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>> Sunday, January 21, 2007

i have this sports crush on maria sharapova.

i was watching her match against tathiana garbin yesterday at the australian open. both courts showed strength and endurance during the game, and both courts wanted to move on to the next match. however, maria emerged victorious as she gained points on tathiana's errors. most of the latter's errors were blamed on balls bouncing on the outside lines and the boundaries of the single's court. maria won on a score of 6-3, 6-1.

tennis players have this tendency to have large upper bodies, because most of the body movement is focused on the arms and the shoulders. sometimes, players only have one arm bigger than the other, depending on the racket hand (something similar to the wand hand in harry potter. mwehehe) maria still kept an image that wouldn't make her look boyish, even if she had a large and muscular shoulder length.

i found it amusing to see a sporty look on sharapova, while keeping a woman-ish image. after the match, when the players packed their tennis stuff, i noticed a difference between garbin and sharapova. sharapova stuffed her tennis racket, her water bottles, and towels in her white tennis bag. sharapova, on the other hand, got out her pink tennis bag, placed her racket and water bottles inside and reached for her other bag. the other bag was a girly bag, maybe containing her personal belongings. she even wore a white jacket with frills on the neckline after the game. garbin didn't wear any jacket after the game. she just left the court with a flushed face.

maybe it is her number one ranking in russia that makes her have the privilege of wearing nike apparel. garbin is ranked thirty in italy, a long way (and a lot of matches) to be ranked number one. sharapova has endorsed a lot of brands, including the camera brand, canon. (remember her commercial where she was hitting balls against a fence. the camera pans towards the other court, and we see her name spelled out by the tennis balls.) i've seen her endorse bikini wear and she doesn't look anything close to a sports person.

and for a person coming from russia, she speaks good english. she's a year younger than me, yet her name rings a bell in the sports world. her tennis value reaches to $8 million, after winning over a hundred matches around the world.

sharapova moves on to the semi-finals. she's two matches close to winning the australian cup and my dad and i would be monitoring the progress of the players.

it's the season for the young players: hingis, williams, sharapova, chan. move over, monica seles and steffi graf, these girls ready to take over the court.


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