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silence please

>> Thursday, May 10, 2007

if i had to choose one vacation place, the library would be one of my choices. yesterday, i went to the rizal library (ateneo de manila's library) to research on children's literature. i felt like a student again, armed with library books. the only thing that separated me from the students is the id that i presented at the table.

the id screams, "i'm not a student anymore! i feel so old!"

it was refreshing to get away from the workplace and visit this holy place. i took my spot at the second floor and drowned myself with the books i took from the shelf. as i read through pages of fables and plays, i listened to my surroundings. students flipping through pages of books, the photocopying machine clicking from a distance, the beeping of the computer every time someone borrows a book. i put on my earphones and crossed my legs. i just had to smile, i missed studying in the library.

it's been a while since i've really sat down and read a book leisurely. i read books in motion: when i'm in the car, in the mrt, on the way to work, or whenever i get the chance to do so. i miss that one day where i sit down on a chair, and read a book in peace. i miss the proper lighting, the silence, the view of books on a shelf, the undisturbed moments. i miss the moments where i shut everyone else around me. i don't mind being alone in a library, i don't need to talk to anyone there, except the interaction between me and the book i'm reading. heavenly.

i find it amazing when i feel refreshed after reading a good book. it seems taxing to read a 500-page book, but believe me, it's such an enlightening feeling after reading the last word of the last chapter. you'd want to read one book after the other. there are so many books in the world, so little time to read.

(that reminds me of a philo question. "what's the use of life if we're going to die anyway?" it's somewhat of a kinda sorta connected with reading books: "what's the use of reading books if you're not gonna be able to read them all?" i guess it's in the thrill of finding new. you will not be able to read all of them, but it is such a wonderful feeling when you have discovered a new idea, a new author, a new book and a new quote.)

i should do this more often. i'll try to fit this into my schedule, and try to visit the library once a month.

by the way, ateneo graduates, apply for an alumni card. entrance to the library is free. you can't borrow books (booo), but at least you don't need to pay a hundred pesos. :D

and to end my post, here's someone from the great lakan. this is his version of great balls of fire. fire on, lakan!


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