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how do you eat your oreo?

>> Saturday, June 30, 2007

last week in seventh heaven, it was all about oreos and family issues. they brought up certain personalities through the way they eat their oreos with milk. most of the camdens are dunkers, meaning they dunk their oreos before munching on them. lucy is the different one, she twists and scrapes off the cream first with the use of her finger, then munches on the rest of the cookie. simon's fiance twists and licks. a family friend drops the cookie into the glass, drinks the milk, then eats the soggy cookie last.

my style of eating oreo, is to take a bite and while i'm chewing, i take a sip of milk then continue chewing. it's like having an oreo soup or oreo cereal. the cookie and the cream blends with the milk, making it a creamy and perfect treat for the day. one full glass of milk can consume two oreos. but if you're thrifty with the milk, you can go as far as five cookies. sometimes, i savor the cookie so much, i only consume one for a full glass of milk. or maybe i love milk too. :P i guess when i'm eating oreos, i won't be able to talk without spurting out oreo crumbs and milk dripping trickling down my chin. my style of eating oreos is for the listening type; makes you keep your mouth shut and ears open. :P

how about you? how do you eat your oreo?


oh snap!

>> Friday, June 29, 2007


tanya, one of mom's love birds was chewing on a tree branch in her cage. she'd been chewing on it since this morning until i found her doing her last few knick knacks on the wood. i got the last moments on video, before she took the final toll on the branch. it was funny actually, she didn't know what would happen if she kept on munchin' on it. it was really funny when the branch finally broke, much to her great surprise.

the video doesn't have sound though, i dunno why.


baby, you're mine to keep!

i just bought myself a new baby girl, christened at the speedo store in tri noma. early salary, early birthday gift to meeeee.

the new speedo optical goggles!!! oooh sleek and sexehh.

i don't know what to name my goggles, i want it to start with a letter D. girl name please. why D? i don't know. i just thought of it when i was wearing it at the pool this afternoon.

my old optical goggles (which my parents bought for me when i was in high school) is worn and blurry. it gets foggy just after one lap. i was also careless before, i placed my goggles inside the plastic case without letting it dry first, thus causing mold to appear. yuuuuck. i've learned my lesson, i'll take good care of my nyooo eye wear.

oh hot stuff, i'm a speedo addict. but i still envy the guy at the pool this afternoon. he also had cool goggles like me, with the cooler version of the hand paddles (they're too big for me anyway), and he had those cool speedo flippers (I WANT A PAIR TOO! ahaha kidding). the worse part is that "outswam" me. mhen, he's good. i gotta work on those strokes.

and a funny thing that happened in the forum. no, not on the way. :P

tanungan na pala ako ng gig ngayon.

(click for a larger image to see text)

kamusta namaaaaan. ano ako, kalendaryo information desk sa mall? :D

kymi linarez: nice ate yumi, tinatanungan ka ng gigs ng boys sa forums. manager? hehehe.

martha samson: isa ka nga palang manager ngayon!!!
yumipitz: HAHAHAHAAH hawak ko na sched ng boys.
martha samson: long lost daughter ni sir george.


to girls, women, and chikas

>> Wednesday, June 27, 2007

to person 1: whenever i see your name go online in my ym, i put on a sad face. i really want to talk to you, though i'm not sure if you are ready to talk. i know it won't be the same, but hey, at least we can start over again? you're a great friend and a wonderful person. everyone loves you, you're everybody's sister.

to person 2: it's great to see that you're fine. :) i'll always be here, ok? even if sometimes we don't have the same views, but hey, you know i'll be here to listen.

to person 3: i know you're nice, but sometimes you can be unpredictable. haha maybe it's just me. maybe you're trying to keep everything in calm waters, i don't know if you know what i know. i don't know you that well yet, but you have given a listening ear whole heartedly. thanks for being such a great person.

ahh what the heck, i don't even know if they read my blog. haha maybe the other blogs.


true to life joke

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2007

this happened during the all star K! show last sunday, at gma 7.

host: ano tawag mo kay madame auring?
boyfriend: barbie doll.
host: eh kung nag-aaway kayo?
boyfriend: CHAKA DOLL.


ps. thanks to reamur for helping me change the fonts. :)
pps. i am giving my hugs to the person who needs it today. i don't know how i can help physically. i'll be here to listen and stay beside you. you take care of yourself ok?
ppps. i miss my bloomie girlfriends. they're all in school and i'm left with a quiet ym atmosphere. it's actually a good thing, it'll force me to work. but i can't stop thinking of them and missing our wacky conversations.
pppps. i'm looking forward to our food trip regi! next week, razons! RAWR.

