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Flickr me this, Flickr me that

>> Monday, December 31, 2007

With the birth of my new baby Joshua (no, not that kind of baby, nitwit), I decided to join Flickr.

Fine, I'll elaborate. Joshua is my new Nikon d40, the most expensive thing I have ever purchased in my whole life. I bought it three days ago in the ever-famous Hidalgo St. in Quiapo and I have taken almost 400 photographs.

The cat in the photograph is Garfield. That's Dad's new pet, a stray cat who found it's shelter outside our doorstep. He's been a very helpful model. He just sat there and posed while I kept on clicking. A well-behaved cat, but could be very noisy during meals.


That's my Flickr page. I haven't posted much, and I'm still trying to figure out how to post in Flickr groups. Haha


Without a Belly Button

>> Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kyle XY will be coming back in January.

I've been wondering the same thing, "Is Jessie coming back?" I think she is, and I think she'll be fighting for the good. She'll be that torn experiment, if her conscience can counter the things that she was destined to do. If she really cares about Kyle, she should know how important the information she got from him, and she should find out ways how to keep her from exposing them.

I'll be alive for 10 or so episodes (that's 10 weeks yeah yeah!) until I wait for another season. The writer's strike has been putting all shows on hold, including CSI. The last episode for the season will be in January, and I'm not sure when they'll resume filming. Please, please, please give the writers what they're due. Without them, there will be no shows.

So while they're on hold, I'll be expecting Kyle XY to entertain me.


Late and Early

>> Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Belated Merry Christmas to you guys! And an early New Year to everyone!

This has been a wonderful year. If I may use the cliche "roller coaster ride," then I will use it for this year. I've shed tears, laughed with friends and families, experienced excitement, given "aww" moments, and seen love. There are still things to do for the 2008, but before I go on to welcoming another step in life, I'd like to be thankful for the things around me.

I thank everyone for making this year a special year. From blog friends, to blockmates, family, church friends, and new-found friends (special mention to the bloomies!).

Above all, I'd like to thank the Creator for teaching me a lot. I have fallen down a lot of times, but He's the only one who can pick me up. Thank You. I lift all of them up to you.

Let's celebrate the new year together! Cheers!


Nothing's gonna harm you

>> Sunday, December 23, 2007

I hate the rule on exclusivity on MMFF films. Tradition is that international movies are not shown in cinemas during the Christmas season, starting on Christmas day. It's supposed to give way to Filipino movies. 7 or so movies are shown in all movie houses. International movies that are set to be shown during the Christmas season are postponed to January.

One of those movies is Sweeney Todd, directed by Tim Burton. It was originally a musical by Stephen Sondheim, and Burton adapted it into a movie. It stars Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman (Yes, Snape is once again a villain), and more wonderful actors. All actors sing their own parts, which makes it more interesting.

I first heard of Sweeney Todd from Josh Groban (ghads, the way I write it seems that he's just some close friend or my neighbor. HAHA Sorry, too much fandom in me). He named his dog after Sweeney, talks about Sweeney as his favorite musical, and sings one of the songs during his concerts. I even have that mp3 on file. Ehe.

Anyway, I found this clip on YouTube where that song is sung by a little kid named Ed Sanders. I say his voice is pure genius. At such a young age, he has this angelic and powerful voice that can make any mother cry. The song's so touching and brave. A little kid, vowing that he'll do anything to keep his mother safe from demons.

I wonder when the movie will be shown here in the Philippines. I can't wait to see Tim Burton's version. I swear that when I get my Broadway savings, I'll watch Sweeney Todd on stage.

Not While I'm Around
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.
Nothing's gonna harm you, no sir, not while I'm around.

Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays,
I'll send 'em howling,
I don't care, I got ways.

No one's gonna hurt you,
No one's gonna dare.
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there.

Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while,
But in time...
Nothing can harm you
Not while I'm around...

Being close and being clever
Ain't like being true
I don't need to,
I would never hide a thing from you,
Like some...

No one's gonna hurt you, no one's gonna dare
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there!
Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while
But in time...
Nothing can harm you
Not while I'm around...


2007 Choscars

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wala lang. No connection whatsoever to the post I'm making today. Feel ko lang siya ilagay dahil nasa wish list ko yan. DVD of Josh Groban's Awake. But I think that's the special UK version. Whichever, I want them both. :))

So back to the real post. I nicked this from Thirdy's friendster.

2007 Yumi Choscars (term copyrighted by the Donya Vit. :P )

To the bloomies of my life: Trish, Jenn, Martha, Chikai, Mea, Ia, Angge, Ian, Cheska. A week without them is the end of me. haha

2) LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD (longest friend)
Regi. Oh the days of shorts and high socks.

The people from the forums.

Love Hopes, March 17. It's a 60s year for me!

October. I don't want to elaborate anymore. No, it's not the Josh Groban concert.

Christmas and New Year

6) YOUR SONG FOR 2007?
Thankful by Josh Groban

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be.
And on this day we hope for
What we still can't see.
It's up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There's so much to be thankful for.

7) best movie FOR 2007?
Oh golly, there are a lot.
Children's movie: Enchanted
Filipino movie: Batanes
Play turned movie: Sweeney Todd (even if I haven't watched this) and History Boys

I can't remember. Most probably I was with my parents.

My usual crazy self at home. Screaming "Happy Halloween!!" all over YM.

It's not a restaurant. Place to eat: Casa San Pablo.

None. =)) I prefer to keep my lips sacred for now.

Uhhhh. The writing projects I accepted.

Take that master's degree baby!

I haven't been drunk :|

CSI parin. Kyle XY comes second.

Certain Block E people. :)

Change in attitude towards... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Get that master's degree. MASTER'S DEGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



>> Saturday, December 15, 2007


Let the Philippines be the first Asian Idol!


VOTE PHIL(another country)

you have to vote for two countries. If you just vote for one, your vote will be void. SO VOTE FOR TWO!


send to 2959

My suggestion is Malaysia (code: MAL), she's also a great singer. Or Indonesia (code: INDO)

DALI! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Show them that by votes, we can win. =)) The judges are impressed with Mau's performance, so let's vote!


The fuss about Golden Compass and other stuff

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

1. I got my Starbucks planner already. Thanks to Jace who provided all 20 stickers. :P I only got to buy for two, then I gave my card to him. He's more addicted to the coffee, that's why he also volunteered to help me get me my planner. He's on his third planner now, for his sister. I'm helping out Adi with hers.

If you don't know the promo, Starbucks is giving away two stickers for one drink every 12-230 pm and 8-930 pm until December 25. It's their gift to the supporters of Starbucks and making them a popular choice for 10 years. It's one way to get those Christmas drinks down the drain. :P

2. I watched The Golden Compass last night at TriNoma. I managed to finish reading the book first before catching the movie. It has been a habit already to read first an existing book, because there are some details in the movie that will most probably need explaining and the book can only do that. And I can't give any opinion on the anti-Christ fuss if I don't know what the subject matter is about.

Anyway, about the movie. It's not that controversial if you watched the movie without reading the book. There wasn't any reference to the Church or show a scene that would imply that the Church is behind the project. The plot was simply about stopping an experiment that would jeopardize the lives of children and their daemon counterparts.

But it isn't.

The following might contain spoilers or answers to questions you may have regarding the movie. So I'm just giving you the heads up to whatever I may comment about the movie.

According to the book (if I understood it correctly), the Dust settles onto a human being when they are maturing. It causes their daemon to settle in form. Lord Asriel found out that the cause of this settling is the transfer of the so-called "Dust" from a universe called the Aurora, passing through the daemon and into man. The Dust is original sin. That's why a child's daemon changes in form. The daemon is sort of a conscience, that should always be with the person who owns it. Everyone is born with a daemon by his side. A child is innocent, and isn't capable of doing wrong things. They act innocently, thinking of the good as an end. However, for the adults, they act for their own sake, even if the means is evil and harsh.

The author referenced Dust to the dust in the Bible. "From dust we arise, and to dust we shall return again." Remember in the movie, when a man dies, he bursts in a golden spray of dust? It's something like that.

That is why the Gobblers, or the GOB plans to separate the daemon from the child. Without the daemon, the Dust from Aurora won't enter an adult. It'll make them free from sin, free from evil, free from wrong choices. Dust is the central theme of the story.

What I need to understand is what happens if you enter Aurora. I still need to reread the last few pages of the first book because I didn't quite get the reason for going inside the universe Aurora. That means I will have to continue reading the second and third book of the "Dark Materials" trilogy.

