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national proposal

>> Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the elections are coming on may. do we know who to choose?

i really fear for our country. actors and actresses are running for the government posts and they are likely to win because their faces are plastered on our tv sets. but are they really worth our votes? is the phrase 'i want to help in the development of our country' enough to save us from poverty?

the minimum requirements for candidacy are:
1. must be a natural-born filipino citizen
2. can read and write
4. 40 years old and above

that's it. it means anyone can run for government posts. how are we going to focus on development and excellence if our leaders can only read and write? comprehension is not even part of the requirements. a janitor needs at least a high school diploma to be employed. sweeping floors need a high school diploma. but to be a president, you can just at least know your abc's.

sad, isn't it?

therefore, i formulate a proposal for citizens who would want to run.

1. the candidates should file an essay of intent. it may be in english or in any dialect.
2. the candidates should at least know the basic rules of the constitution. (thinking of it again, they should know the constitution.) meaning, they must take a test on the constitution. it's time to put those writing and reading skills to test. besides, they would deal with the constitution when they get that coveted seat in the government.
3. they must submit a list of projects they would focus and prioritize
4. they must go through a series of comprehension essays about possible issues that they would face as a public official
5. they must have a mission and vision for the country

platforms are not enough. the platforms are general (e.g. help the poor, eradicate poverty, etc) the candidates must learn that the masses aren't the only people in the country. the employed are the ones paying the taxes, and the taxes are the source of their salaries. they must not give their full attention in giving what the masses need. i'm not saying that they should neglect the poor, but they should not devote their attention in pleasing the poor.

elections are near. i hope that someday in the future (soon) we would have really competent candidates that we would be proud of. we need more rizal-like attitudes and less of the bonifacio-attitude. we should learn that rallies are not worth the fight.


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