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bomb threat ala goodwill building

>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the building's engineer came up to our office and told us to evacuate the building. asap. he told us to leave our computers and bring our valuables. no buts, no questions.

we thought it was another fire drill and we went down the fire exit leisurely. para bang naglalakad lang papunta ng starbucks.

jupiter street was filled with people, all from goodwill building. we occupied even the parking lots of the buildings across ours. it was like having our own rally; only, we didn't know what was happening.

bomb threat pala... RAW. according to officemates, nachismis nila na may bomba raw sa office building. and the bomb was set to explode in five minutes. it was a precautionary tactic to evacuate everyone out of the building for our safety.

the funny thing was that people crowded at the lobby because it was drizzling outside. ummm. if the building's gonna explode, do these people know that the whole building's gonna crash down on them?

the bomb scare scared us...


see the faces of the terrified galileo people.

sorry, di ako marunong kumuha ng pic. hahahaha i look different.

do those faces look scared at all? camown, sino namang engot ang gustong magpasabog ng lumang building na dinadaga?

before i could witness a wonderful bomb explosion, and i had to leave. i didn't even see a bomb squad with cool guns and gear, only an fx of policemen. i even doubt that they were wearing chest protectors. if i see a mound of ashes on the ground tomorrow where our building used to be, it'll be a sign that we won't have work. hahahahahahahahaha

poor cup of coffee, i left my starbucks on my table.


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