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>> Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i applaud the team who developed instant messaging. it makes communication cheaper (all you need is an internet connection), easier (type it out), and lovelier!! because of instant messaging, i've acquired and kept close friends. it just shows that even if we don't see each other often, instant messaging is able to bridge the distance between two friends.

kakai - i haven't seen this girl since she graduated from college (3 years ago?). we found ourselves in the internet land through livejournal, me adding her in my contact list, and her doing the same. because we shared the same course and "kengkoy" attitude, we kept in touch by going online every day. when i got a job, i was able to go online all the time. kakai was my daily dose of stories and giddy moments. we found out that we share almost same interests and we laugh about shameful events in our lives. we even have this inside joke that no one else would understand. she's now one of my closest friends ever. even her brother is as crazy as her.
trivia: kakai isn't really her name. she got it from a meme, and i've been using it ever since it was a great hit.

(the one who looks like gma, according to kakai)

beanie - he minored in creative writing and became an instant member of our block. he's the quiet type when you're around him, but once he goes online, he speaks his mind very well. i find it amusing that a guy like him would want to pursue a masters degree in philosophy. hehe, don't get me wrong, i have nothing against philosophy majors. philosophy just didn't like me during college and i couldn't see myself taking up further studies in that field. benny's working the graveyard shift, so i only get to talk to him around 10pm onwards. his job is the most intersting job i have ever seen. he writes for... um... "adult material". :P he can strike up an conversation with the most philosophical statement, or the weirdest word and make sense out of it.
trivia: benny is a guitarist for a metal rock band named descant gott.

reamur - people call him rhem, but i prefer to call him reamur. it has a nice sound to the "ea". i can't remember how he became one of my online close friends. he's batches higher than me and a theater actor. the funny thing is, reamur and i can talk "dirty" without even being dirty about it. no, no, not the X-rated type of dirty, but the kind of dirty that humans do in the bathroom after eating a hefty meal. :P it sounds weird, but reamur makes me smile in those ways. he can say the most stupid thing in the world, but actually, it's one of the best ways to make me smile when i'm sad or angry. we have a favorite ym emoticon: 8-> type it out to see what it looks like.

kwinsi - i sit behind him at work, yet we talk via ym. it makes work more silent, because if instant messaging wasn't invented, we would be kicked out from work because we're two noisy eggheads. if you want to catch kwinsi in action, listen regularly at magic 89.9. you might hear him sing at kelly's portion (12pm-3pm) or join the contests in the afternoon. he's the company's mascot too, because he sings, he acts, he illustrates, he makes libre (whohoo!!), and he loves to poke your arm.

regi - another church friend of mine. we've been friends since we were still in shorts and kiddie wear. we were part of the children's ministry band -- he played the guitar, i played the keyboards. now that we're both working, ym has been our medium for communication. he even helped us during our thesis, making the animation for our logo. he's now an honorary member of the block, blending in with his wacky antics.


The Crimson Abstract 6:02 AM  

pare, very flattering picture of me ah...hehe

yawmee 9:38 AM  

why of course. that's a rare photograph of the wacky beanie. :) your mother likes it too. haha

kakai 1:34 AM  

we even have this inside joke that no one else would understand.

like why aragorn is taking a catnap? HOHOHOHOHO.

aww i love you yumi! <3

yawmee 9:05 AM  

wahahaha!!! that has to be the most shocking and funniest revelation of our lives. :P love yaaah!!!! hahaha

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