66%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2 - Online Dating

thanks to rap for this video. it made my night.

japanese are so damn creative in creating game shows.


new boat to sail on

>> Monday, June 25, 2007

with this week that i'm working at home, i got the chance to edit my blog layout. i got the layout from blogskins. i changed some stuff, including that pop-artish header. *points up*

i've never done pop art (or if it's even considered as pop art) ever. so i took pictures from the net and tried using them as examples. thus, that orange-y header.

i'm done procrastinating, i have to get back to my worksheets. hahaha


my thoughts for today

knowing too much will put you in danger.
knowing a little will make you an ignorant person.
keeping a lot of secrets is a risk.
staying trustworthy and loyal to your friends is a gift.
loving someone is a challenge.
making decisions is a responsibility.
helping someone is a privilege.
accepting someone back and forgiving him or her is a fulfilling task.

life is a strategy. we should learn how to play it well.

wimbledon starts today at 1 pm! i'll be able to track scores and players through the website. they're gonna have a live feed of the scores and a flash hawk-eye review of the movement of the ball. it's as close as seeing it live, only without the players on the screen. live tennis matches have subscriptions, and i'm not that crazy to pay $24.99 (why not just say $25?) for a good look at the games. and i think it's not available in the philippines.

if only i were close with the people from solar entertainment at the 2nd floor, i would've spent my breaks watching tennis. hahaha

i'm gonna root for roger federer and i hope he gets his 5th straight wimbledon championship. for the girls, i dunno yet; most probably maria sharapova.


tooth out, antibiotics in

>> Sunday, June 24, 2007

i couldn't decipher if was excited at the term "minor surgery," or was scared at the stories of "pain" after a tooth extraction.

i placed the fate of my tooth, gums, and nerves at the hands of my second cousin (who is our dentist) yesterday. two days ago, my gums started to hurt because of the wisdom tooth, aka third molar. before, i didn't take notice of my tooth coming out because it didn't hurt and if it did, it was bearable. it was only two days ago when i couldn't eat properly and had to drink biogesic to relieve me of the pain while eating (miya is a witness to that when we ate at tokyo-tokyo. ehe)

so i had it checked last friday. they said that i'm gonna be placed under the needle and take out the tooth because it was pushing against my jaw. it was irritating the gums already, thus making it swollen. it had to be taken out so that it won't bother me again.

i returned yesterday, and did a series of x-rays and tests. they injected something at my arm to check if i was allergic to the anesthesia. when my skin didn't produce little bumps, i sat on the chair and got ready for whatever what would happen.

the other dentist was scared that i would winch and scream like their other patients during tooth extractions. haha, i told them that i wasn't scared of dentists and needles. dad was more nervous than i was, he kept on looking at me when they inserted the needle to my gums.

i felt the tools digging into my gums to make the tooth become loose, but i didn't feel any pain. tooth was stubborn and didn't want to leave my mouth. the dentists had to hold my head when they took out the pliers. it wasn't about me screaming for pain, my head might come off because of the tugging. hahahaha still no pain. i was still sitting relaxed and pretty on the dentist's chair.

when i finally saw my tooth, i raised my hand in triumph. that was fast. and sooooo cool. it was my first time to visit a dentist for a tooth extraction. i only visited the dentist before to have my teeth cleaned. i haven't experienced a pasta filling, a root canal, or whatever-you-do-with-teeth. so i guess i was excited at the experience.

the greatest reward of it all is the pint of ice cream. hoyeaaaah.



>> Saturday, June 23, 2007

do you love books?
are you having withdrawal syndromes if you don't get to read a book at least thrice a week?
do you go broke when you enter a bookstore?

ian just made a multiply group this morning. we call it the the book pile and it's main purpose is to share your reading list and write about it.

join, join, JOIN NOOOOWW!!!! let's share the book love.


being part of ambeth's class

>> Friday, June 22, 2007

ambeth ocampo was my teacher in philippine history in college. i enjoyed his classes, they were always animated and filled with humorous interpretations on history. sir ambeth added the creative writing in history. he taught us that history is all about different point of views and sometimes documents aren't what they seem to be.

he wrote this article in inquirer, revealing is eccentricities as a teacher. he's famous for that and no one can beat his style. read up!

and oh, get sir ambeth as a teacher if you still have the chance. :)

Cutting Through Complexity
by Ambeth Ocampo

MANILA, Philippines -- Classes have finally opened and I will face a new batch of over 160 students this semester. The challenge is to live up to my reputation both as a historian and a teacher. Coping with the curriculum is easy, but living up to the students’ ideals is another matter because many of the legends that surround me are simply untrue, or at best half-true.

