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>> Monday, April 30, 2007


Take not the road less traveled

>> Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mikaela Irene Fudolig graduated summa cum laude this school year. nothing interesting? guess again.

she graduated BS physics in university of the philippines diliman with a GPA of 1.09. and the big catch? she's only 16 years old. she gave the valedictorian speech during the university's graduation. below is a copy of her award-winning speech.

One of the things that strike me as being very "UP Diliman" is the way UPD students can't seem to stay on the pavement. From every street corner that bounds an unpaved piece of land, one will espy a narrow trail that cuts the corner, or leads from it. Every lawn around the buildings sports at least one of these paths, starting from a point nearest to the IKOT stop and ending at the nearest entry to the building. The trails are beaten on the grass by many pairs of feet wanting to save a fraction of a meter of traveling, no matter that doing so will exact some cost to the shoes, or, to the ubiquitous slippers, especially when the trails are new.

What do these paths say about us, UP students?

One could say that the UP student is enamored with Mathematics and Pythagoras, hence these triangles formed by the pavement and the path. Many among you would disagree.

Others could say that the UP student is naturally countercultural. And the refusal to use the pavement is just one of the myriads of ways to show his defiance of the order of things. This time, many would agree.

Still, others will say that the UP student is the model of today's youth: they want everything easier, faster, now. The walkable paths appeal to them because they get to their destination faster, and presumably, with less effort. Now that is only partly true, and totally unfair.

These trails weren't always walkable. No doubt they started as patches of grass, perhaps overgrown. Those who first walked them must have soiled their shoes, stubbed their toes, or had insects biting their legs, all in the Immovable belief that the nearest distance between two points is a straight line. They might even have seen snakes cross their paths. But the soiled footwear, sore toes, and itchy legs started to conquer the grass. Other people, seeing the yet faint trail, followed. And as more and more walked the path, the grass gave in and stopped growing altogether, making the path more and more visible, more and more walkable.

The persistence of the paths pays tribute to those UP students who walked them first, the pioneers of the unbeaten tracks: the defiant and curious few who refuse the familiar and comfortable; the out-of-the-box thinkers who solve problems instead of fretting about them; the brave who dare do things differently, and open new opportunities to those who follow.

They say how one behaved in the past would determine how he behaves in the future. And as we leave the University, temporarily or for good, let us call on the pioneering, defiant, and brave spirit that built the paths to guide us in this next phase of our life.

We have been warned time and again. Our new world that they call "adulthood" is one that's full of compromises, where success is determined more by the ability to belong than by the ability to think, where it is much easier to do as everyone else does. Daily we are bombarded with so much news of despair about the state of our nation, and the apparent, perverse sense of satisfaction our politicians get from vilifying our state of affairs. It is fashionable to migrate to other countries to work in deceptively high-paying jobs like nursing and teaching, forgetting that even at their favored work destinations, nurses and teachers are some of the lowest paid professionals. The lure of high and immediate monetary benefits in some low-end outsourcing jobs has drawn even some of the brightest UP students away from both industry and university teaching to which they would have been better suited.

Like the sidewalks and pavement, these paths are the easiest to take.

But, like the sidewalks and pavement, these paths take longer to traverse, just as individual successes do not always make for national progress. The unceasing critic could get elected, but not get the job done. The immigrant could get his visa, but disappear from our brainpower pool. The highly paid employee would be underutilized for his skills, and pine to get the job he truly wants, but is now out of his reach. And the country, and we, are poorer because of these.

Today, the nation needs brave, defiant pioneers to reverse our nation's slide to despair. Today, we must call upon the spirit that beat the tracks. Today, we must present an alternative way of doing things.

Do NOT just take courage, for courage is not enough. Instead, be BRAVE! It will take bravery to go against popular wisdom, against the clich├ęd expectations of family and friends. It will take bravery to gamble your future by staying in the country and try to make a prosperous life here. It might help if for a start, we try to see why our Korean friends are flocking to our country. Why, as many of us line up for immigrant visas in various embassies, they get themselves naturalized and settle here. Do they know something we don't?

