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>> Friday, December 22, 2006

we had our team-building training yesterday. Dra V had the most interesting team-building activities and i enjoyed every one of them. i'm sure the team did enjoy too. DAPAT LANG! ehehe

i tried my best to push the other team's tower. blowing didn't work so i pushed it with my finger. eehehehe

our tower. um.. may annex a and b yan. haha mel found the weakest "bolt" and pushed it down. rawr. hahahaha

complete cast of galileo enrichment learning center! :)
l-r: dra v, mel, ate jo-ann, quincy biggie tummy, ate jocel, teacher beth, adi, ms ann
first row: yumi and teacher ann


bigbaddie 11:31 AM  

Hey! Pushing straw towers over is one of my hobbies! =D

me_lodie,  8:51 PM  

oy, i'm not the one who pushed it :) hehehehe

yawmee 9:41 PM  

uy! si mel napadpad! :)

haha eh nung tinuro mo, bglang natumba yung tower eh. yung buhok sa daliri mo nagpatulak sa tower. hahaha chos. :D

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