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a different story

>> Thursday, February 01, 2007

(an excerpt)

she dreamt of him again. this time, she saw a face.

she stopped by the fruit bar and ordered a strawberry smoothie. while she was waiting for her order, she felt a familiar hand touching her neck. she remembered the last moment she felt it. she turned around and stared at a face.

she finally saw a face.

he had a smile on his face, eyes twinkling at the sight of her. his cheekbones were defined. his hair stood in funny directions, but somehow she found it cute. she smiled. he stroked her hair. she stared at him, with hopes of remembering the face she had once forgotten.

the moment was cut off by the voice of the man behind the counter. her smoothie was ready. she paid for it and walked away.


she opened her eyes and it was daylight. she pulled the covers over her head, wanting to return to that dream.

when i left the fruit bar, did he walk with me?


she smiled. a face. his face.


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