Do NOT just be strong in your convictions, for strength is not enough. Instead, DEFY the pressure to lead a comfortable, but middling life. Let us lead this country from the despair of mediocrity. Let us not seek to do well, but strive to EXCEL in everything that we do. This, so others will see us as a nation of brains of the highest quality, not just of brawn that could be had for cheap.

Take NOT the road less traveled. Rather, MAKE new roads, BLAZE new trails, FIND new routes to your dreams. Unlike the track-beaters in campus who see where they're going, we may not know how far we can go. But if we are brave, defiant searchers of excellence, we will go far. Explore possibilities, that others may get a similar chance. I have tried it myself. And I'm speaking to you now.

But talk is cheap, they say. And so I put my money where my mouth is. Today, I place myself in the service of the University, if it will have me. I would like to teach, to share knowledge, and perhaps to be an example to new UP students in thinking and striving beyond the limits of the possible. This may only be a small disturbance in the grass. But I hope you'll come with me, and trample a new path.

Good evening, everyone.


things i learned from blues clues

>> Saturday, April 28, 2007

"up a mountain, over the bridge, and in between red and green apple trees..."

1. always keep a notebook with you. you may never know, a clue might appear to help you with future decisions.
2. when you need to remember, just sing a song.
3. it won't hurt if you ask for help. we all need it.
4. take time to sit on your thinking chair. we all need a moment to stop and reflect about things.
5. listen to what people will say. they might actually help you on your journey.


idol gives back

>> Friday, April 27, 2007

last night was a great day for american idol for two reasons:

1) no one was eliminated (though the votes will be carried over next week and two contestants will say good bye)
2) the show was for a cause!

a lot of great artists were there. jack black did a funny rendition of a seal song where simon thought he was better than sanjaya. il divo sang "somewhere" with their ooober lovely classical voices (hail sebastien!). even elvis presley sang with celine dion. i don't know how the team was able to do it, making it look like the king of rock and roll was on stage with celine and the top 6. the simpsons even submitted a short film, where they were the judges and simon cowell was the contestant. very funny.

but of course, i watched this episode because josh groban was there. he sang with an african children's choir. he performed "you raise me up" and the crowd loved it. the children are such great singers, they're better singers than those who auditioned for american idol. haha kidding aside, they did a good job of inviting the kids to do the choir part of the song. josh groban even gave some moments to stop singing so that the audience could hear the kids' voices.

aww, sweet. they even gave josh groban a big hug after the performance!

congratulations to the american idol team for raising millions for the children. they really need the support, especially from the people they idolize. i want to set up a boys and girls' club too for the children here. they get to enjoy books, arts and crafts, dance and other activities while ensuring their safety. at least they're not going to be on the streets doing drugs or something illegal. that'll be another life goal for me. :)



>> Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i saw you crawling out of your home. you were a scavenger, looking for food to last you for the night. maybe you were pregnant and were looking for nourishment to feed your wonderful babies. i bet you were gonna be a wonderful mother, proud to be carrying babies who would make you feel successful on your night endeavor.

however, i spotted you on your quest and i longed to end it. i didn't want you to succeed because you were going ruin my own nightly routine. you weren't part of it so you had to be erased. pronto.

a grabbed a can of poison, determined to use every single drop on you. you were oblivious to my actions. maybe you did not notice me preparing my mix of death as you continued your search.

i moved closer to you. closer, closer. i hesitated for a moment, scared that you would see me and attack with your clingy feet and hands. i must stay hidden from your range of sight.

then, for a quick second, i felt it. it was my time to show you what i got. i attacked.

i guess you felt the pain the moment it hit you. you quickly reacted to the poison and moved helplessly around the room. you were blinded by the sting, you did not know where to go. i attacked again. and again. and again. i watched as the poison seep into your insides, as your body struggled to fight the deadly liquid.