Families shouldn't be that alarmed with the movie. I think it's best to read the books first before your children get a hold of the trilogy. Watch the movie together so that they will see that you are open to other beliefs. Discuss the theme over dinner. What they think of it, how they felt while watching. It doesn't mean that if you're educated with the other beliefs, then it makes you less a Christian or something. Knowing something gives room for discussion and strengthening of one's faith. It allows you to research more on the real meaning of things. The more you prevent them from seeing something rumored to be evil, the more they will be curious about it. Maybe even try it out. That's the scary part.

I know that the second and third book is anti-Christianity, where God is recognized as an absentee God locked up in some prison. I shouldn't be alarmed, it's only fiction. It MAY affect the minds of the young, that's why they should be guided by the parents. Parents should explain that it's fiction, and it's no where near the likes of the Bible.

Things get really dirty when you touch on religion. I remember a line from a movie (I think it was Big Fish. I keep on forgetting.) "Don't talk about religion in front of a stranger. You'll never know who you'll offend." It's fine if you're educating children about the different religions, but once you start to say that "This is heresy or blasphemy," or "This ain't true," then the people from other organizations will start to become defensive. They begin to lose their minds, and sometimes create wars. They have the right to be defensive.

I deviate from the real topic. I'm not promoting the trilogy because I see the harm attached to it. The reader should be prepared for what is inside those pages. Someone wiser should guide the readers and keep them in the right path. I'm not stopping you either from reading the book. If you see it as pure fiction, go ahead. It's a good read. But if you're gonna look at the book for answers to life and sin, I tell you to put down that book and muster up that maturity.



>> Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good choice. I don't care if I don't get the million. That's the best offer a fan could get. I'll go with her choice too.


oh, btw. Do you remember the guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter? He was cast as Edward Cullen for the 2008 movie version of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Deal or No Deal? :P



>> Monday, December 10, 2007

Batanes is known to be the lone islands in the far north of Luzon. It's location is at the south of Taiwan and is very prone to raging storms and hurricanes. You may think that it's the last place you'll be because of the number of calamities that hit the area. However, just like the line from the movie "Batanes," Batanes is paradise.

The movie by GMA Films not only showcases the talents of the actors and the production team, but also the beauty of the place. Almost every scene has a shot of the water. Blue, white and green water splashing on the sand. Clear waters. Ever-changing mood of the weather. The main focus is the sea, as the sea is portrayed as a god, the dictator of life on Batanes. The love story only comes secondary.

Corruption is not in the vocabulary of the residents. They have this honesty system, that no province can match. Stores are unmanned. A buyer would only have to drop their payment in a cash box whenever they will take goods from the store. The air is clean -- people ride bikes to get from one place to another. The fishermen respect the sea -- they only fish for their immediate needs.

It's not your typical love story, where the leading lady will end up with the leading man. The problems that go with the story are typical, yet they approached it in a way where people will not be able to predict the ending. They face it with reality and not with a fairy tale plot that everything is a "happily ever after" conclusion. They started with the sea, and ended with the sea.

I congratulate the directors, writers and the production team. It was a flawlessly fluid plot line, without any questionable cuts. I congratulate the actors for taking time to understand the culture and even learn the language. I congratulate the sea, for taking part of the movie, as she showed her strengths.

Watch Batanes. Some may think it's a dragging movie. Rico (Pam's husband in the movie) said that in order to get a good catch, one must wait. Patience is the virtue. The long pauses and scenes have a purpose. You can't dictate a movie, just like how you can't dictate the sea.


Green and Long

>> Saturday, December 08, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Motoroloa V3i
November 25, 2007
Full view at Deviant Art


Do it the Egyptian Way

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

What I like about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is that they put the groove to the characters, while keeping the story and its theme. With my third day of playing only Joseph songs, my 60s vibe always tingles when I listen to the "Song of the King."

"Song of the King" is about the Pharaoh telling Joseph about his dream. We most probably know the famous Pharaoh dream where Joseph interpreted it as 7 years of harvest and 7 years of famine for Egypt. Because of that interpretation, he was appointed head of the harvest.

Andrew Lloyd Webber gave a "twist" to the libretto of the script by making the Pharaoh a very interesting character. Pharaoh puts on his 60s groove and becomes Elvis Presley. He turns into a famous rock n' roll icon, fan girls fainting in his presence. Amazing.

Bring out those suede shoes and jive with the Pharaoh!

Song of the King

Well I was wandering along by the banks of the river
When seven fat cows came up out of the Nile, uh-huh
And right behind these fine healthy animals came
Seve other cows, skinny and vile, uh-huh
Well the thin cows ate the fat cows which I
Thought would do them good, uh-huh
But it didn't make them fatter like such
A monster supper should

Well the thin cows were as thin
As they had ever, ever, ever been
Well this dream has got me baffled
Hey, Joseph, won't you tell me what it means?

Well you know that kings ain't stupid
But I don't have a clue
So don't be cruel Joseph
Help me I beg of you

Well I was standing doing nothing in a field out of town
Whe I saw seven beautiful ears of corn, uh-huh
They were ripe, they were golden and
You've guessed it,
Right behind them came seven other ears
Tattered and torn, uh-huh

Well the bad corn ate the good corn
They came up from behind yes they did
Now Joseph here's the punch line
It's really gonna blow your mind

Well the bad corn was
As bad as it had ever, ever, ever been
Well this dream has got me all shook up
Treat me nice and tell me what it means

Hey, hey, hey Joseph
Won't you tell poor old Pharaoh
What does this crazy dream mean?
Oh yeah


more curliness

>> Wednesday, December 05, 2007

In connection to the curly-haired Lee in yesterday's post, there's another one I like. Not really crush, he's just my favorite in the tv show, Kid Nation by CBS.

Michael was one of the kids who was given a gold star. In the show, gold stars are given to kids who have done something to build a better Bonanza City. I've liked him since the start of the show because when he speaks, everyone listens. And he speaks with sense. He can make his fellow kids feel better, calm down difficult situations, and make important decisions.

The curly hair MAY be a coincidence, but I think the hair adds to the character and spunk of a person. :P

Three kulots in a row. I wonder who's next.


Free Joseph

>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm obsessing over the Broadway musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. While listening to the soundtrack and watching videos on YouTube, I noticed something.

I have this thing for guys with curly hair. Having a theater background is a plus.

You all know that I'm one of those deranged fans of Josh Groban. Theater actor turned singer and has curly hair. Next example, Lee Mead, the newest actor for Joseph, and a winner of Andrew Lloyd Webber's competition, Any Dream Will Do.

Josh has this angelic to his face. Lee has the angst, giving strength to the role of Joseph. Notice in the video, he suits the song better than Keith. Keith tries to be as strong as Lee, but his eyes are blank to the feeling. Lee pierces and hits the character.

Of all the songs, "Close Every Door" is my favorite. There are four lines to the song that struck me. I love the intensity of the song; it seems that Joseph is mocking the One who placed him in jail.

Or maybe it's the Egyptian underwear. hahaha Kidding. (Half-kidding, actually.)

Close Every Door

Close every door to me,
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light
Do what you want with me,
Hate me and laugh at me
Darken my daytime
And torture my night
If my life were important I
Would ask will I live or die
But I know the answers lie
Far from this world
Close every door to me,
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone
For I know I shall find
My own peace of mind
For I have been promised
A land of my own

Close every door to me,
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light

Just give me a number
Instead of my name
Forget all about me
And let me decay

I do not matter,
I'm only one person
Destroy me completely
Then throw me away
If my life were important I
Would ask will I live or die
But I know the answers lie
Far from this world

Close every door to me,
Keep those I love from me
Children of Israel
Are never alone
For we know we shall find
Our own peace of mind
For we have been promised
A land of our own

Click here for the original version, by Danny Osmond. It's also a superb version. I want to have the DVD of this play!


November 30: Bonifacio Day

With Dad on the driver's seat; cousin Bimboy on the passenger; Lola, Lolo and Tita Mimi on the first row; me, Mom and Thirdy on the second; and Tita Mercy, Jam and Jovel on the third, we headed off to adventures along the shores of Manila bay.

It was a double treat last Friday: Dad's birthday and Tita Mimi's welcome back celebration. Horrah for birthdays with holidays. Dad was born on Bonifacio day. He was supposed to be named after Andres Bonifacio, but because the typist was paying attention to my dad's birth certificate, he (or she) typed Andri instead of Andre. Good job typist. [/sarcasm]

Tita Mimi came from a three-month working experience in Maldives as a spa manager. She arrived last Thursday and was craving for any dish with pork. :)) Maldives is a Muslim country; thus, pork is prohibited on dinner tables.

