly and had to drink biogesic to relieve me of the pain while eating (miya is a witness to that when we ate at tokyo-tokyo. ehe)

so i had it checked last friday. they said that i'm gonna be placed under the needle and take out the tooth because it was pushing against my jaw. it was irritating the gums already, thus making it swollen. it had to be taken out so that it won't bother me again.

i returned yesterday, and did a series of x-rays and tests. they injected something at my arm to check if i was allergic to the anesthesia. when my skin didn't produce little bumps, i sat on the chair and got ready for whatever what would happen.

the other dentist was scared that i would winch and scream like their other patients during tooth extractions. haha, i told them that i wasn't scared of dentists and needles. dad was more nervous than i was, he kept on looking at me when they inserted the needle to my gums.

i felt the tools digging into my gums to make the tooth become loose, but i didn't feel any pain. tooth was stubborn and didn't want to leave my mouth. the dentists had to hold my head when they took out the pliers. it wasn't about me screaming for pain, my head might come off because of the tugging. hahahaha still no pain. i was still sitting relaxed and pretty on the dentist's chair.

when i finally saw my tooth, i raised my hand in triumph. that was fast. and sooooo cool. it was my first time to visit a dentist for a tooth extraction. i only visited the dentist before to have my teeth cleaned. i haven't experienced a pasta filling, a root canal, or whatever-you-do-with-teeth. so i guess i was excited at the experience.

the greatest reward of it all is the pint of ice cream. hoyeaaaah.


stepanya 11:07 PM  

omg this is gory.


yawmee 11:15 PM  

it's bloody gory! hoyeaaah.

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