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tomorrow: it's clijsters vs sharapova (talo si hingis. booo)

>> Wednesday, January 24, 2007

1. sharapova def. chakvetadze
7-6 (7-5), 7-5

it was a long match, with a 31-hit rally maximum per point. both russians gave their all in order to with the quarterfinals and move on to the finals. but at the end, it was maria sharapova who will advance, one game closer to winning the australian cup.

most of their points relied on unforced errors of the opposing team, meaning they scored points on numerous errors of the other team. sharapova suffered from 41 errors, while chakvetadze had 28.

sharapova admitted that it was a difficult game, going against a fellow russian. sharapova only got the groove when chakvetadze had a minor sprain on her ankle. it was an advantage for sharapova to boost her confidence. maybe it was also the weather -- they were playing under the sun, 12 noon melbourne time.

every score was breath-taking. just listening to the ball hitting the racket, the frustrated grunts of the players, and the updates of the announcers were enough to keep me alerted on the edge of my seat. imagine the tension if you're watching it live. i danced in my seat every time sharapova added a point to the scoreboard.

after over an hour and forty minutes, the crowd cheered for sharapova. yey!

2. clijsters def. hingis
3-6, 6-4, 6-3

damn. i wanted hingis to win.

it was a tough game for both players. one match score had over 5 advantages and deuces. there was nothing that could stop both of them.

clijsters won over hingis' errors. the last point came from hingis' double fault. giving clijsters a step nearer the australian cup. even if she had 62 unforced errors, she still emerged victorious against hingis, who only had 20 errors.

it was the double fault that provided clijster's win.

ow well. so clijsters will have a game with sharapova tomorrow.

i'll whole-heartedly cheer for sharapova. even if clijsters is good, i'd still go for sharapova.

3. photos

i was looking through the photo gallery of the australian open and i noticed some pictures.

check out tommy haas. playing without a shirt! now that's what i call fashion.

lookit the abs! whohoo. parang katawan ni "the thing" sa fantastic 4.

gagaya din raw si andy roddick.

kahit pawis-pawis, tablado ng loop earrings ni serena willams ang laro. pasok siya sa finals.

who says tennis players aren't gymnasts? kim clijsters.

i love the subtitle on this pic, "martina hingis is so good, she can play with her eyes closed."


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