Half of the Pitargue family drove to Harbor Square in Manila for lunch. Tita Mimi did a story telling of her three-month stay while we just focused on the food. By the time we were done, she was just starting her meal.

(1) the bamboo dancers (2) that's part 1 of 10000 of Tita's story

Tita was halfway (or so I thought) done with her story-telling when some of us decided to take a walk outside. More cam whoring from the cousins. Can't blame us, when there's a camera around, we all go crazy. We're a bunch of wackos.

(3) We weren't supposed to go beyond the chains, but Jovel wanted to be little ms. devious. We got scolded by manong guard "Ne, Ne, bawal diyan" =)) (4) fooling around

See the resemblance. That's the Reyes-Pitargue genes in our blood!

(5) the second generation (6) with Tita Mimi, Tita Mercy and Lola Bibing

Since we were out already, and a few blocks away from the famous M/V Doulos, we went to check it out. (Giddy bookworm in me coming right up!) We left our grandparents in Tita's house in Makati because there was no way they would be able to climb those stairs. Doulos robbed me again of my dear salary.

(7) come on, tama na pictures! (8) race you to the books! HAH! *grabs a basket*

Jovel has this love relationship with trashcans. I dunno why. Showing Exhibit A of Case Nutheads.

(11) Exhibit A-1: Harbor Square (12) Exhibit A-2: M/V Doulos (13) Exhibit A-3: Jam decides that it's a cool place to be (14) Exhibit A-4: Me and Bimboy realizing that trashcans are love.

I'll have myself robbed again because I'm going back before they leave on December 23. :))

Dinner was served back in Tita's house, where we did our last batch of camwhoring. Even before we left the house, Thirdy kept on clicking. Walang patawad!

I nenoked all pictures from Thirdy who bought a spankin' new camera. :)) Thanks lots. :P WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Be Enchanted

>> Wednesday, November 28, 2007

(A Capella, Giselle)
How does she know you love her?
How does she know she's yours?
(Marlon Saunders - Calypso Singer)
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show her you love her?
How does she know that you really really truly love her?
How does she know that you love her?
How do you show that you love her?
How does she know that you really really truly love her?
It's not enough to take the one you love granted
You must remind her or she'll be inclined to say
"How do I know he loves me?
How do I know he's mine?"

Well does he leave a little note to tell you you are on his mind?
Send you yellow flowers when the sky is grey?
He'll find a new way to show you a little bit every day
That's how you know
That's how you know he's your love

(Calypso Singer)
You got to show her you need her
Don't treat her like a mind reader
Each little something to lead her to believe you love her

Everybody wants to live happily ever after
Everybody wants to know their true love is true
How do you know he loves you?
How do you know he's yours?

Well does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?
Dedicate a song with words meant just for you?
He'll find his own way to tell you with the little things he'll do
That's how you know
That's how you know he's your love
He's your love

That's how you he loves you
That's how you know it's true

Because he'll wear your favorite color just so he can match your eyes
Plan a private picnic by the fire's glow
His heart will be yours forever
Something everday will show
That's how you know (x5)
That's how you know he's your love
That's how you know
That's how you know he's your love

"We all need fairy tales in our lives." That's what I learned from church months ago. Even in reality, fairy tales do come true. It may not be a Disney type of "happily ever after," but at least we can still dwell upon modern-day prince charmings who open their eyes to the love and beauty around them.

Enchanted brings animation to reality. With references from famous Disney cartoons such as Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella, adults will start to reminisce their childhood. It also sets the difference of reality love and fairy tale love. A princess realizes that love isn't just a one-day thing, but a feeling a person has to learn by spending time with a person.

Five stars for the story.
Five stars for the LSS songs.
Five stars for keeping the essence of fairy tales.
Five stars for keeping true love.
Five stars for hotness: McDreamy and Corny Collins. :P
Five stars for evilness.
Five stars for princesses.
Five stars for Pip the chipmunk!
Six stars for Disney.

WATCH WATCH! I'm so giddy, I can't write properly.


Riddle me this, riddle me that

>> Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm rereading The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's the book I can read without going back to the previous paragraphs. Ahaha, maybe it's just me, Tolkien's Trilogy is so compact, skimming isn't an option. Great details need great attention. I can't read the trilogy when I'm in the MRT. I think The Hobbit is for light reading, while the trilogy is for a sit-down kind of reading.

I'm past the goblins' lair and is now in Gollum's cave. The exchange of riddles is one of my favorite parts in the story because it allows the reader to join the game. The riddles got me thinking too.

Can you guess the answers? No peeking in your books! :P

1. What has roots as nobody sees,
Is taller than trees
Up, up it goes,
And yet it never grows?

2. Thirty white horses on a red hill,
Firs they champ,
Then they stamp,
Then they stand still.

3. Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

4. An eye in the blue face
Saw an eye in the green face
"That eye is like to this eye"
Said the first eye,
"But in low place,
Not in high place."

5. It cannot be seen, cannot be felt,
Cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.
It lies behind stars and under hills,
And empty holes it fills.
It comes first and follows after,
Ends life, kills laughter.

6. A box without hinges, key or lid.
Yet golden treasure is hid.

7. Alive without breath,
As cold as death;
Never thirsty, ever drinking,
All in mail never clinking.

8. This thing all things devours;
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal'
Slays kings, ruins towns
And beats high mountains down.

9. What have I got in my pocket?

You're a Tolkien geek if you know the answer to number 9? :P

1. mountain 2. teeth 3. wind 4. sun on the daisies 5. dark 6. "Eggses it is!" :P 7. fish 8. time 9. "My birthday present!"


Sing Silently

>> Friday, November 23, 2007

Mimes are one of the best actors in the theater industry. They only have to rely on their facial and body expressions to relay a message. One cannot use his voice to show anger, sadness, or happiness.

Cerz showed me this video weeks ago when we were in Subic. The video she showed was short, so I searched for a full version online.

Meet Johan Lippowitz (real name David Armand), a mime famous for his interpretation of the song "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia. He's really good at it, he was invited to perform it along with Natalie. Natalie was such a cool sport, she even learned the actions and mimed along with Johan on stage.

Here's another song, "Wherever I Lay My Hat Thats My Home" by Paul Young.

I've been watching these videos over and over again and they never fail to make me laugh.


Curly Hair

>> Thursday, November 22, 2007

VH1.com Blog

I'm sorry, but I'm one of those who'd loooove to run our fingers through your hair. Springy boing boing curly.


Let It Snow

>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wishing for a White Christmas this December?

The Galileo Enrichment Learning Program presents another Excellent Educational and Enrichment event!

click for a larger picture.

Have a Scoop of Christmas!
December 21, 2007

7:30 PM
At the Nestle Creamery,
Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City

If you're 3-12 years old, you are invited to come!
No need to break that piggy bank because admission is free!
Fun games and activities are in store for all kiddie participants.

For more information, call our mind warehouse at 895.8095
or email us at info@galileoenrichment.com



Sail Back To Manila!

OMG. DOULOS IS COMING BACK TO MANILA. I emailed them a few days back, inquiring if they will be open to the public. I got a reply a few minutes ago, and here's what they said.

Hi Naomi
Yes, Doulos is on its way back by November 30 to December 23. (Closed Dec 10)

Book Fair opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 10am - 9pm
Sunday & Monday: 2pm – 9pm
Closed on Monday Dec 10, 2007 only

Entrance fee: P10

Children under 16 are free of charge, but need to be accompanied by parents or guardians

Thank you for your interest, hope to see you onboard.


OHMAYGHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Must make tipid in time for Doulos. I don't care if I don't get that Starbucks planner. I LOVE YOU DOULOS!!!


marry me a little

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is the most appropriate love song I've ever seen. It's not the "I'm all yours" type of song. It gives a certain distance, an ample amount of respect and dedication to the partner.