In the days before I grew enough gray hair to be assigned air-conditioned classrooms, students noticed that I perspired a lot (from the exertion of lecturing) and used baby diapers, instead of a handkerchief, to dry myself. I thought this a novel way to deal with the heat, for how can you beat an absorbent cotton diaper? The next best thing would be one of those coarse “Good Morning” face towels you see like yokes on the bare necks of jeepney drivers. Unfortunately, students misread the teacher who used diapers as a face towel and branded him eccentric.

With the reputation for eccentricity firmly established, the urban legends followed. One student asked, “Is it true that you came to class once dressed as a pirate? Is it true that you came with a costume complete with sword, eye patch and a parrot?”

I didn’t know where that came from, so I replied, “No, I didn’t come to class as a pirate, I came as the parrot!” And because teachers do not lie, that remark was taken literally and I now have a reputation of coming to class in a bird outfit.

I did come to the first day of class once in my old monk’s habit. The sixth-century cut was so new to the 21st-century students that they were terrified. But that was not the punch-line. I introduced myself and told them how happy I was that they had an interest in learning biblical Greek. Stunned, everyone just sat in their seats and only recovered when I told them they were in a class on Philippine history.

Every semester my students cross their fingers, hoping that I will be inspired enough to do my (in)famous Josephine Bracken impersonation where I act out the two hilarious versions of her miscarriage in costume that comes complete with a curly wig and a pillow inside the “daster.” If at all, one of the life lessons they will learn from class will be expectation and disappointment.

When I was younger, I would come to the first day of class early, pick a seat in the back and wait for the students to file in. I would hide my face in my arms, pretend to sleep and count the minutes before the students became restless. In time, a rabble-rouser would stand up and incite the class to leave room and teacher. When he left the room, I would stand up lock the door and introduce myself, but not before I had talked to innocent students and asked what they had heard about the teacher and his grading system. Those who gave feedback turned red when they discovered that I was their teacher. Unfortunately, I’m too old to pass for a college student these days and can’t play this trick anymore.

One would think that students would flock to a teacher who gives high grades for minimal effort and avoid one who gives low grades and horrendous tests. Unlike most teachers who cancel the lowest score attained in tests during the term, I prefer to cancel the highest score. The rationale is simple, if you cancel the lowest score you are giving allowance for bad-hair day, you encourage mediocrity. But if you cancel the highest, you are removing a chance score, or “tsamba” score, from the equation and encourage consistency. If your grades are consistently high, canceling the highest will not matter very much, but if your grades are low, then canceling the highest score really matters.

Bonus questions are written in the “baybayin” pre-colonial Philippine script. Essay questions are designed to make students read and analyze a given document. In one case, my students were asked to read Antonio Pigafetta’s account of the Battle of Mactan in 1521. Surely it is easier to just ask an objective, fill-in-the blank question or perhaps make the student sweat over true or false. But that is not as challenging as asking the student to use the primary source document and narrate the events and outcome of the battle, not from the viewpoint of the chronicler of the Magellan expedition but from that of a fish. What will a fish (presumably a species we now know as lapu-lapu) see but legs in murky water? (One student filled a page with “glub, glub, glub...” and ended with, “Sorry, I cannot understand fish language.”) Senseless it seemed at the outset, but it does make the students read and re-read a given text and think outside of the box.

Another famous question was, “What is the significance of the dog in the execution scene of the Marilou-Diaz Abaya film on Rizal?” Students gave very elaborate answers like: “Before Rizal was shot, the dog was on a leash, but when he fell, the dog ran round his corpse. This symbolizes that we were once enslaved but Rizal’s death freed us all.” To everyone’s surprise the question could be answered by one simple word: None, or “Wala.”

History is not just about dates, names, places and events. It is supposed to teach the student to be critical in dealing with texts and more critical in dealing with questions that require commonsense answers expressed in a clear and lucid manner. Cutting through complexity is a skill everyone has to learn.


pump those swimming muscles

>> Wednesday, June 20, 2007

if there's one athletic dream i'm allowed to have, i'll wish that i'd become an olympic swimmer.

i was once asked why i like swimming. i had two answers:
1. the whole body is toned just by doing laps
2. i don't feel that i'm sweating

yes, i'm serious on the second one. that's why i don't like gyms and aerobics. i don't like to sweat, because i feel icky and sticky. exercising in the water is refreshing because it's as if i'm taking a bath while i'm working out.

me in the pool
i didn't take formal lessons in swimming. i didn't join bert lozada's swim school with all the other kids holding on to the gutter for dear life. i remember that it was my dad who taught me how to float, and we were in a beach at that time. i straightened up my body, face down to the water, while he held my tummy. slowly, he let me go, until i looked like a raft floating on the water.

mom taught me the flutterkick, the style of paddling through water with the use of your legs. the secret to a great flutterkick is that you shouldn't make a large splash. as much as possible, keep the feet underwater. think of the ship's propellers. they're huge and spin in great speeds, but they never spin above the water.