i enjoyed seeing you look for a place to shield yourself from my wicked ways, unsuccessful in doing so. i attacked again until you dropped down in defeat. your legs gave up, i attacked once again until you moved no more.

now, i stare at you as you swim in the pool of poison. winner talaga ang raid cockroach killer. hindi messy.


cold air on a summer's day

>> Saturday, April 21, 2007

i took a leave from work and went to baguio for two and a half days. it has only been hours since i arrived in manila, and i'm missing baguio... badly. i want to go back there and stay there forever.

i went with my parents, my doctor uncle, my aunt and my uncle's secretaries and research assistants to the wonderful summer capital of the philippines. we stayed at a condo unit that was for rent, and only a few steps away from mines' view. it wasn't hot and noisy unlike the market place in the city proper. the place was perfect for us.

i love this kind of summer day when i could wear a wool jacket under the sun and not get all sweaty.

i feasted my eyes on the tiangge, but i couldn't buy anything decent for two reasons: one, i don't know how to bargain. i suck when it comes to bugging the people to lower the price. that's why i can't be in any marketing department because i lack the "bola" skills. second, some of the bangles and trinkets sold can also be seen in manila stores. so there's nothing really baguio special about it. so i didn't buy anything, except for a pair of toed socks.

i had my picture taken with the igorots in grotto. they had a funny way of earning money. the deal was five pesos for the rental of the headdress, and five pesos for each igorot that would be included in the picture. at first, we asked only one igorot for the picture. but seconds before dad clicked on the button, three other igorots popped out of nowhere. so that was an additional fifteen pesos. mhen, they work fast. i couldn't say no to them, so i had to pay for their faces on my camera screen. the shot was worth 35 pesos, but i gave them 50 pesos, change kept.

i miss the foggy nights when we would all huddle at the parking lot and talk. the weather was cool and refreshing. dad didn't even have a single asthma attack, considering the low temperature. when i have lots of money, i'll buy a house or a condo unit there. that's my long-term goal.

i'll post the rest of my pictures in my multiply on monday. it might take time if i try to upload pictures on a dial-up connection. hahaha

and i'm learning to have solo vain-y pics. hahahahaha it feels so weird when i take pictures of myself. i took three during the trip. i'll share two of them.


how many bands do i know?

>> Monday, April 16, 2007

[x]17:28 (eh di naman to banda eh. :P ehehe. disbanded narin to eh. go gian! haha as if close kami)
[ ]18th Issue
[ ]Annapolis Experiment
[x]Apo Hiking Society
[ ]Asin

= 5

[x]Barbie's Cradle
[ ]Blue Ketchup
[ ]Brainwash
[ ]Brownian Method
[x]Brownman Revival

4+5 = 9

[ ]Candles
[x]The Company

9+4 = 13

[x]The Dawn
[x]Descant Gott (whoooot! go beanie!)
[x]Dicta License
[ ]Dog Fight
[ ]DRT
[ ]Fairgame
[ ]Fuseboxx

13+5 = 18

[ ]GRIM Dept.
[ ]Gypsy Grind
[ ]Half Life Half Death
[ ]Hastang

18+4 = 22

[ ]Introvoys
[ ]Jerks
[x]Junior Kilat
[ ]Kinetic Daze
[ ]Love Me Butch

22+6 = 28

[ ]M-Gage
[ ]Michealangelo
[ ]Milk n Money
[ ]Missing Filemon
[x]Moonstar 88

28+ 6 = 34

[ ]Neighbors
[ ]Ntwine
[x]Orange and Lemons
[x]Out of Body Special, the (shempre si kweensee part op dees.. bepor.)