Marry Me A Little
sung by John Barrowman
by Stephen Sondheim
from the musical The Company

Marry me a little
Love me just enough
Cry but not too often
Play but not too rough
Keep a tender distance
So we'll both be free
That's the way it ought to be
I'm ready

Marry me a little
Do it with a will
Make a few demands
I'm able to fulfill
Want me more than others
Not exclusively
That's the way it oughta be
I'm ready
I'm ready now

You can be my best friend
I can be your right arm
We'll go through a fight or two
No harm, no harm
We'll look not too deep
We'll go not too far
We won't have to give up a thing
We'll stay who we are
Right? ok then
I'm ready
I'm ready now

Someone marry me a little
Love me just enough
Warm and sweet and easy
Just the simple stuff
Keep a tender distance
So we'll both be free
That's the way it oughta be
I'm ready
I'm ready

Marry me a little
Body, heart, and soul
Passionate as hell
But always in control
Want me first and foremost
Keep me company
That's the way it oughta be
I'm ready
I'm ready now

Oh how gently we'll talk
Oh how softly we'll tred
All the stings, the ugly things
We'll keep unsaid
We'll build a cocoon
Of love and respect
You promise whatever you like
I'll never collect
Right? ok then
I'm ready
I'm ready now
I'm ready


Glorious Quest: A Traveler's Story

>> Monday, November 12, 2007

Enter an adventure. A journey from the East to the West and from the West to the East.

How will you take on the journey?
By plane, by train, by ship?
With the feet, or with the heart?
To where? For what?

Let's find out in the event experience of
GLORIOUS QUEST: A Traveler's Story

A Musical Experience by Robert Sena, Isay Alvarez, Nhellie, Goya Bulahan, Raymond Lauchengco, Meridian Kids, and Kultur Klub Singers

A Global Village Anniversary Presentation of Creative Futures
on November 17, 2007 Saturday 7:30pm
at The Convenarium, Crossroad 77

tickets at P200
for ticket inquiries, call the C-Futures office: 374-4822


home away from home

>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

Casa San Pablo is located in the heart of San Pablo. The owner, Boots Alcantara, doesn't want to call the place a resort. It's a bed and breakfast experience. I call it a mixture of home and art.

Last week, the Galileo team went to Casa San Pablo for a team-building seminar. As soon as we got out of the van, the first thing I noticed was the swimming pool. My heart melts every time my eyes see a clean pool. It had a spectacular view of nature. Trees and plants surrounded the pool. There was a small bridge that went over a river and connected to the main place.

If there's one place you would want to unwind from the stresses of Manila life, this is the place to be. It's your home away from home, a total Filipino paradise. An overnight stay includes three scrumptious meals and a cozy bed set in a Filipino setting. Each room looks like a play house. Room 6 -- the room where most of us stayed in -- was a small room. It was designed it a way that it wouldn't look small because believe it or not, we were able to fit in seven people without feeling crowded. Each room has two baths and toilets with running hot water. The windows are old style: made of wood and you close it by sliding slabs of the window from side to side. Ventilation is not a problem because there are two airconditioning devices per room. Everywhere you look, there is wood. Wooden cabinets. Wooden doors. Wooden beds. Wooden stairs. Wooden walls. Cozy indeed.

One thing I don't like about going out of town is the problem of food. Whenever a family would prepare for a trip, half of the van will be filled with pans and marinated food. Casa San Pablo promises a paradise, and they included the food in the package. The meals are provided on set times, and all you have to do is to show up in the dining area. The food is set on a buffet style, which means is that you can eat to your heart's desire. There is an overflowing supply of food and all meals represent the food pyramid. There is a healthy supply of meat, vegetables, dessert and fruits. Your mouth will water just by the sight of it. I think I gained two pounds with all the food I ate. I can't pinpoint a favorite dish because every single dish they placed on the food is delicious. You'll really take a second shot after your first plate is emptied.

Nature is everywhere, even in the rooms. The flowers are freshly picked from their own garden, and there is at least one living flower in each room. We were so amazed, we kept on touching the flower. "Totoo ba yan?" ("Is it real?") we asked ourselves. We looked like ignoramuses (Is there such a word as ignoramuses?) because it seemed that it was the first time that we have seen a flower inside a room. I guess it's because of the plastic plants and flowers sold in Manila. Manila people are too rushed to even 'stop and smell the flowers.' They even placed books and magazines inside rooms. Nonfiction books, poetry readings, and magazines are stacked on tables. You can take out a book, stay in a hammock, and read under the sky. You're gonna feel like you're Frodo on the first scene of Fellowship of the Ring. Your back against the tree, book in hand, grass tickling your feet, gently breeze blowing on your face.

If lazing around all day is not your entirely your thing, they have other activities to keep you occupied. They have a half-court for basketball, badminton/volleyball court, a swimming pool (I have mentioned this already, and I can mention it again. haha), and a tennis court. They also allow budding photographers, painters, and musicians to visit the place. The place holds small recitals for classical instruments. They sometimes hold mini concerts when they have 50 or more guests. Painters such as the famous Malang and the Saturday group hold painting sessions in Casa San Pablo. I was inspired by the paintings on the walls, that I took an attempt to illustrate one of the places there. I'm not really a painter or something, but the place is just so beautiful that it inspired me to draw. When we were there, there was a group of photographers who were all over the place, clicking here and there. I wanted to snag one of their cameras because it was so cool. I bet it could produce very swanky shots of the place. I only had my camera phone which could only take pictures on a 1-point-something-megapixel-quality. The pictures only came out pretty when they were on sepia mode.

Anyway, moving on to the place. It's really a home because it's really land owned by the family. Majority of the hectares and hectares of land belongs to the family and is restricted to the guests (though they don't have fences to tell you that it's restricted. The only landmark we have is Boots' mom's house, which is just meters away from the dining area). So once in a while, the mom would visit the dining area to mingle with the guests. Even Boots welcomes new guests. They're really hands on, and you'll see how dedicated they are in putting love in a peaceful place.

They're open to companies and families. To ensure the crowd control, they only allow pre-booked reservations. They don't allow walk-ins. You can check out their website for more pictures and descriptions of each facility. I fell in love with the place the first time I saw it. I promise you, it's the best place to relax and be one with nature. It's your home away from home.

Visit them at www.casasanpablo.com


Master, Mission, Mate

>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Regi and I talked about the three Ms when I was in high school. I didn't understand it much before because I was still into cartoons and adjusting to high school. It was only a few months back where I really dug deep and reflected upon it. It was brought up in church and I realized that I'm in (or should be) that phase of 'maturity'.

I'm in for the spontaneity of life, but as much as possible I want to play by the rules. If there's one thing I would follow, it would be the three Ms. It's the perfect test of patience and trust of God's own time.

The three Ms: Master, Mission, Mate (or three Cs for those who are called for celibacy: Creator, Calling, Community). There's nothing religious about it, I tell you. It's a simple understanding that when followed, everything falls into place and symmetry. It's the perfect journey for a traveler called for a glorious quest.

1. Relationship with the Master - God first. Whether in a family, in school or in the workplace, God should always be first.

2. Mission - For me, Calling is more appropriate or more understandable. The calling is what you are tasked to do to carry on God's work. It becomes your responsibility and your life devotion. Your calling is the ultimate venue to be excellent. Be a champion in the game to be a champion in life (Motto of More Than Medals).

3. Mate - The mate or your partner will never or should never be the first in line. Think of it on the practical side: if you don't have a stable job, how will you be able to carry on with a relationship. You can't just be dependent on your partner all the time, he/she has his own mouth to feed, too. How will you two grow if the first two Ms aren't in a relationship?

It's not a high school romance anymore. I think of the future and a life-time goal. I don't mind waiting till someone comes around and I don't expect a fairy tale story.

Celina once asked me, "Why don't you have a boyfriend yet?" I told her I wasn't ready. Honestly, I'm not even past the first M. I owe God a lot of devotions. I've strayed away and make excuses for not giving at least 5 minutes for quiet time or something. I only learn during Sundays, where there are a lot of other opportunities, such as the Yuppies' (Young Adults) Gathering every other Friday. Liza and Joy keep in inviting me, and I keep on saying "No."

What more in my work. It's noticeable that I'm going through a decline in interest in work. I'm supposed to love it. A year ago, I keep on telling people that I got a job related to my course. It has been very helpful to me. My only problem is that it's becoming a routine and my brain juices are squeezed out of ideas. I'm decided that I'll go back to school next year. It may be an uphill climb in learning, but I still need the ropes to pull me up. I feel that I'm pulling myself down.

