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come on board

>> Friday, January 05, 2007

bringing yumi to a (floating) bookstore (e.g. m/v doulos) is bad for her health.

i was one of the few who lined up an hour before the boat opened its dock doors to visitors. with a 10-peso ticket in hand, i excitedly climbed up the stairs to the famous floating bookstore, m/v doulos.

i didn't care about the heat. money in my bag, shopping basket in my hand, i feasted my eyes on the books.

a few feet from the entrance, my basket was full already. i couldn't take another step because i was holding too many books. i had to let go of some books (noooo!!!) to give way to my budget. everything was cheap. there's this book that costs around 700 pesos in national book store. i saw a copy on deck and it was priced at 150. as a greedy book collector, i grabbed everything my eyes saw.

i said i'm gonna buy books for christmas gifts. i only bought two books to give away. the selfish yumi book collector was all over the scene.

we checked out the books, bought ice cream, and looked at the bill. we spent over 8 thousand pesos for books. whaaattt?? i wasn't even half done! they'll be staying till the 22nd so i'm gonna spend my next salary money on buying more books, even if it means going broke and sacrificing my starbucks diet.

my wallet is screaming "no more", but yumi will go back there no matter what!!!

1 thou will bring you happiness.
2 thou will bring you bliss
3 thou will bring you ecstacy
4 thousand will bring you insanity
5 thousand will make you break into an 'addict sweat'
6 thousand will propel you to kill for books
7 thousand will force you to become a TNT on that boat
8 thousand will call security to drag you off the boat
no matter how much you spend, you will never reach heaven unless you work there or buy the whole ship!

you book lovers really have to visit. do or die. oh yeah, arm yourselves with a fat wallet.

i will post pics in my multiply as soon as my internet connection is nice to me.


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