34+4 = 38

[ ]Pan
[x]Parokya ni Edgar
[ ]Prettier Than Pink
[x]Protein Shake

38+4 = 42

[x]Radioactive Sago Project

42+ 4 = 46

[x]Session Road
[ ]Shampoo ni Lola
[ ]Shiela and the Insects
[x]Side A
[x]Silent Sanctuary
[x]South Border
[x]Sponge Cola

46+7= 53

[x]True Faith
[x]Up Dharma Down
[ ]Valley of Chrome
[ ]Velcro
[x]Wake Up Your Seatmate

53+ 8= 61

61. :D


over coffee

>> Sunday, April 15, 2007

it's been years since i last promised my friend ichie that we would talk over a cup of coffee. after almost two years, because of a shocking story, we scheduled a coffee session yesterday.

i had training yesterday, so i had all the time to meet ichie at starbucks jupiter. i met her through my childhood friend regi. they both went to the same college (mapua makati). when they had their ojt, their company visited ateneo for a computer conference. they were part of the team, and they texted me that were on campus that time. ichie and i became instant friends and we updated each other through ym. yesterday was the second time i saw her. that's quite a long time!

ich gave me a friendship ring. aww that was so sweet of her. i hope that we'll see each other soon, and more often since we're both working already.

btw, if you're near starbucks jupiter, please do pass by. quincy was the one who drew the board for this month's coffee special. and i suggest that you buy the banana java frappuccino. it's delicious. :)


friday the 13th

>> Saturday, April 14, 2007

ironic as it sounds, it was the best friday the 13th ever. after a successful english training that i gave out at the office, i met up with my college friends at shangri-la for dinner. we weren't complete, but it was really fun seeing them with all smiles. i really missed them so much.

i will load this post with a lot of pictures from last night.

early birds taking the first smiles for the camera

the night was filled with made-up issues and made-up couples.

hit of the night, cams-quincy-benny triangle. benny came only because cams was there. but because quincy and cams haven't seen each other for a long time, they sat side-by-side, catching up on each other's lives. cams' attention was divided between the two boys, and we conjured up a story.

now this looks like a prom pic shot. nyahaha. cams had to bend down because she's taller than quincy.

selos ang beanie! cams tries to win him back. haha

but i think they tied the knot already. mwehehehehehe sorry beanie. :P the best man wins the prize.

when they were making their own issues, we decided to make one ourselves.

couple number 1:

ah. this is a real couple. love the shirt paolo!

couple number 2:

the block e honorary members, em and vit.

couple number 3:

darls and i

i'm two-timing.. thus couple number 4:

edders and i.

notice the college ring on our ring fingers. the perfect evidence for the "couple-ity" hahahaha. :P

here are more pictures. sorry for those on dial-up. well, i'm posting this on a dial-up connection. i feel your pain. :P

before cerz and paolo left for work. l-r: billy, cerz, darls, me, edlyn. sitting down: jace

i just love this pic even if i'm squashed by billy and quincy.

caption me! post your comments about it! haha maybe we're watching porn. hahaha kidding.

the other side of the table get their share of shock.

never again are we eating in california pizza kitchen. our bill reached 4k and 700 of it was on tax. mheng that's a wallet sacrifice.


because there was no swimming pool around

>> Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my friend kakai took this picture over the holy week. it was so cute, i couldn't resist photoshopping it. i made the background black and white, so that the focus is on the kid and his pair of slippers. love the pic kai!

photoshop is love.


photoshop art.. aka procrastinating

>> Monday, April 09, 2007

i was supposed to do my powerpoint for the english training on wednesday, but instead i did this with photoshop.

my new cellphone wallpaper. addict na kung addict. :P

ehe. he. he. *grin*


good (or bad?) friday

>> Saturday, April 07, 2007

this year's good friday was both a happy and a confusing one for me.

1. i was able to take a break from work and visit our province. every year, it has been a tradition to help around the ancestral home, along with my cousins. we would cook food for those who would be part of the prusisyon (it's somewhat a parade of the images of the saints), fix and count the plates and utensils.

2. we arrived early, having left the house at 3 am to fetch my uncle and pass by calamba to buy seafood, we passed time by playing boggle. i played with three of my cousins, two of them were grade 2 students. it was fascinating for me to see their eyes light up whenever they find a five-letter word among the random letters on the tiles.