Right now, I'm still fixing the first two Ms. Edlyn and cerz dubbed me as a mean girl. It's true, for now. Finding someone isn't my priority. I'm tied to more important things. I always need to be reminded of the three Ms, when I get frustrated of whatever fate I'm experiencing. I shouldn't be in a hurry. It's not yet my time.


trick or treat

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

there's a preschool at the third floor of our office building. last friday, the children did a door-to-door trick or treating for halloween. a particular kid caught my eye. he was wearing a captain hook costume, complete with a hook attached to his right hand. he didn't look evil to be playing a villain. he's the most adorable and cute villain i have ever seen. he even said "thank you" in a shy manner after we dropped candies in his pumpkin basket. i managed to take a picture of him, though i wasn't able to ask for his name.

arrr, my candies
motorola v3i
october 26 2007



>> Friday, October 26, 2007

i may have posted this a thousand times, but i can't get over it. i've watched this a million times already, but i am always awed at his talent.

he plays the drums since he can't have the corrs to sing canto alla vita in every concert.

it's the third time i've watched this today. i love how his eyes twinkle during close-ups. if i can just scream and cheer after every time the video ends, i will do it. i just might get kicked out of the office room for creating a josh groban racket. hahaha



>> Thursday, October 25, 2007

-- names in your inbox cellphone?
how many names? there a lot. i don't want to type all of them here.

-- your main ringtone?
we get along by the bloomfields. it's the only song that has an intro with a bang. :P

-- what u did at 12 last night?
stare at my computer and think of the outline for c-futures

-- who was the last person/s u went out with? where?
chino. supah-bowl with supah-food

-- the color of the t-shirt you're wearing now?
brown with pale pink stripes

-- the last thing u did ?
ate chocnut.

-- 3 of your favorite items.
my notebook from fully booked. my optical goggles. my phone.

-- How's life?
bothering. =)) interesting actually.

-- Who is/are your bestfriend/s?
helga, margaret, cheson =)) go figure.

-- what will you do next week?
revise a script. sleep. sleep. go to the province. BEAAAAAACCCHHH!!!

-- when was the last time u saw your mom?
this morning?

-- where is she now..?
at home.

-- When was the last time you talked to your parents?
this morning.

-- who is the last person that texted you?

-- where did u have your dinner last night?
supposedly at the e-lounge. sa house nalang.

-- the last surprise u've got?
some shocking surprise.

- - What do you feel now?

-- What do you order at McDo?
anything that i feel like eating. but fries should always be present

-- The last time you felt so sad?
last sunday was the worst.

-- What is your wish for tomorrow?
that i don't feel lazy and finish what i'm supposed to do.


little drummer boy

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the first time i heard 'little drummer boy' on josh groban's christmas album, i quickly fell in love with it. i've known the song since i was a kid and this new arrangement made it feel that it was a new song that i had to learn. i keep on telling people that the drum arrangement is brilliant, resounding rhythmically in the background.

i was wrong. DEAD WRONG.

it wasn't just a set of drums. it was a guitar playing. seriously, listen to it again. the genius behind this amazing musicality is andy mckee. i've seen him play on YouTube (that's where josh discovered him too!) and he's such a talented person.

thank heavens for youtube, this guy was discovered by josh groban and is part of his album.

cool guitarist + great arrangement = added points to my favorite christmas song!

thanks to the grobanites for the youtube link to josh's interview about his christmas album. buy the album guys. i tell you, it's really worth it. groban fan or not, it's a good buy.



>> Monday, October 22, 2007

that umbrella song is so famous, even josh groban sang it during his manila concert.


stroke, kick, swim, and LEARN

>> Thursday, October 18, 2007

I saw this entry by Andrew M.C. Guitarte in the Magis book edited by Queena Lee-Chua. It talks about his reflections in triathlon. I was inspired by this non-fic essay that I decided to make one for swimming. I thought of it while I was doing my regular laps last Friday. So, here it goes.

Stroke and Kick

i had a bad start at swimming. when i was around 7, my family and i went on a vacation with our family friends. we rented out a private pool and all the kids went rushing to the waters. i already knew how to float and i bragged that i can brave the deep end of the pool.

i jumped into the deep end (silly me) and found myself gasping for air. so much for bragging rights. my friend pulled me to the shallow end. i cried like hell. i was so embarrassed, my ego drowned and wasn't saved. poor little me.

i vowed never to swim again, until high school. we had mandatory swimming classes and i had to swim again. eventually, i joined the swimming club and was a member for two years.

swimming has been my known sport. i watch tennis. i took up badminton and table tennis for pe; but it is swimming that is always close to my heart.

i was overjoyed when planet infinity opened memberships for their swimming pool. i swim at least once a week, to keep my heart healthy. i have to admit, i'm on this age where people talk about health and exercise. it's the season of taking care of my health and body. swimming is one of the best sports that tones all parts of the body.

every swimming day is a moment of reflection. my mind still races with my pace as i do my strokes. my body is exercises, so is my brain. i've learned some things that keeps me going, every time i visit the pool.

1. count the laps, not the minutes
my first goal was to swim for an hour. i kept on looking at the large clock on the wall every lap, that it seemed too long to reach one hour. it became boring and taxing to wait for the minutes to pass that i only did less than 20 laps. counting the laps forgets the time, the next thing you know, you're swimming for more than an hour already. it also adds to your bragging rights that you did 50 or so laps in an hour, without really thinking about it.

2. get even
count your laps in even numbers. i do it in tens because it's easy to track the number of laps i do. if you want to practice your multiplication skills, do it in sixes or in fourteens. it depends on you, just do it in even numbers. that way, you return to the side where you once started. it's easier to remember.

3. it's all about sets
another mathematical way. after counting in even numbers, group them into sets. i do six sets with ten laps each set. that way, i can forget about the first ten laps when i'm into my second set. what if you lose count in the 49th count? where do you start? at least you can back track to the latest set you did. it's easier to count sets than 40+ laps.

4. give it a go(al)
promise yourself a number of laps (choose a reasonable number, don't promise yourself 100 laps if you can't do a hundred) and stick to it. no matter how lazy and tired you should be, make sure you stick to your goal. i promise you, it'll be fulfilling if you finish your set. it's not just about keeping fit, but also being disciplined in your training.

5. don't cheat
for heaven's sake, don't cheat. if you lost count, go back to zero (or to the first number of your new set). be sure of your lap counts. the word "maybe" isn't acceptable. "maybe i did five." no, don't say that. it has to be a sure five. if
you can't remember, go back to the number that you are really sure. don't let God do a parting of the red sea to tell you that you're not keeping your goals straight.

6. do it gradually
if you're a first time swimmer, don't do sprints right away or push yourself to 70 laps without stopping. start with ten. if you feel your heart's gonna pop out of your body, stop. you own your body and you should know its limitations. add to it when you feel comfortable with ten laps. increase difficulty when it becomes comfortable.

7. don't skip a beat
unlike gyms, swimmers don't have the privilege of having an ipod during training. you're lucky if your pool area comes with speakers to provide music. music is actually helpful because it can determine your pacing. since i can't afford those waterproof mp3s (or the ipod shuffle modified for swimming, complete with earphones that also serve as plugs), i found a way to keep myself amused while in the pool. hours before swimming, i drown myself with one song. i prefer an upbeat song to hasten my pace. i make sure that it will give me the LSS and make me sing it subconsciously. when i'm in the pool, my mind races with the beat and my body catches up. it also keeps me entertained. if you can LSS yourself with more than 3 songs, better.

8. love little miss muffet
remember the nursery rhyme little miss muffet? there's a line there that says, "eating her curds and WHEY." whey is a source of protein. it is in powder form and can be mixed with anything. most gyms spike their shakes and smoothies with whey. it provides muscle development.

swimming is not just a sport. the pool is a venue to test discipline, values, and attitudes. it is a place for life reflections, where not only the body is toned, but also the character.



>> Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i noticed that i've been posting about josh groban in all my other blogs except blogspot. i'm sorry blogspot, i forgot about you.

josh groban arrived last monday, 7 pm manila time. excited to stage his only asian show, josh showed his face, all smiles and ready to rock philippine grounds.

yesterday, he dropped by the inauguration of MTV philippines. he's also featured today on the philippine daily inquirer.

just look at the sun-shiny smile.

his yellow shirt compliments my orange blog. mwehehe


God's orange skies

>> Saturday, October 13, 2007

taken two days ago, from our office rooftop. i work on the penthouse of goodwill corporate center. the view was just spectacular from the rooftop. i just had to take a shot.

God's Orange Skies

deviant art was able to detect the settings of the camera i used. i'm going to post it, it makes me feel like a real photographer, even for a day.

Make: SONY
Model: DSC-V3
Shutter Speed: 10/1250 second
F Number: F/4.0
Focal Length: 23 mm
ISO Speed: 160


you think math is boring?

>> Tuesday, October 09, 2007

math ain't boring!

learn the secrets to mathematical problems!