when i was in high school, i tried out for the swimming club. i thought i wouldn't be accepted because i knew nothing about swimming. i couldn't even get a decent freestyle during the try-outs. i was already thinking of going back to that boring newsletter club, when i saw my name in the accepted sheets. miracle!

the swimming club taught me how to do the strokes properly. i fell in love with freestyle and backstroke (though i got disqualified during intrams because i crossed lanes at the backstroke event. HAHAHAHA).

i also got obsessed with collecting speedo stuff.

because of swimming, i noticed that i was getting the muscles in my arms. swimming helped me get rid of that "lampayatot" figure i had in grade school. it put the figure on me. hooyeeaaah.

the goodness of it all
swimming is the best exercise there is. according to experts, swimming provides the best work out for the body without straining the muscles. your body and the water serve as weights and they work your body to your desired results. i was reading through the net, when i found this article on why swimming is a wonderful exercise.

* Swimming uses almost all the major muscle groups, and places a vigorous demand on your heart and lungs.
* Swimming develops muscle strength and endurance, and improves posture and flexibility.
* Swimming is especially useful for people who are overweight, pregnant, or with leg or lower back problems.
* Swimming is a great sport for people of all ages and all proficiency levels.
* Swimming provides most of the aerobic benefits that running does, with many of the benefits of resistance training thrown in.
* Swimming does not put the strain on connective tissues that running, aerobics and some weight-training regimens do.

The buoyancy factor makes swimming the most injury-free sport there is. Water exercises benefit seniors, pregnant women, arthritis sufferers, or anyone with an injury. One of the biggest advantages is flexibility. In water, body weight is 1/10 of what it would be on land. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds on land, you weigh 15 pounds standing in chin-deep water, hence, range of motion in water is much easier. Also, fitness exercise in water can be done more often because of the low incidence of high-impact injuries and is more effective because movement in water has 12 times greater resistance than movement in air. For pregnant women, water exercise strengthens and tones the muscles used during childbirth. For the elderly, water fitness is safe, fills the need for exercise, increases a body's range of motion and is a low-impact exercise. For those with weight problems, water helps the body naturally rid itself of excess water and salt. As physical therapy, it gradually and gently rehabilitates and relaxes muscles and joints that have stiffened or atrophied.

Beginning swimmers need to know that ones resting heart rate decreases 10 beats per minute in water, and maximum heart rate decreases by 10 to 30 beats. The heart puts out just as much blood as in other exercises because it pumps more volume with each stroke, but more slowly. No one is certain why heart rate decreases in water, but the lower temperature and lesser pull of gravity in water may be the cause. In any case, if you know what your exercise heart rate should be, that number should be lower by at least 10 beats when you swim. Swimming is a good sport to take up if you would like to increase your muscle and strength endurance. It is also good for increasing your stamina and improving your cardiovascular system by improving the bodies' use of oxygen and allowing the heart to work less strenuously.

so if you're thinking of a program to regulate your weight, try swimming. :) you may never know, you might be the next michael phelps or amanda beard: olympic swimmers with hot bodies.


do you remember this nursery rhyme?

>> Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching one by one,
The little one stops to suck his thumb
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching two by two, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching two by two,
The little one stops to tie his shoe
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching three by three,
The little one stops to climb a tree
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching four by four, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching four by four,
The little one stops to shut the door
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching five by five, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching five by five, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching five by five,
The little one stops to take a dive
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching six by six, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching six by six, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching six by six,
The little one stops to pick up sticks
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching seven by seven, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching seven by seven,
The little one stops to pray to heaven
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching eight by eight, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching eight by eight, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching eight by eight,
The little one stops to shut the gate
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching nine by nine, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching nine by nine, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching nine by nine,
The little one stops to check the time
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah
The ants go marching ten by ten,
The little one stops to say "THE END"
And they all go marching down to the ground
To get out of the rain, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!


put it on your phones!

>> Monday, June 18, 2007

procrastination at work leads to phone wallpapers. pictures are from ian, the lovely photographer of the boys. i was feeling artistic at work, and i volunteered on making these phone wallpapers for three of my lovely bloomfriends.

for miya (compatible for nokia 6600, 176x208 pixels)
shot taken at herman's hermits concert, araneta coliseum

for maui (compatible for nokia 7650, 176x208 pixels)
emi promotional picture, from the emi philippines website.

for martha (compatible for motorola razr v3i, 176x220 pixels)
promotional shot of the bloomfields

you can download them if you want, but please credit. don't try claiming them as your own work. i make them for free, so don't abuse my angel powers. they're all at my deviant art and i have the psd files. beware of plagiarism. i bite when you go claiming my work.


