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isn't it ironic? i love it.

>> Thursday, January 18, 2007

because i had a great night last night with the FA Fest, i decided to be all girly-girly today.

i donned on a skirt and butterfly-designed white shoes to work.

i did my usual morning routine: breakfast, bring a book (a borrowed 'eldest' from jace), ride the mrt to work.

normal day.

naaah. ironic morning.

i got a good spot in the mrt, somewhere in the middle of the first coach, right below the aircon. i held the book in one hand, and held the straps with the other. i felt so light because of the skirt that i didn't notice the train malfunctioning per station.

then i got a text from my grade school friend, migs.

"good morning! hope you have a nice day!"

i was supposed to reply with, "mukhang masaya ka ngayon ah!" when the train completely stopped and the lights went off. the loud speakers went on saying, "labas po tayo. pasensya na po, may diperensya po yung tren. hintayin nalang po natin yung susunod na tren. pasensya na po."

the train was filled with exasperated sighs. everyone was going to work and they were running late, then this train breaks down in the middle of ortigas. good thing the train was able to make it to shaw. THANK GOD WE DIDN'T WALK ON THE TRACKS.

i kept my cool. i didn't want the incident to ruin my skirty-skirty day.

the shaw platform was filled with people. people holding cellphones -- either texting their boss that they'll be late, or texting someone to pick them up from this unexpected morning -- stared the big digital clock tick it's way to eight o'clock; everyone wanted to ride the train. immediately.

but everyone (or at least those who rides the mrt regularly) knows that shaw station is a big no-no to accommodate a lot of people. everyone knows that by cubao, the train is jumpacked with sardines from the ocean. adding more pushy tuna in the train will sink the boat. (the boat is sinking, group yourselves into..... 5000!!)

i put on my music and called my boss to tell her that i'll most probably be late. i read a few chapters from the book until i was squished left and right from the girls who pushed their way towards the mrt doors.

i don't know. the morning was just so irritating, but i didn't crumple my forehead in annoyance. it's the magic of the skirt. amen. maybe it's the josh groban in my ears and the book in my hand, i smiled when people made a mini stampede in front of the doors. everything can't be perfect everyday.

after ten trains that passed by, i was pushed inside a train. finally. i didn't move a foot muscle when i entered the train. i went with the flow. literally. i tried to push back because i had to make way to those who'll get down in shaw. the magic of the skirt. i felt so light.

i arrived 8:17, two minutes late from the grace period. it doesn't matter anymore, i survived an ironic morning. i guess migs was right, it was a good morning after all.

i shall treat myself with a cup of starbucks. :D yey!

the magic of the girly-girly skirty-skirty.


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