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program brings you another Excellent, Educational, Enrichment Event!

click for a larger image

with Scott Lee-Chua

Sunday, October 28, 2007
10:30 am
Powerbooks Live, Greenbelt 4

Tickets at P150
For ages 6 to 66 only
Limited seats only so grab a ticket now
Tickets will NOT be sold at the entrance

for ticket inquiries, call our mind warehouse:
895.2509 or visit:


chasing chickens

>> Monday, October 08, 2007

i was busy talking to martha via ym and doing my personal project when i heard something that didn't belong in our garden.

chicken clucking.

i ran to the window and saw three chickens running frantically around the tennis court and the garden, trying to get away from my parents.

i hollered, "what the hell are three chickens doing in our garden?"

mom shouted, "i don't know. get down here!"

i went down to see the commotion. mom thrusted a walis tingting to my hands. "chase them out of my garden!"

dad held a stick and tapped it on the ground like a blind man. the tapping sound alerted the chickens, causing them to run away from him. i wagged the walis tingting, pushing their way towards the gate. mom just kept on screaming, "sa gate!! SA GAAAAATEE!!!"

one chicken tried to fit itself through the mesh fence. it only got his head through it. one chicken ran around the trees. the other just kept on running back and forth on the tennis court. the tennis court chicken was dad's project. he got his own jogging session right there. he even gathered rotten rambutan to throw at the chicken. don't worry animal rights advocates, the chicken was unharmed.

i managed to chase one out of the gate (i think the "hey chikie-chiken" call worked. or not). the tennis court chicken flew over the bodega. the other was no where to be found.

5 minutes of running and screaming. that's a cheap way of exercise. if we had a dog, the dog would do the job for us. maybe even provide our dinner for the night.



answers are not serious. SERIOUS? try to take my answers seriously. i'm gonna laugh.

1. real name - do i have to? it's yumi ading bading sabaw to the nth power
2. like it – yeah, it's who i am.
3. single or taken - taken by work, single if you want to be emo about it
4. zodiac sign- go figure it out. it's in july
5. male or female - oh wow, i must be a beautiful male
6. elementary - the name of the school is the same as the thing that you plant into the ground and grows into a plant or a tree
7. high school - holy mamaw (holy ghost)
8. college - this i'm proud of. ateneo de manila university (hey, this is true)
9. eye color - i wish it were red
10. hair color – i'll try dying it red next time
15. are you a health freak - i am healty. i am a freak. maybe if you put them together it'll be me.
16. height - i love the number 5.
17. do you have a crush on someone - who doesn't? come on.
18. do you like yourself - you can't like others if you don't like yourself in the first place. (trying hard to philosophize)
19. piercings – pierce my heart with pain and agony (right.)
20. tattoos - i write on my arms when i'm bored.
21. righty or lefty - tighty, righty.

22. first surgery - on the tooth. minor.
23. first piercings - check out my ears. i'm a deviant at a young age.
24. first best friend - she's now studying in csb. we do keep in touch, but we're not that close anymore, ever since she changed schools.
26. first sport - running around the living room
27. first pet - a caterpillar named harry
28. first vacation - everyday is a vacation for me
30. first crush - i think it was ariel rivera. (hit me hard)

49. eating - dipping oreo in milk
50. drinking - i drink milk
51. about to - finish this personal project
52. listening to - the birds from a distance
53. waiting for - my brain to function
54. wearing - decent wear, but not fashionable. (hello a pink shirt on a black and red plaid shorts. it's an ugly betty hit)
56. want to get married - wants are different from needs
67. careers in mind - mentor

68. lips or eyes - eyes.
69. hugs or kisses - hugs
70. shorter or taller - hello taller. i'm short already to begin with
71. tan skinned or light skin - more melanin, less prone to skin cancer
72. romantic or spontaneous - a little of both.
73. dark or light hair - as long as it's not dyed for heaven's sake
74. muscular or normal - not too bulky. rock hard abs are not fun to hug.
75. hook-up or relationship - i'm not a four letter word that rhymes with chut. (courtesy of kyle xy)
76. similar to you or different - similar and different. it'll be scary if everything about him is similar to me.

78. kissed a stranger - in my dreams
80. broken a bone - i can break yours
81. climbed up a tree - yes. and got bitten by an army of red ants.
82. broken someones heart - oh that's easy.
83. turned someone down - y-e-s
84. liked a friend as more than a friend – am i going emo?

86. yourself - if i didn't, i would've killed myself by now
89. Santa Claus - darn, he must be really old. i wonder why he's not getting a heart attack, check out that belly.
90. kiss on the first date - a peck on the cheek is fine.
91. angels - you are one

92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? - i'd enumerate.
93. Do you hang out with these people? - soon. i haven't seen some of them.
94. Are you cool? - cool or hot? i'd go for warm.

95. Text message - it's from the marthakins
96. Received call - trish i think. that 15-minute call
97. Call made to - my boss
98. Comment on friendster - it's my helgalooo
99. Missed Call - can't remember. too lazy to check my phone.
100. Person you hung out with – mom and dad.
101. You hugged - mom
103. You talked to - martha
104. You slapped - the table. poor wooden thing.
105. Said I love you to - mom.



>> Thursday, October 04, 2007

by this time, i'm sure almost all of you know the line from desperate housewives that made a lot of filipino blood boil. watch this video if you haven't seen it.

i didn't feel offended. after the nursing leakage last year and the numerous doctors taking up nursing, i feel that that's the reputation we have earned. it's also partly our fault.

my friend vittorio wrote about it and i agree with everything he said. i'm posting your entry, donya, hope you don't mind. :P

So the Filipino community is fuming over this so-called racist line from Desperate Housewives. In this scene, Teri Hatcher's character is freaking out over the doctor's diagnosis that she is entering menopause.

Okay. Before we go any further, can I check those diplomas to make sure that they're not from some med school in the Philippines?

Bam! Fire the producers! Send the writers to Iraq! We want a public apology! Boycott ABC! Or was it CBS! Or NBC! I'm not sure! Crucify Teri Hatcher! Racists! I think it's Bravo TV! Imperialists! Capitalists! End the show! But please continue Heroes! Communists! Socialists! Hitler's children! Faggots! Jews! George Bush!


The character is freaking out. Of course she's supposed drop some incoherent bitchy line. What would you say if you learned that the counterfeit iPod you bought from Greenhills wasn't functioning? Of course: Hay nako, mga Muslim talaga! Mandaraya! Manloloko! Terorista! Or what if the fluorescent lamp you got from some little hardware store in Binondo didn't light up? Putang inang mga intsik yan! Talagang sila ang nag-imbento ng corruption! Or what if you smelled something spunky in the MRT? Bumbay!

The line was called for and appropriate given the context of the scene. It wouldn't have had the same comic impact if Teri's character blurted out Kenya or Northern Marianas. One point for camp Wisteria Lane!

People are insisting that it's an attack on the Philippine health care education sector. Please. The Philippine medical education system is more quack than Toilet Duck right now. There's a med and nursing school in every corner in the city. The number of students majoring in the health and allied sciences is bigger than the country's GDP.

Desperate Housewives writers: two. Angsty Filipinos: zero!

There's only one way for the TV network to deal with this PR crisis. They should just release a statement that the ex-husband of the mother of the manicurist of the neighbor of Teri Hatcher's personal assistant's maid's cousin's brother's ex-girlfriend is 1/16th Filipino. The protesters are going to love that. Pinoy Pride, y'all!

I'm sure this issue will die down soon. What, the show's producers and writers are going to issue an apology and cancel the show? Jeniffer Hudson winning a second Oscar is more likely to happen than that. I also heard that the overseas Filipino health workers are planning to stage a strike or protest or some Communist thing.

One word, people: Deport!

i'm also on the same sentiment as jace.

everyone's a little bit racist. just embrace it and move on. jeez. it's just a tv show.

funny how a sentence can break the ego of the country.


weirdness 101

>> Friday, September 28, 2007

yes, benny, i still read your blogspot (with the same reason: when i'm bored.)

lo and behond, i find this latest entry where you wrote a meme (WOW! how unlikely of you. ahaha kidding beanie) and i am tagged. i am great in procrastinating, thus i will go with this you-tagged-me type of meme.

"Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a list of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

i got tagged by shiela and edden by a similar meme. so i'll be merging these two. (feeling forums, merge threads!)

