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artist of the week

>> Monday, March 19, 2007

Andrés Fernández Cordón is my artist for the week. he illustrates with simple shapes, yet he inks them like crazy. he captures emotions with the different mouth and eye positions. the color contrast of the character against the background makes his subject float from the screen.

i took two of his illustrations from his website. i can't say that they are my favorite, because i love all of his artwork. i am in love with his work. i might over-analyze the illustrations. but hey, who cares, it's still wonderful.

you can just see how the sun stands out in the raining scene. his eyes are carefully monitoring the weather. the umbrella has a purpose, it serves as a cover to let the night envelope the earth. the sun has done its job for the day, now it's time for him to go home and rest.

the background was meant to be blurry so that you'll focus your eyes on the ant. ants have keen senses, and it can locate food even from a mile. (notice how an army of ants would find its way to your birthday cake after leaving it for just a minute?) ants are always on the look-out for food, working hard for the colony. they work so efficiently and orderly (anthill and the ants lined up towards the anthill).

i'm a frustrated artist. i love to doodle around, on scratch papers, on notebooks, on tissue papers, on my hand, in my planner, etc etc. when our office purchased a drawing tablet for our artist quincy, i invaded his workstation once in a while to sneak in an illustration. if i like my doodle, i'd place them in my deviant art.

hmmm. i'm starting to like this "featuring" thing on artists, pictures, and writers. something to inspire me as i do my work. worksheets here i come!


sasha 10:36 AM  

I love both artworks! Esp. the ant! Ako naman I know how to admire but I can't really draw hehe

I'll post my fave artist din nga hehehe

Happy Tuesday! :)

yawmee 2:28 PM  

check out his other artwork! nakaka-inlove. :P

share the artwork fever with others! :) cheers sash!

anhdres 11:54 PM  

thank you very much yawmee, you said a lot of nice things about my work and that already made my morning. i liked your idea of the trip-themed blog with the witty phrases and the road references. keep it up!

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