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sablay. orange.

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1. my english failed me yesterday.

i drew a camera on my coffee cup and wrote a quote about it. i wrote:

"life is a series of photographs. you just have to capture every momentS."

where has my english gone? hahahha

when i went home, i bumped into liza on the train platform. she asked me which station i would be dropped off, i told her, "ahmm. galing ako ng buendia. may training kami." (i came from buendia. we had training.) it's just the same as answering "yes" to the question, "what time will you go to sleep?"

2. i made a new layout for my lj. i became ms. creative yesterday, that i couldn't put if off for another day. and i loooove my citrus layout.

here are the icons that come with my layout:

tootles! will make a longer blog entry after our training.. that'll be next week.


cha 2:14 PM  

nice icons, simple yet they look great

yawmee 3:22 PM  

awww thanks cha!

question-me-not 8:07 PM  

ayyyy... sablay. :P hahahahahaha.

naalala ko tuloy nung antok na antok ako, tas kausap ko yung friend ko sa phone...

friend: pupunta ka ba sa meeting bukas?
ako: hindi e. tapunan kita ng kanin e...

wala lang. ang random lang nung sagot ko. hahahahahaha. :P

good job nga pala sa layout / icon set mo. :D ako rin! :D

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