*The 8 facts about yourself, you share 8 things that your readers don't know about you. Then at the end, you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.
*Each blogger post these rules first.
*Each blogger must start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
*Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
*At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
*Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

number 1. i never watch uaap games even if i am a fan die-hard atenean. if there's one superstition that i'd believe, it would be about the uaap games. if i watch a lasalle-ateneo game on television, ateneo will lose. the only way of securing a winning game for my alma mater is that i watch it live. live in araneta, live wherever they are playing. and since i've never watched an ateneo-lasalle game in araneta (or even set foot on that coliseum), i've never seen a full eagle-archer rivalry game. i only get scoop from my friends from both camps, then watch a replay of the highlights on tv. i'm a sucker in that way.

number 2. benny thinks this is weird. i keep a lot of blogs. one in multiply, two here in blogspot, one in livejournal, and one in deviant art. HAHA. scrap out the deviant art, i rarely post there. and if i even do, i just copy paste from an entry i wrote here in blogspot. the other blogspot is my artwork dump which is not really a documentary of my everyday ramblings, but a storage area for all the photoshopped wallpapers and icons i have made. lj is the place for anything that is personal. i like livejournal because i can filter out the people who read my entries. i can choose who can read certain blog entries. multiply is anything random, mostly for the bloomfields audience. how do i maintain them? i don't know. maybe it's the cause of severe procrastination.

number 3. i am flexible (or i think i am). i can bend my thumb 90 degrees backwards. i can push my hand back more than 90 degrees. i can curl up in a tight ball and maybe fit a small glass box. i can do the close-open-close-open with my toes. maybe it's the 2-month ballet classes i took when i was seven years old.

number 4. i can be loud and quiet. i'm actually shy most of the time then warm up after a while. i sometimes have a difficult time keeping a conversation going, especially when i'm shy to ask questions. there are certain people whom i get along pretty well, then there are some that i feel detached. i know that they do no harm, but i feel that the ground will open up and eat me alive if ever i say something wrong or stupid. oh the paranoid side in me.

number 5. i have a green blanket that has been with me since i was small. it was given to me by my great grandfather. he bought it from baguio. i can't sleep soundly without it and i bring it everywhere (except when i visit a friend's house for a sleepover). the ends are fraying, but who cares, it's still in one piece. i just love to snuggle under my 'security blanket' especially when it's the cold and rainy season.

number 6. i am a deranged fan of josh groban. (uuy, it rhymes.) i'm sure almost everyone knows by now how much i like josh groban and his music. i've been posting a lot of him, especially that he's coming to the philippines on the 17th. i still don't have that doggone ticket. the cheapest available is 15k (i checked with ticketworld) and i only have 5k. HAHA so if anyone will be willing to shell out 10k more for the love of me, i'd give you um... a hug. haha not much of a deal? here's another one. if you are a smart infinity member, please do tell me. i'll use your privilege to get 2 vip tickets. damn, i really NEED those. please, for my effin' sake.

number 7. i am selfish when it comes to books. i don't like lending books because i'm scared that that person might misplace it or do something unholy to it. i really take care of my books and i value every single one, even if i bought them at a cheap store. i hate it when someone borrows the book and adds creases to the spine. don't you just hate it when they pull the book to the extremes, putting those horrible creases? i had one experience with that, and i went nuts when that person returned the book. mhen, i couldn't even see the title on the spine anymore. i wanted her to pay for my book. but she obviously couldn't afford books like that and she was studying in a public school, i let it pass. never ever again will i lend books to those who can't respect my books.

number 8. i am a high maintenance person when it comes to washrooms and bathrooms. i feel iffy when there's no clean bathroom around. i can manage to hold my bladder until i get a decent bathroom. i don't like muddy floors, mossy tiles, and sour-smelling toilets. it just scares the creep out of me. so whenever i go out, i don't drink that much so i won't have to bother looking for a washroom. i don't like public bathrooms too. i don't take long in a public bath (aka in beaches) because i feel violated. HAHAHA seriously. it's the first thing i notice too in a house. if a person can keep a bathroom clean, then he's one step closer to heavenly approval.

so there. 8 random (and weird) things about me. now i can tag you too benny, when i get another meme. i know that you fall for these kinds of surveys. haha

i tag: faith, andianka, thirdy, randi, sasha, pot, wowie, and YOU


my heart was home again

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

josh groban compensated for the tackiness of the set. red curtains on a blue set? oh camon, you gotta be kidding me. i wish they placed the musicians where they will be seen, not like moving statues hidden in the corners of the stage.

another thing wonderful about this show besides josh groban is the free cd they gave to each member of the audience. mhan, when will i ever experience that?

as josh's concert is nearing, i'm watching all possible videos of him on youtube. it's the closest i'll get to watching josh, if ever i don't get a coveted ticket to his PICC concert on october 18.

My Heart Was Home Again

So it goes, history shows
Deserts must expand
And camels sail like wooden ships
Like women on the strand

There's sand on Second Avenue
And the wind blows like a train
Taxis light up like a string of pearls
Around the block again

And I remembered everything
And every windowpane
Every word came back to me
The way it used to be

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again

There's a bus that leaves at eight fifteen
And another one at ten
Should I climb aboard, risk everything
And ride it to the end

Watch the hills like roller coasters
Up against the sky
And wish that you were here by me
So close that I could die

You said love wrecks everything
And none of us survive
So I got over you last night
And I am still alive

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again

And I remembered everything
And every windowpane
Every word came back to me
The way it used to be

Then I saw your face across the street
And my heart was home again.


nope, not today

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i got tagged by andianka, who is now under the evangelization of the bloomfields-mania (or is it just your mom?) haha

things that i hate don't like about... (yeah, hate is such a strong world. haha there still has to be some love in the world.

on food:
anything too slimy. oh, and for some weird reason, i don't like sushi. i've tried a thousand times -- ok, maybe just a couple of times -- but my taste buds never liked the feel of squishy raw meet in my mouth. it may be a psychological thing, or not. there's one sushi that i managed to eat (two slices too) and i forgot what it's called. i think it's the california maki. *shrug* feed me a bite size, and i'll flush it down my throat with a liter of iced tea.

on fruits:
i used to hate durian. however, i got warmed up by eating the durian candy, which is sweeter. now, i can tolerate the smell and the taste of durian; but definitely, i won't eat it as an everyday fruit. no siree. i can't think of a fruit that i don't like, or maybe i've forgotten about its name. haha

on veggies:
okra, ampalaya, gabi. i feel that gabi is white mud, and it'll slosh down my throat. then, clog my throat when it hardens. ampalaya, too bitter. i don't eat okra just because. oh, i prefer eating carrots raw than cooked. if it's cooked, i won't eat it. it feels and tastes like baby food.

on people:
people who are slow, who have BAD grammar, and who don't have manners. it pisses me off when people type in text language. hello, this is not the cellphone and you have all the space to type our your words. and please, stop mixing english and filipino words in a sentence, "dito na me. pwede po you makausap?" and please stop using "po" because it's getting overrated. use them if you're really talking to an older person. if it's just for pacute purposes, stop it. it's annoying.

manners too. simple manners such as putting the spoon and fork together after meals, letting a girl sit in a crowded bus, opening the door to an old person or a lady, and men staying at the danger side when crossing the street. simple courtesy rules. i don't expect everyone to know the encyclopedia of manners, just at least keep those that show respect.

on events, situations and incidents:
anything that concerns situations in politics. being 'balimbing'. whining about the government. blaming the president. don't put the blame on the president, you got a job to do on your own towns. she can't handle the whole philippines. that's why you're there, stoops.

tv shows, movies:
philippine tv. muwahaha. kidding. those shows that use dancing girls in skimpy wear and who give instant cash. aka wowowee. don't you notice, they're just making people look stupid. stupid questions, stupid answers. it's a sad state, people going crazy over a stupid show just to get money. and it's not even gonna ease poverty. give them jobs, give them education. that's real help, not cue some drama music while see them cry over how poor they are. that doesn't help you know.

on music:
metal rock bands. oops, sorry beanie. it's scary to listen to those kinds of music and the drums confuse my heartbeats. haha i'm on the mellow side of things, feel good music, and relaxing tones.

on household chores:
i can wash a thousand dishes, just don't let me sweep the floors. haha

things around the world:
billboards with wrong grammar and excessive apostrophes.

things about myself:
i procrastinate. A LOT. and when i'm not in the mood, i won't work. i won't force myself to work, i just pretend that i'm working. i also have a tendency to be lazy. hahahaha

enough procrastinating, i return to my worksheets. i tag whoever. i'm too lazy to think of people to tag. see, toldya i'm lazy.


red globes

>> Wednesday, September 19, 2007

please come to our forum: (click for a larger image)

Helping Kids Excel in School
A Seminar conducted by Dr. Queena Lee-Chua
October 6, 2007
830-1130 am
14/F Hotel InterCon Manila, Makati City

Tickets at P200

Each ticket entitles the participant to a Galileo loot bag and a chance to win an iPod, Motorola phone kit, amusement park tickets, membership cards, gift goodies and GCs.