story number 3

>> Friday, June 15, 2007

cindy walked out of the train. she followed the flow of people as they exited the turnstiles of the station. her day had ended and she was glad that finally, she could lie down on her bed and take a long rest for the night.

then, someone brushed her shoulder. she looked to see who it was. a wisp of a manly cologne greeted her. she inhaled deeply.

cindy smiled to herself. she thought these scenarios only existed in commercials.

he wore a light blue shirt, matched with khaki shorts with a length that went down till his knees. just the right length, just the right fit. she thought to herself. his feet was adorned with a pair of adidas. stripes were blue to match his shirt. he walked towards the same exit as hers. she followed.

he walked in quick but large strides. he climbed down the stairs as if he had a surfboard on his feet. he seemed to be in a hurry. cindy tried to keep up, increasing the her walking speed without catching much attention. there were moments that she lost sight of him, but just like the twist of fate, she would catch a glimpse of his face before he turned towards a new flight of stairs.

with those quick glimpses, cindy tried to remember his face. he had a fair and pleasant face. he still looked fresh even if the day was nearing its end. he had a little twinkle in his eyes and a small smile to match his face. his face made her smile.

she didn't believe at love at first sight. it was like at first sight.

they both reached the exit of the station. cindy looked for the ride that waited for him, or if ever he had a ride home. she lost him in the crowd of people. before she could take another attempt of searching for him, a car honked for her.

she hopped in her ride and scanned the area in hopes of seeing him for the last time.


home on the web

>> Thursday, June 14, 2007

i have been asked a million times on how many blogs i maintain. i keep four, but they all have their specific purposes and roles to play.

blogspot is my first online home. it started when quel invited our high school batch to keep an online blog for us. we were excited at the idea, so that we could be updated with our lives or on the school's activities even if we graduated last 2002. i created an account and joined the community for our blog. months after the blog hype, no one updated anymore. i created my own account and started to learn the codes for web. jace helped me in creating blog banners and deciphering my layout. soon, i was up and running. i learned how to edit layouts. i got layouts from blogskins then edited it to suit my personality and style. it was also the time i was learning my way around photoshop.

i used to change layouts once a month. however, it became taxing for me, so lately i changed layout every quarter (or whenever i had the time to edit). it usually takes me 2 days to change my layout. one day to look for the right layout, and the second day to do all the edits and photoshop.

blogspot is somewhat my public bodega of feelings. everything is written in general or is rated G for the public. whenever i write here, i have to remember that everyone has access to it, friends, family, strangers, and online buddies. this is also my highly promoted blog among the four because i want to keep track of the number of people visiting. mwehehehe. usually, i write my book, movie, and art reviews so that i can share it with other people.

i wasn't supposed to have an account in livejournal. but my blockmates pestered me in creating an account because they said it was easier to maintain and there are a lot of advantages than blogspot. so i went with the flow and wahlah, my second blog. unlike blogspot, lj is easier to maintain. i regularly change my layout -- usually it's once every two months, or whatever my mood tells me to. lj also allows 6 (or more) icons that will appear every entry, so that's added photoshop creativity for me.

the advantage of having lj is that you can lock your entries and choose who can see them. that's why my personal entries are there, which can only be viewed by lj friends. loading is faster too, than blogspot. blogspot used to have this very sloooow loading time, that it made me impatient. haha lj codes are easier to understand too.

another advantage is viewing your friends page. you just have to keep your lj friends in a list, then click a link that will automatically show your friends' recent entries. that way, you won't need to visit every single page to check if they have written something new.

deviant art
deviant art is my storage room for all my artwork -- may it be photographs, layouts, icons, phone wallpapers, etc. it's an online portfolio of the artsy-fartsy stuff i've done in the past. i started my deviantart last year when i had to reformat my computer because of a virus. so i uploaded all my layouts. i didn't take notice of my account for some months, but decided to keep it active when deviant art sent me a message. haha. now, every time i make an icon, or change my layout, i dump all of my artwork there. even my photographs from my phone camera are dumped there, as long as i think they look pretty.

they say multiply is the new friendster. you add people to be your contact and you can access everything on their account: pictures, music, blogs, links and reviews. some say it is the new limewire -- because of the music storage. it's a blogger's dream because it has a limitless storage memory for all your online needs. i store all my photos and favorite songs in my multiply. blog entries always come either from lj or blogspot. nothing is original there, except for a few surveys i nicked from various people. it's also the dumpsite of all the bloomfields pictures and comments from fellow bloomies.

