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hmmm. thinking mode.

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i promised regi that i'll make a post today.

but what to post? what to post?

*put on the kumon thinking face*
(yumi calls it the i-don't-want-to-do-the-kumon-repetitive-worksheets-anymore face. hehe >:D )

i'll post in random.

1. tennis
there are so many players at the australian open. i only know four, three of which are famous already. clijsters was added to my list because she advanced to the quarter finals, along with hingis, williams and sharapova.

i don't know who to cheer when finals come. i want them all to win.

i'm not following the men's games, so i'm not familiar with them. hehe

the website is so cool, they have a live radio feed of the game. it's as close as watching it live. there's also a page where you can watch the game, except that the image you see is only the exchange of the ball from one court to another. you won't see the movement of the players, but at least you know where the ball is heading. it also calculates the speed of the ball. there's also an update scoreboard that runs on flash. with their site, you can actually follow the game without going to australia.

rpm 9 shows the games everyday, 6 pm. they have live feeds during sundays. i'm just not sure what time they show the live games.

2. work

i have to stop being lazy starting..... um... fine, this moment. i have to finish book one of grade 6 english worksheets by the end of the month. that's 500 pages. i have finished 200 pages. i can actually do twenty a day, but that's mediocre work. dang. i have 300 more to go in less than two weeks. oh no. better start working now.

3. moolah

nada. zilch. exhausted.

i really have to withdraw money tonight. my wallet screams for mercy as it holds seven pesos. freaking seven pesos. good thing mrt has these stored value cards and i won't need to worry about going home for tonight. i have one trip going home.

need. money. now.

4. wars

mel sent me this link on the new kind of earth wars. click on this link and find out what i'm talking about.

bang! bang! wonnggg wonngggg.

no. it doesn't have star wars.

5. ships and books

doulos is on it's way now to cebu. i've spent my salary on buying the books on board and there's no small space in my library to fit the books i bought. i am still in shock whenever i see the amount i've spent but i don't mind. books are a great investment and it'll never go out of the latest trend. doulos, come back please.. i want more books. ehehehe.

6. valentine's day

for the theater lovers and lovers out there. sinta is going to be staged on valentine's day. it'll be at teatro pagsanghan, ateneo high school. maita will be playing sinta. come! let's watch the play! i've seen it thrice already and i won't grow tired of watching this romantic play. it's a mix of comedy, drama, romance and a spark of musical talent.

sige na! tara! nood tayo!


Anonymous,  4:15 PM  

salamat sa pag special mention sa akin! hehehe... mukang super involve ka sa tennis ngaun ah... waah! daming work, dapat triple time or higher! pahiram minsan ng books ah... ndi aku nakapunta dun ah... inggit aku! hehehe...

yawmee 4:21 PM  

hehe eh anonymous yung pangalan ni regi. hehehe :D

oo nga eh! tambak tayong lahat sa trabaho! pero ok lang yan, basta may ym. hehehe makakapag-usap parin tayo, kahit papano. :D

sure ba, basta ingatan mo lang yung mga libro. buhay ko yon. hhehehe lipad kang cebu! andon sila ngayon.

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