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red carpet to the god of fa dept

>> Thursday, May 31, 2007

to the person who father jav calls "god" besides the Big-One-in-Heaven, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XANDER!

xander. xander da gander. xanderKhan! xands. he goes by many names by the students who enter the lair of this person of power. he will laugh at your face when you call him "sir." if he's in the mood, he will ask you to bow to him before making any requests (diba benny? haha kidding beanie). and if you're geopet, he'll gladly offer you his love. (disclamer: that's an inside joke among block e 2006)

if you're gonna bring a friend (non-fa person) to the fa dept, be sure that you bring an offering to the god for approval. it may be in the form of pizza, pizza, or pizza. don't forget the bottle of c2 lemon. if you provide him with c2, your friend can have access to sit on the black cushion chairs and bask in the department's airconditioned room. you are also granted permission to inhale the air sprayed with glade.

"i just had my wisdom tooth extracted. in great pain and soothing it with tons of ice cream. indulging myself in pain and pleasure." (or something to that extent. i can't remember his text last night.)

if you know the god of fine arts dept, you know that you should stay away from him in these occasions: registration and end of semesters. xanderKhan is off limits to any form of "pa-cute bugging" moments or else you shall experience real wrath. try it, just for the heck of experience.

to make xander happy, supply him with a regular dose of chismis. he must know all love triangles, crushes (chismis on crushes among fa students is highly recommended), hot girls lurking around gonzaga 2nd floor, funny teachers, and good movies. don't forget to share books, cds, dvds, and comic books.

incoming freshmen, shiftees and minoring students are required to go through the xanderKhan initiation. by the end of their four-year stay (or less for shiftees and minor students), they must be able to have a love-hate relationship with the god, nudge elbows and use their beautiful eyes and ask if they can use the fa printer for their non-fa papers.

xander, xander, xander, what will the fa dept be without you? happy (and painful... due to your wisdom tooth) birthday to you and may the ice cream stores be happy for all your ice cream purchases.

CHEERS TO YOU OH GREAT GOD OF THE FINE ARTS DEPT! *raises c2 bottle* block e 2006 loves you (plus other batches of block e)!


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