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because there was no swimming pool around

>> Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my friend kakai took this picture over the holy week. it was so cute, i couldn't resist photoshopping it. i made the background black and white, so that the focus is on the kid and his pair of slippers. love the pic kai!

photoshop is love.


lea 9:53 AM  

I love it! photoshop is love sis! :]

sasha 4:50 PM  

Nice pic, Yumi! Buti pa kapag bata tayo kahit sa batsa pwede na mag-swimming hehehe

yawmee 9:13 AM  

lea: yes yes! photoshop is love! we're photoshop babies!

tzie: aww, thanks dear.

sasha: buti pa yung mga bata, pwede pa sa hose maligo. kung tayo na yan ngayon, mukha na tayong eng-eng pag naliligo sa hose. hahaha autistic ang dating.

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