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singa lang nang singa

>> Friday, February 09, 2007

my nose is clogged
it feels like there's a plug
i can't breathe
i want to sneeze

i made up a rhyme when i was waiting for the results of my blood test. thank God it's not dengue. i just have the severe yumisis tonsilitis de swollenisis. dandandandaaaaan. swollen and reddish tonsils is what's keeping me in bed for the past 4 days.

i'm losing all my sick leaves. haha

my right arm feels like a human pin cushion. yesterday, the medtech took a testube-full of my blood and sent it to the computer for analysis. my platelet was 192. normal pa raw yon. the lab was closed when we returned today, so we went to another clinic. it was manually done, this time, my ring finger was pricked. i told myself that the needle prick would be like an ant biting me. i hate red ants, so i didn't know what to think of the needle. before i knew it, the nurse was extracting another test tube of my blood. that's two test tubes of my dna. (ok. i think i'm watching too much of csi. i didn't want to throw the ball of cotton in the clinic's trash can because someone might get my dna. haha)

(i still have my 'cranberry moment' this month; so imagine the blood loss.)

anyway, the platelet count increased to 212. which means i have defeated the mosquito. it's not the mosquito. only the cherry hills on my throat. that doesn't exempt me from drinking antibiotics. yes, i'm officially a druggie.

antibiotics + vitamin c + vitamin e + paracetamol + multivitamins + gallons of water + bottles of gatorade = certified yumi druggie

now, i have the sniffles. i can't breathe. i breathe through my mouth. i feel like i'm a fish, opening and closing my mouth to suck in air. yeahyeah, i know the gills do the job of breathing for the fish. but still. kebs. :P

ps. to all doctors-to-be and nurses in my lj land, how do you manually count platelet? haha do you count it like 1-2-3? or do you measure it by square millimeter? haha just curious. it'll be easy to understand if it were done by computer. but manually, how does it work?


Pot 8:43 PM  

Weh? Bakit? What happened?

yawmee 8:20 AM  

eh ayun. may lagnat. 3 a1/2 days akong absent sa work.

pero ok na ako ngayon. :D

thanks pot. :)

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