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>> Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i changed my layout for my lj! check it out right here!.

i also made my own icons, and everything was drawn by the mouse! no drawing tablet, though i'm dying to have one even if i'm not an illustrator.

edited. last drawing. last na. promise.


sasha 11:21 AM  

Ariane ba real name mo, girl? Galing mo naman! Anong program gamit mo to draw?

yawmee 2:18 PM  

hehe nope. it's naomi. natutuwa lang ako sa pangalan na arianne. :)

haha gamit ko? the trusty mouse at photoshop. :) user friendly sobra ang photoshop sa mga gusto magdrawing. madaling magkulay at pumili ng brush effects. :P

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