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"we are evil. therefore, we will not enter the kingdom of God"

>> Sunday, December 03, 2006

middle finger. the gesture may be obscene, especially to adults, but this gesture is beginning to be an every day expression for the young generation. it may be a sign of frustration, a sign of anger, or a joke. it may also be simply a finger up, just like as you put up any other finger.

i watched Tanghalang Ateneo's production of "middle finger po" yesterday. it was about the frustrations of students studying in a catholic school where every thing has to be followed by the book. i share some of the sentiments because i myself came from a catholic high school. hair has to be this long, socks should be up to this certain height, shoes should not have heels, a chemise should be worn under the uniform, etc, etc. you're bombarded with the doctrines and lives of the saints and sometimes you feel that you're far from being a saint yourself. some students give up on the pressure and go the other way. they become the deliquents or the bad influences of the school community.

middle finger touches on what happens to the students outside the classroom. what they do when they're absent, when they're truant, when they have family problems, when they're horny, when they're entering their puberty, when they have crushes, when their teacher picks on them, and when their hair grow long.

the play is as shocking as reality. you never know who among your friends is keeping porn cards in their bags, or who is addicted to video games. teachers don't trust their students that much anymore. when a student writes a beautifully written essay on life and mystery, the teacher would think that they copied from a book or someone else did wrote it for them. have the students become that bad for the teachers to lose their trust? or maybe the students have lost hope that they will never be a good citizen and will remain a headache to society? i sense a middle finger rising now.

when you reach a snake's head, you go down the board. ladders, you go up. that's the concept of middle finger's stage, thanks to the explanation of reamur. you do a bad thing, you get punished. you do good, you are complimented. the students find it difficult to climb the ladder, and they find themselves sliding down to the lower numbered boxes. everything is separated by a wired fence. you can poke your arm to reach what you want, but you can never get it until you climb a ladder.

middle finger is not for the young, a level of maturity and understanding is needed to see beyond the butt and underwear exposures (mas matindi parin ang butt exposure ni jake sa frankenstein!), masturbation, smacks, prostitution, porn cards, curses and a lot of middle fingers. if that is what you see, then you are one of the school administrators in the play. but if you see what is inside the hearts and minds of jakob, lunga, wallace and yachin, then congratulations, you may climb the ladder to square number 100.

congrats to TA for a wonderful play. congrats to my dear fluff, i see you as a concerned parent and not a little fish anymore. :D thanks to reamur for the pictures. :) da best talaga TA.

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