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>> Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"per favore, non copisco. parlo italiano molto, molto un po."

i attended the graduation party of twins gabby and angelo last night in greenhills. their father is mom's high school classmate and they invited all of tito melvin's classmates in high school for dinner. i met tita cynthia and her husband, zio bruno. zio bruno found out that i took 3 units of italian in college and he began to speak to me in italian.


zio bruno is a pure italian and could only speak un po english. so imagine yumi who could only speak un po italiano and zio bruno, parla inglese un po, conversing. it was difficult, but we managed to understand each other. tita cynthia acted as translator for some words i couldn't decipher with context clues.

clap clap, i was only able to answer the basic questions:
"quanti anno ha?" (how old are you)
"come si chiama?" (what is your name)
"dove lavorate?" (where do you work)

zio bruno talked in low tones, resounding like a love song. i guess italian people has this tone when they speak, and have accents at certain parts of the word. he calls me, "naYOOWmi," and tita cynthia, "SEENthia". zio bruno didn't just shake my hand when we met and parted ways, he did the italian way of kissing both of your cheeks. the smack should also be heard to make it more heart-felt.

as soon as we arrived home last night, i looked for my italian workbook and the italian book for beginners that i bought in chapters and pages. i think i'm gonna need to review my "spaghetti terms" or else i would copy tito cesar's speech:

"spagHEHti, alDENNte."


sasha 12:02 AM  

Wow! You speak Italian? Kahit basic lang ayos yan! I wish I can speak Japanese, Spanish and French. :)

yawmee 7:56 AM  

hey sash! hehe i took italian classes before, so i know bits and pieces of it. but i'm not fluent and i can't converse well. through context clues ko lang naintindihan yung mga sinasabi nila. :P

Unknown © Artist 11:20 PM  

Hi there Yumi (again passing by)... How are you? Your blog is still as great as last time... (I'm so so jalous!) Even now you told me how you have done the design... I still envy you... your site... everything! Great job! genius! Anyways, give me your link if you want... i'll pass by again from time to time (if you want me too...) (By the way, what's your site about, your main subject... or anything like such?)
Have a greaaat day,
Uknown © Artist
ps. New post today on my webbie check it out ;)

yawmee 8:25 AM  

hi!! thanks for dropping by, i really appreciate your good comments. :) if i have time, i can customize a skin for you, and put your artworks on it!

hmm.. actually, everything goes into my blog. most of it are about art, theater, and music. sometimes, i insert some random post about what i do or what frustrates me.

hope to see more of your artwork!

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