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the yellow shirts stand victorious

>> Monday, December 11, 2006

we welcome the first philippine idol, mau marcelo. congratulations!

i'm really disappointed with the turn-out of the competition. as hyped as american idol was and is, i was expecting the same for philippine idol. but when i watched the weekend performance, the place wasn't even 3/4 full. large tarps of the idols filled the bleachers, and not screaming fans. general admission was deserted. the fans were scattered.

and the sound system? a great big flop.

anyway, the big three deserve to be the big three. i wouldn't mind if gian would win, or jan or mau, because the three of them are worthy to become the first philippine idol.

the jan advantage: his sex appeal is just too tasty. i didn't like him at first because of his mouth placement and shaky vibrato. however, in the duration of the competition, he has improved a lot, both in terms of vocals and stage presence. his raw talent earned him the screaming blue fans at the upper and lower boxes.
the jan disadvantage: the rumors about his parents. i won't talk about it.

the gian advantage: total package of a performer. his theatrical background taught him how to move on stage, the proper gestures for his songs, and his choice of songs. he has this smile on his face that is just irresistible.
the gian disadvantage: the ex-girlfriend that caused his emo-ness. WHO CAN EVER LET GO OF A GIAN MAGDANGAL? (ehe. fangirl scream. chos. scream with me kakai!)

the mau advantage: she's a damn good diva. her voice is powerful and full. winning numerous singing contests has given her the confidence and the aura to become a singer.
the mau disadvantage: her image is not for an international level. i hope she improves on her english and her choice of clothing. people will still look for star-quality in a singer. mau will need it a lot.

last night's performances were better than last saturday. i didn't like the sound system at all, which caused me to fall asleep during mau's last performance. ehe, sorry. anyway, i kept myself awake all throughout the "concert" last night. and i loved it.

i enjoyed all performances. i was just bothered to the "boy toy" shirts of drae, reymond and ken when they sang with the sex bomb. it was too much. hehe

the best part was when the top 12 sang the compositions of mr c. miguel's song was good, and the lyrics was appropriate for him. :) they all look stunning in their gowns. jelli is a model material. she can carry herself well. apple's dress looked like she nicked it from a 6-year old flower girl. ehehe.

the competition is over, and mau is now our representative for the asian/world idol. congratulations and don't let the philippines down!

and to end this post, i made a video for josh groban's new song, lullaby. i wanted it to be purely african, but i couldn't find enough pictures. :) i'm damn proud of it.


sadie's mom 2:05 PM  

the gian disadvantage: the ex-girlfriend that caused his emo-ness.


He's still so in love with her. The Friendster "About Me" says it all

yawmee 2:10 PM  

haay. malaking sabit yon.

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