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the sun is smiling

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i owe God a million thanks. a million is not even enough to express my gratitude on the things that are happening in my life right now. i feel that everything is going fast for me and i can't keep up with all the opportunities and blessings that He is bestowing upon me.

for some, miracles mean blood drops forming on the image of a saint, or an image revealing itself on the wall. i think otherwise. miracles for me are events happening in a person's life, and how they are able to emerge victorious amidst a terrible ordeal. droplets of blood won't make you successful, an image on a wall won't make you a soldier for God. my kind of miracles will actually bring out the image of God in me, a reflection of how great our God is.

1. galileo

my current work is one of the best miracles in my life. sometimes, when i'm in bed and i look at my life, i'm really thankful that i didn't get a job with the "miranda priestly" type of boss. i got a job that i want, a job that is connected to my line of interest. i never thought that i would land a job that concerns writing and children, but here i am. i can't explain how God placed me in this position where i can go home, smiling and content with what i have.

2. racket

no, no, no, not the tennis racket. :P come to think of it, i shouldn't ask for anything because i have a great job. then this opportunity comes to write for a concert. it's something for me, because the people behind this production are well-known. they could actually hire someone better than me, or who knows the craft well. they opened a door for me, and somewhere in the heavens, a miracle happened... and it was for me. the fruit of my labor will be produced this coming saturday, at the convenarium of crossroad 77. i'm not asking you to come, but please pray and support the mission and vision of the next unbound generation.

3. more opportunities

i said in my lj that you don't really need to be the smartest in your class to get a good job.

i've been bugged by this school ever since they promoted for openings. i've applied there before, but since i didn't have any experience and expertise in teaching, i didn't get in. now, they asked for my resume and they have kept on reminding me to send in my resume. i gave a letter stating that i can't leave my wonderful job though i wanted to get in.

they called yesterday and told me that i have an interview. i thought they didn't understand my letter, but they still want to go through the interview process. it's another miracle, an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. the notice is too fast, i tell God. why me? why not diba? i'll try it out, maybe i could convince them with something else.

minutes before i got a call from them, another opportunity came. i don't want to talk about it in details because i haven't sat down with them and really discussed what they want to do with my work. basta, it has something to do with what i have written in the past. a big break, i would say. i just can't believe that i talked to someone like him on the telephone.

there are still a lot of things i should be thankful about. a journal is not enough to show my gratitude. a million thanks is not the key before i move on. i guess what God is telling me right now is that i shouldn't waste time. there are a lot of things to be done for the country and for the next generation and time is running out. soon, i won't be 20 anymore. soon i won't be as active as i am now. this is the time for me to shine for His Glory. i can't put it aside. i have been given something by the Greatest and i should give what is due.

here comes the sun
and i say, "it's all right"



sasha 11:09 PM  

Miracles come in different forms talaga, Yumi. And I'm glad you found a job that you really love. Konti lang kayong ganyan. Yung iba pa inaral pa nilang mahalin yun.

God bless, sis! :)

anak 11:11 PM  

Milagro para sa akin ang makakita ng mga kaibigan dito sa blogworld. Tapos natayo pa ang mansion ng mga D'Magiba heheheh

Sana miracle na magkapera ako bukas hehehe

yawmee 7:52 AM  

sasha, yes, life is so wonderful. :)

isa kang kaibigan anak! isa ring milagro na ika'y dumadaan sa aking blog. :D magkakapera ka bukas, hingi ka lang ng allowance sa iyong itay. ehe

question-me-not 4:26 PM  

yikeee! tap turdeeseeks yung blaggie nya! :D dashanadder mirakowl! :)

eka nga sa premonitions:
"every day you're alive is a miracle"

and i add, "we are each other's miracle. friends are the best miracle packages that we constantly receive; they are always updated and always in development, and the best thing is, they're always free."

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