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bloomfields. bloomfields. bloomfields.

>> Sunday, March 18, 2007

"Thank you for tuning in to the 60s rock n’ roll mania, where everything is 60s, even your tooth filling. If you want to talk to Lucy in the Sky, turn the dial the number of times you stared at that diamond on your finger. If you want a magical mystery tour to the 60s, look for the good vibrations in your body. Then twist and shake until you have reached Penny Lane. If you want to resurrect any 60s band, then call on Sgt. Pepper and crack at your love. Or if you want an alternative, press the flower button."
-JM Rodriguez
Love Hopes

i am now a bloomfields fan.

it was a blast seeing them on center stage, people on their feet, dancing to their music. it was not just about the "daddy music" that brought people dancing, it was their style. a band consisting of young kids, wearing "daddy suits and ties", sounded like they were born in the 60s and 70s. they were energetic, but they didn't look wild. everyone could sing -- and mind you sing and blend well -- and play the keyboards, guitar and drums. there were times that the players switched places. in a nutshell, they sounded great. i love them na and i'm buying their first album when it's released on the 23rd.

the place had an interesting set up. there were four stages, the main stage, the center stage (situated at the middle of the audience), and two circular podiums at the sides of the place. bloomfields took center stage while the other performance played around the other stages.

i had two favorite parts of the concert, one was the movement pieces on the berlin wall, vietnam war and the civil rights movement. i didn't want a boring history lesson, even if jm was entertaining. so i suggested movement pieces to join jm on the stage. ehe, cheter influence.

my second favorite part was when they brought out this huge transistor radio. it was a segway to the boomfields repertoire, and i really loved it. i typed the spiel at the start of the post because i enjoyed writing it. jm and the kids acted out every line. i loved it.

bloomfields came at the start of the show. i didn't expect them to play at the end, closing the night with people shouting, "more! more! more!" after playing tons of songs and the drummer going wild (he banged on the metal frames of the two side stages), everyone wanted them to play more even if they bowed down to end the night. jm started the chant, "bloomfields, bloomfields, bloomfields!". you could see the enthusiasm on their faces as they ran back to the stage and played two more songs. sweeeeet.

thanks to jm rodriguez for making the night interesting. i'm sorry for making you have four costume changes all throughout the concert. ehe. and even if we don't know each other personally, i'm really thankful for being part of this production. huwaw, jm rodriguez on my script. now that's something.

i couldn't sneaky-sneaky pictures of the stage and the band. besides the fact that it wasn't allowed to take pictures of the event, i was surrounded with the big bosses of the production. even the REAL rahyan carlos was seated behind me so i couldn't really do anything illegal. at first, my heart was pounding on how the script would go. but in all fairness, to the director and the producers, and of course jm rodriguez, it turned out very well.

besides the popcorn and free ice cream inside the convenarium, my tummy's now full and wired.

"sa sandaling 'to
ang puso ko ay lilipad naaaaa..."



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