3. my uncle from saudi gave me a book. ANGELS AND DEMONS! whohoo! i've been wanting to get hold of the book, after reading da vinci code. they say that angels and demons has more intriguing issues in it, compared to the da vinci code. yey! bookie-bookie!

4. i visited an old house in majayjay. it is made of stone and is hundreds of years older than me. the air was cool inside the house, made natural by the trees and the cool breeze entering the room. there were no air conditioning devices, not even an electric fan. the windows were wide open and you could see the street from there.

from one side of the room, the window provided a clear view of mt. banahaw. they said that when you reach the top, your wishes will come true. because of its height, the peak touches the clouds and is invisible to people. they also have this belief that when the clouds clear up and you get the chance to see the peak, you're gonna get lucky.

am i going to be lucky? :P

naaah. i don't believe in luck, though i was excited when i saw the peak.


isn't holy week supposed to be a day of peace? it was just funny that i was hearing stories of misunderstanding and bickering among the old people. every year, it was always like that.

our ancestral home owns an image of christ lying down. every year, they would adorn it with flowers. they also provided t-shirts for those who would carry the image around the town. and these flowers and t-shirts were always the topic of fights. one cousin of theirs would bring a set of shirts. my aunt would also bring. they would race in giving away the shirts to the devout. one time, my aunt placed flowers as decoration on the image. then this cousin comes along, removes the flowers and places her own flowers on it. weird. why not place all flowers? every year, this happens. and when one arrives at the premises, you can just feel the tension.

i can't understand it. when will this ever stop?

i guess it won't. just as our yearly tradition happens, even the tension between families won't cease.


baby girl

>> Thursday, April 05, 2007

maby is my most favorite four-year old. she's the daughter of my mom's high school classmate and i met her in one of the grand alumni homecoming of our parents.

maby's a basket of sunshine, smiling and laughing all the time. every time she's around people, their ages drop down to hers. adult problems are forgotten, and their faces break into young smiles. maby's laugh and enthusiasm is a therapist for people with wrinkles on their foreheads.

maby calls me teacher yumi, even if i'm not a teacher. she's a great photographer, taking random pictures with great lighting precision. she knows what "battery empty" is, she knows how to zoom, she knows how to change flash settings. she's a genius.

she gives out big hugs and a million smiles. a giver for a young age. everyone becomes a receiver, a "see-er" of colors, feelings, light attitudes, and life. in turn, the people around her learns how to laugh again. including me.



>> Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"per favore, non copisco. parlo italiano molto, molto un po."

i attended the graduation party of twins gabby and angelo last night in greenhills. their father is mom's high school classmate and they invited all of tito melvin's classmates in high school for dinner. i met tita cynthia and her husband, zio bruno. zio bruno found out that i took 3 units of italian in college and he began to speak to me in italian.


zio bruno is a pure italian and could only speak un po english. so imagine yumi who could only speak un po italiano and zio bruno, parla inglese un po, conversing. it was difficult, but we managed to understand each other. tita cynthia acted as translator for some words i couldn't decipher with context clues.

clap clap, i was only able to answer the basic questions:
"quanti anno ha?" (how old are you)
"come si chiama?" (what is your name)
"dove lavorate?" (where do you work)

zio bruno talked in low tones, resounding like a love song. i guess italian people has this tone when they speak, and have accents at certain parts of the word. he calls me, "naYOOWmi," and tita cynthia, "SEENthia". zio bruno didn't just shake my hand when we met and parted ways, he did the italian way of kissing both of your cheeks. the smack should also be heard to make it more heart-felt.

as soon as we arrived home last night, i looked for my italian workbook and the italian book for beginners that i bought in chapters and pages. i think i'm gonna need to review my "spaghetti terms" or else i would copy tito cesar's speech:

"spagHEHti, alDENNte."


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