so i have four web homes, and i hop from one web link to another every day. add me up if you have an account in one of the four (or two.. or three.. or all!). just make sure you make yourself known to me so that i'll add you in return. :)


i can die now

>> Tuesday, June 12, 2007

he's looking at the cam. HAHAHAHAHAHA

more pictures at my multiply. bear with the numerous comments, martha kasi eh. hahahahha


a sun story

>> Sunday, June 10, 2007

a while ago, ian and i were talking about our expensive luxury of collecting books. she added a book for my "to buy" list, 'sol' by agay llanera and illustrated by farley del rosario. (so many books, so little money!!) here's the link to the story. i promised that i'll purchase the book. it's a good read -- the words woven with such great talent, and pictures painted to add color to the story. books written by filipinos have good content and quality, they just need the support by fellow filipinos. here's a snippet:

"The Sun used to shine not just with soft light, but also with captivating beauty. Her face was both delicate and magical, with sunny eyes flecked with rainbows and a smile that melted chill. Her long golden curls tumbled upon the earth, swathing it in warm yellow hues.

It was no secret in the heavens that the Moon was deeply in love with the Sun. So were thousands of stars, who, when ignored by the Sun, desperately flung themselves to the earth and turned into wishes. Saturn had offered his rings to the Sun but in vain; it had since floated aimlessly in space, writing love poems.

Earth beings also fell in love with her. But the Sun was too unreachable that they soon gave up all hope—except for one."

there's another promise i told ian: i'll start working on those unfinished stories of mine. :)


keep moving foward

>> Saturday, June 09, 2007

"We keep moving forward,
opening new doors, and doing new
things, because we're curious and curiosity
keeps leading us down new paths."
-Walt Disney

with this quote, the walt disney team found an inspiration for their film, "meet the robinsons"

lewis is an orphan who dreams of finding a family he can call his own. as he nears the age of hopelessness, he meets wilbur, a "secret agent" from the future. he then meets the robinsons, who treats him as a family and welcomes him into their home. they invite lewis to become part of their family. will lewis take the bait and risk the possible changes in the future, just to be with a family?

disney team was able to weave a wonderful story of a child with a wild imagination. walt disney did not hinder his mind from the realities, he allowed his mind to wander into the different possibilities of the future. the movie is a great lesson that we should celebrate failure, for in failure comes opportunities for growth. it is a test of our willingness to push forward, to keep on standing up when we fall down, to make new roads when all possible roads are closed.

reality must not stop or mind from fulfilling our dreams. the mind is designed to go beyond the realms of reality, and it is up to us to make these dreams come true. our choices will determine our future, as they have made our past. time travel may seem to be impossible right now, but hey, a lewis among us might be able to build a sleek time machine in the future. the future must be built now. challenge the mind, and make the correct choices.

oh, don't use bowler hats for your inventions. and please, please, please don't use a dinosaur from the past for evil plans. *wink*

love your roommate too.


more reasons to smile

>> Friday, June 08, 2007

i'm feeling that this day is gonna be great.

thanks to wowie for giving me a reason to a kilig beaming smile today. after receiving a text from her this morning, i was practically smiling the whole time until i reached the office. she even sent me a cute email on cute animals with cute quotes. thanks soooo much wowie, you started my day right. :)

here are some of the pictures i got from her:

express yourself creatively

love your friends no matter who they are

meet new people, even if they look different to you

i can't thank you enough for all the stuff you and miya have done for me in the past few days. hugs to you two.


picking up sticks

>> Thursday, June 07, 2007

i'm done wallowing.

thank You,
...for sending friends who will listen to my every story
...for ym conversations from online friends who have put on efforts to make me smile
...that even if i've made mistakes in the past seconds, minutes, days, months, and years, You have granted me forgiveness and the drive to move on.
...for bringing me down so that i will learn what it means to be "taken out of the mire"
...for the simple blessings such as the water and the warm jacuzzi
...for a happy family
...for short chats after gym to relieve me of whatever was bothering me
...for teaching me to leave it all to You
...that even if it seems impossible and useless to confront, You have found a way to ease my frustrations and doubts
...for the peace You have given when i woke up this morning

i've learned lessons and have taken a step forward with the things that have happened. mistakes done will never happen again, experiences will be taken as memories, and these will not be forgotten. they serve as my map towards You. i may not know Your plans, nor understand them, but Your will be done.

thank You for Your word for me.

Psalm 41
1 Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.
2 The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies.
3 The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness.
4 I said, LORD, be merciful unto me: heal my soul; for I have sinned against thee.
5 Mine enemies speak evil of me, When shall he die, and his name perish?
6 And if he come to see me, he speaketh vanity: his heart gathereth iniquity to itself; when he goeth abroad, he telleth it.
7 All that hate me whisper together against me: against me do they devise my hurt.
8 An evil disease, say they, cleaveth fast unto him: and now that he lieth he shall rise up no more.
9 Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.
10 But thou, O LORD, be merciful unto me, and raise me up, that I may requite them.
11 By this I know that thou favourest me, because mine enemy doth not triumph over me.
12 And as for me, thou upholdest me in mine integrity, and settest me before thy face for ever.
13 Blessed be the LORD God of Israel from everlasting, and to everlasting. Amen, and Amen.