For inquiries, call 895.8095

i cleaned my memory card yesterday because i bought a 1gb memory card for my phone. i saved all pictures and saw shot of a rambutan tree i took from my bedroom window.

ready for picking!

motorola v3i
sunny lighting conditions

full view at my deviant art.
new wallpaper additions to my dumy thy art blog. chekitawt.

and because i'm bored. this is for friendster. but i'm hard-headed so i'm posting it here. haha


1. Who took your default pic?
- jace did.

2. Exactly what are you wearing right now?
- a pink shirt. and a pair plaid shorts. haha i'm at home, so i don't care about making a fashion combination.

3. What is your current problem?
- my laziness

4. What makes you most happy?
- friends and things i have accomplished

5. What's the name of the song that you're listening to?
- now? none. but i'm singing cancer by my chemical romance

6. Do you like MTV?
- i watch, sometimes. but i don't like-like it.

7. Name something that annoys you about people?
- wrong grammar! text language! no table manners.


Chapter 1:

1. Nickname(s):
- yumi

2. Eye color?
- dark brown

3. Hair color?
- vlak


Chapter 2:

1. Do you live with your parent(s)?
- yeah, because i don't have any where else to stay. haha

2. Do you get along with your parent (s)?
- oo naman

3. Are your parents married/seperated/divorced?
- married for 22 years. more more more!

4. Do you have any siblings?
- nada. unless you count the numerous birds and snakes here. haha kidding on the latter.


Chapter 3:


1. Ice Cream:
- cheese!

2. Season:
- christmas

3. Book:
- olive's ocean by kevin henkes (he deserves a newberry medal! not just an honor! haha)

4. Band:
- band? the bloomfields

- anything edible, except...

6. Drink(s) (non alcoholic):
- real fruit juice and milk

7. Drink(s) (alcoholic):
- none?

8. Past Time?
- buying books. ahaha expensive past time

9. Pen color:
- black. :) when checking worksheets, orange. :)

10. Store?
- hmm.. cdr king! folded and hung, shapes for clothes


Chapter 4:


1.Write on your hand?
- sometimes. when i'm reallly bored.

2. Call people back?
- if it's really important

3. Believe in love?
- oo naman.

4. Sleep on a certain side of the bed?
- yeap. and with certain positions too.


Chapter 5:

Have You....

1. Broken a bone?
- nope. booo. haha

2. If ... where?
~ have you if where? is that a sentence?

3. Had physical therapy?
- nope.

4. Gotten surgery?
- minor tooth surgery? does that count?

5. Taken painkillers?
- just this morning. biogesic.

6. Are you gay?
- i'm happy! yes. but not gay, as in homo gay.

7. Stung by a bee?
- not yet.

8. Threw up in a doctors office?
- in the classroom, oo. hahahaha


Chapter 6:
Who/what was the last:

2. Person to text you?
- kakai.

3. Thing you touched?
- keyboard and my lampin full of snot. eheheeww.

5. Thing you said?
- yeah, i'm fine.

7. Person you hugged?
- mom

8. Person to call you?
- lemme seee... mom.

11. Last book you read?
- finished reading? "lady in the water" by m. night shyamalan

12. Time you cleaned your room?
- ooops.


dump thy art

>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

i made a new blog entitled, "dump thy art." it'll be the dump site for all the wallpapers i made. the wallpapers i submitted in deviant art were deleted because the admin said it was plagiarism. wtf, i know right. it's not like i claimed the pictures as my own or got a picture and completely said it was mine without altering it.

so because i am bitter about it and still pissed at their fakkoid rules, i deleted my other wallpapers. the only deviations i left are the photographs. fakkoid them if they still say that i plagiarized those pictures.

so anyway, ego hurt, time to move on. hahahaha i can't believe i'm on my second day of bickering about it. so shut up me now, i have found a better way to host my wallpapers.

so do visit dump thy art. don't mind the deviant art links on my other posts here in this blog. they're non-existent anymore, except for the photographs. wallpapers are now in my other blog. ok? all right!


josh groban singing bon jovi?

>> Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i'm currently recording josh songs from youtube. i came across a 38-second video that is worth your patience.

it's not a clear video, but you'll at least hear how josh groban impersonates bon jovi. he's such a hilarious guy, i looove him.

i was also able to rip a christmas song by josh, which will be released on december 2007. HAHAHAHAHA i have it already. i'll upload the songs in my multiply. but you have to be my contact to view the songs. :P

yes, i'm still desperate for josh groban tickets for his manila tour. if you are a smart infinity member and do not like josh groban, tell me. i'll use your smart privilege and get those free tickets. okay? ok.


of mustaches and videos

>> Saturday, September 08, 2007

you've seen the video. vote for it.

myx vote never let her slip away

send to 2366

did i just promote? omg. i did promote a video. first time. =))

actually, this is just an excuse to post a wallpaper for it.

drum picture by bambi bandong
the rest of the pictures are by kay hila

you know where to go to see the full version.

i'm hungry. i wonder what's edible in the fridge.


the history boys

>> Friday, September 07, 2007

"How do I define history? Well it's just one fucking bloody thing after another, isn't it?"

history boys is a film on a group of students vying for an enrollment spot at the prestigious oxford university. they plan on getting an undergrad degree in history, and earning the respect of the school. the boys are on the top of the batch, getting As and Bs on their cards. they hope that their good grades in grammar school would land them a ticket to oxford.

the boys enjoy their classes with hector, whose classes are filled with animated scenes from plays and old literature. they reenact scenes, sing songs, and discuss readings openly, with the basis of universal truth.

during the course of their review, the headmaster felix hires a new teacher, irwin to assist hector and the resident history teacher, mrs lintott, to prepare the boys. however, irwin's style clashes with lintott and hector, as he pushes for objectiveness over universal truth. is history really what is stated in the books? or is there more to what they have on man's written history. dull essays after dull essays, the boys finally get how to explore with words.

mrs lintott opens another argumentative opinion on history. history is not about men fighting, men being the rulers, men in wars, but about women in the backstage. it is the unnamed wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters who should be honored because they stand by their men, praying that they come home safely for their families.

"History is a commentary on the various and continuing incapabilities of men. What is history? History is women following behind with the bucket."

besides school, the boys face personal challenges. posner declares that he is attracted to dakin. dakin is having a relationship with felix's secretary. even irwin seems to be attracted to dakin. hector gives his students a hitch on his motorcycle once in a while, then touches them during stops. the boys, sometimes annoyed by the gesture, does not speak ill of hector. however, during one of the rides, a school guard notices hector, and reports the latter to the headmaster. dakin forces felix to reinstate hector, or else he would report the headmaster's malicious moves on the secretary.

the movie is a reflection on what goes on in the school lives of oxford candidates. you see that even during free periods, the boys talk about their lessons, discussing philosophy and art. they frequent the library and bask in thick books. however, education is not about facts, it's also about experiencing them outdoors. the boys take on trips with irwin, visiting historical places while having classes outdoors. they read history between the lines, and discuss the possibilities of the things not written in books. on the lighter side, the movie also changes the usual perception on nerds. it puts the "hot" on "nerds." hahaha

"the best moments of reading are when you come across something that you'd thought special to you. it's as if a hand has come out and taken yours."

good education lies in the hands of the teachers. they help the students open their mind portals, allowing them experience the possibilities of what the mind can comprehend.

"Pass the parcel. That's sometimes all you can do. Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on."

teachers inspire. students learn. then when they grow up, they take the place of the teachers, being inspiring mentors to the next batch of learners. each of the history boys follow the path they were destined to take, each being a part of history.

the movie is so british, i kinda got caught up in the british accent. lockwood looks like a member of the beatles. dakin has the sheepish eyes of john mccartney. and they're all so damn cute. hahaha british accent is love.

lockwood is the one with the peace sign and over ten buttons on his coat. dakin stands on the right.

there, i didn't put too much fan girl-ish sentences, benny. i promised to keep it as informative and as reflective as possible because you read my blog. yeeee. special mention. hahahahaha


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