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everyone a painter!

>> Saturday, March 03, 2007

we found this funny english translation at the back of an instructional kit of a toy:

"Begin to move the brain, study work body again good. Fill, making uniform the painting, everyone is all an artist."

Operation method:
Choose a pigment for needing, stuff with the even the appearance frame inside that place, the small place needs to fill the color can help with the toothpick whole painting can flip to allow the bright powder slightly after completing on the appearance. The multicolored rich in hues and radiant and extremely keen crystal painting can pack children who order the character space is filled with the imagination. Make to draw the process was filled with the study, the endless fun that creates.

1. Pigment if immodesties be stained with the clothes, pleasing use the cleaning of water.
2. The pigment is not poisonous but please not the entrance.


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