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baby, you're mine to keep!

>> Friday, June 29, 2007

i just bought myself a new baby girl, christened at the speedo store in tri noma. early salary, early birthday gift to meeeee.

the new speedo optical goggles!!! oooh sleek and sexehh.

i don't know what to name my goggles, i want it to start with a letter D. girl name please. why D? i don't know. i just thought of it when i was wearing it at the pool this afternoon.

my old optical goggles (which my parents bought for me when i was in high school) is worn and blurry. it gets foggy just after one lap. i was also careless before, i placed my goggles inside the plastic case without letting it dry first, thus causing mold to appear. yuuuuck. i've learned my lesson, i'll take good care of my nyooo eye wear.

oh hot stuff, i'm a speedo addict. but i still envy the guy at the pool this afternoon. he also had cool goggles like me, with the cooler version of the hand paddles (they're too big for me anyway), and he had those cool speedo flippers (I WANT A PAIR TOO! ahaha kidding). the worse part is that "outswam" me. mhen, he's good. i gotta work on those strokes.

and a funny thing that happened in the forum. no, not on the way. :P

tanungan na pala ako ng gig ngayon.

(click for a larger image to see text)

kamusta namaaaaan. ano ako, kalendaryo information desk sa mall? :D

kymi linarez: nice ate yumi, tinatanungan ka ng gigs ng boys sa forums. manager? hehehe.

martha samson: isa ka nga palang manager ngayon!!!
yumipitz: HAHAHAHAAH hawak ko na sched ng boys.
martha samson: long lost daughter ni sir george.


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