Your will be done, amen. :)

and on the contemporary, this song by elliot yamin struck me. it's a love song, but hey, it can be dedicated to the Creator. :)

You Are the One
by elliot yamin

Sometimes i sit and i wonder
And i just can't seem to believe
What a blessing it's been to be loved
You're an angel sent to me

You're the star who lights up my sky
You're the one who made me see
That you don't need wings to fly
Your love has set me free

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed my the light
I'm amazed and you're the reason why

Before you i was so blind
I didn't know which path to choose
You poured all of this love in my heart
And there's no way that I can lose

And when i have no faith in myself
You're the one who makes me strong
I wouldn't have a story to tell
Or an ending to my song

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed my the light
I'm amazed and you're the reason why

you're the reason why

You are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
Just like the sun you showed my the light
I'm amazed and you're the reason why

Cause you are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
Just like the sun you showed my the light
I'm amazed and you're the reason why

You are the one who makes me whole
In my heart and in my soul
And just like the sun you showed my the light
I'm amazed and you're the reason why

and another one from Julianne. yes, i'm grateful.

by Julianne

I'm stronger than before
Stronger than I'll ever be
And I raise my eyes to the One
The One who made me see
All what I thought was lost
But now is found
And I'm grateful
Grateful for the day
You called my name
Ever since You walked into the door
It's never been the same
Mornings are brighter now
I'm not afraid
And I wake up each day
With a smile on my face
'Coz I've been in places
Where I couldn't even see
The light of day
And then You came
I'm grateful
You showed me the way back to my beautiful
Everything seems different now
Things are turned inside out
With a new pair of senses to go with around
It doesn't even matter
If I'm up or down
Blues are bluer smiles are brighter
It draws a tear whenever
I watch the sunsets paint the sky
I don't even mind walking under the rain
I never laughed like this before
And I'm gonna say it once more


negative day

>> Wednesday, June 06, 2007

in a DULL place with a BAD mood.

praning. not in the mood to think properly. praning. praning.


it wasn't a good joke to start with. now i'm in big trouble.

i'm sending a great big sorry to those affected. i know a gazillion sorries aren't enough. i don't know any other way to make you feel better about it.

i wanna shut everyone out. as if that'll help. fish. i sooo wanna die now.

hope this helps me get over the situation.

by Charlotte Church

Now first of all I, want to let you know that
I've been known for some, minor
moodswings now and then,
It all started back when, people were doing me wrong
And, because of my position, I would hold my tongue for them
Bad relationships, and people I thought were friends
And, people judging me, before they get to know a thing
When you decide to step to me
It shows me so clearly
You just want to see, see the other side of me

And you don't know what I'm going through
And you might think it's all about you
But it's everything I've been hoping that
It's just bad timing to come at me like that

I try to keep my cool, thus, that's what I try to do
But, it's so hard dealing with, people just like you
I try to walk away from, situations that run
Into complications, that make me lose control
If I give in to you then, it's what you want me to do
And if I lose my cool, then I'm only pleasing you
You know just how to push me, my temperature is rising
Blood pressure is building, I'm about to lose control

And you don't know what I'm going through
And you might think it's all about you
But it's everything I've been hoping that
It's just bad timing to come at me like that

I'm sorry, I, did I cross the line
I, tried to warn you away
Way ahead of time
I'm so frustrated that I, feel like I could cry
This could be the time
But I'm not going out like that

And you don't know what I'm going through
And you might think it's all about you
But it's everything I've been hoping that
It's just bad timing to come at me like that

And you don't know what I'm going through
And you might think it's all about you
But it's everything I've been hoping that
It's just bad timing to come at me like that
to come at me like that
to come at me like that
to come at me like that


am i? i'm average.

>> Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If you go over 45, you're a bad influence. If you go under 10, chances are you live under a rock and have no life... even more harsh. Total the number of things in each list you've done.

No need to say which ones. If people really want to know they will message you.

1. smoked
2. consumed alcohol
3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex.
4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex.
5. kissed someone of the same sex
6. had sex
7. had someone in your room other than family
8. watched porn
9. bought porn
10. done drugs

1. taken painkillers
2. taken someone else's prescription medicine.
3. lied to your parents.
4. lied to a friend.
5. snuck out of the house.
6. done something illegal.
7. cut yourself.
8. hurt someone.
9. wished someone to die.
10. seen someone die.

1. missed curfew.
2. stayed out all night.
3. eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself.
4. been to a therapist.
5. been to rehab.
6. dyed your hair.
7. received a ticket.
8. been in an accident.
9. been to a club.
10. been to a bar.

1. been to a wild party.
2. seen the Mardi Gras.
3. drank more than four beers in a night.
4. had a spring break in Florida.
5. sniffed anything.
6. wore black nail polish.
7. wore arm bands.
8. wore t-shirts with band names.
9. listened to rap.
10. owned a 50 Cent CD

1. dressed Gothic.
2. dressed prep.
3. dressed punk.
4. dressed grunge.
5. stole something.
6. been too drunk to remember anything.
7. blacked out.
8. fainted.
9. had a hickey

1. snuck into someone else's room.
2. had a crush on your friend.
3. been to a concert.
4. dry-humped someone.
5. been called a cunt.
6. called someone a cunt.
7. installed speakers in your car.
8. broken a mirror.
9. showered at someone of the opposite sex's house.
10. brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush

1. consider/considered Ludacris your favorite rapper.
2. seen an R-rated movie in theater.
3. cruised the mall.
4. skipped school.
5. had surgery.
6. had an injury.
7. gone to court.
8. walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping.
9. caught something on fire.
10. lied about your age.

1. owned/rented an apartment.
2. broke the law in the police's presence.
3. made out with someone who had a gf/bf
4. got in trouble with the police.
5. talked to a stranger.
6. hugged a stranger.
7. kissed a stranger.
8. rode in the car with a stranger.
9. been harassed.
10. been verbally harassed.

1. met face-to-face with someone you met online.
2. stayed online for 5 hours straight.
3. talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight.
4. watched TV for 5 hours straight.
5. been to a fair.
6. been called a bad influence.
7. drink and drive.
8. prank-called someone.
9. laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex.
10. cheated on a test.
Total: 7

Grand Total: 22

-If You Have Less Then 10.. write [Im A Goody Good]
-If You Have More Than 10.. write [im still a goody good]
-If You Have more Than 20 ..write [im average]
-If You Have More Than 30.. write [im a bad kid]
-If You have more than 40.. write [im a very bad infuence]
-If You Have 50.... write ..[wow.. im the worst possible person ever]


rockin' and rollin' at the block

>> Monday, June 04, 2007

this is a face of a contented fan girl. thanks to chikai for the shot.

we squeezed ourselves near the stage, so that we could get a full view of the boys on stage. we weren't able to enter the taped area. the sm management gave priority to those who bought the album that day. they suck. haha

i am officially a lakan fan. he's such a great keyboardist with great talent. i kept on screaming "GOOO LAKAAAN!" while he was doing his rendition of 'great balls of fire'. oh yeah, great na great!

jayjay looked hot in his baby pink polo. i couldn't stop staring at him. hahahaha during the show, he kept looking at our direction. i think he recognized us from the tri noma gig with my super scripted question. then he winked in the middle of his song. *dies* i don't care if it was meant for someone else or the people in general. i claimed it as my own. HAHAHAHAHAHA

louie did a spiderman trick with the speakers. he hung on to it like spiderman. i don't know how the speaker stand was able to hold on to his weight, with matching chicken moves and hyperactive stances. haha everyone went wild. i'm taking miya's term for it, "louie likot".

rocky's little b is always a hit. the funny thing was, he couldn't find a decent chair or anything metal to bang his drumsticks with. hahhaha he just went around the audience, then went back to the stage to play on the drums. i wonder how many drumsticks he uses per gig? i think he threw 3 pairs, with kuya nonoy picking them up in the middle of the performances.

icang (my high school friend) went overly jealous when pepe danced with chikai's friend during his 'twist and shout'. pepe's smile is just irresistible. *melts*

and the hit of the season, kuya nonoy and his tambourine solo in 'ale'. we are your fans nonoy! whohoo! front act na front act.

pictures will be up, as soon as i steal the pics from jace, my official photographer. wahahahaha


new galileo shirts and centers

>> Saturday, June 02, 2007

TRAINING IS OVER!!! to toddlers unlimited and caterpillar school, we welcome you to the galileo family!

toddlers unlimited give out a wacky shot with the galileo peeps

hindi magpapatalo ang caterpillar school. quincy, that's an aumar pose!

we shall see you again in july for the english training! it's gonna be my turn now! mwahahahha!!! oh yeah, welcome to our new admin assistant, ate aisa! wheeee!! yeah, , you're still the only guy in the group. hahahahaha

oh lookie, we have our galileo shirts already! we'll still go casual and business attire during work hours; the shirts are only for center visits and special occasions like culminating events. :)

more pictures at my multiply.


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