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shhh. keep a secret.

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

i'm gonna die happy if i have a library like this: (taken from random pictures)

"it is a fact that people have secrets. knowing that you will never know some of them adds to the spice of life." - from one of the sunday afternoon shows of ABS-CBN (translation mine)

people are private people. no matter how public their profiles are, they also have secrets to keep. i have secrets that other people do not know. i have secrets that i share. and i know secrets of other people.

but when do we know when to stop knowing the secrets of other people?

women (and sometimes men.. aminin!) watch entertainment news to get the latest buzz on celebrities. they're so famous and much admired that we want to know what's happening to their lives. it seems that knowing their birthday, what they eat for breakfast, what time did they go to the bathroom, etc makes us feel that we are one step closer to them. ordinary people go to great lengths of stalking to show others that they are the ultimate fans or the ultimate friend of that celebrity. they feel that they hold the great fire of life when they are able to acquire the tissue paper that this particular celebrity threw away, or the seat that this celebrity sat on in a movie house.

sometimes, we have to learn that we will never get to know them really because we are not them. there are only two beings that fully know the existence and secrets of that person: the person himself and God.

i admit that i am a fan of several celebrities. i get all twisted and excited when i see a celebrity or get to shake their hand (that was waaay back in grade school). sometimes, even if i'm not a fan of a basketball player or a celebrity, i still get the butterflies when i see them in person. it's more exciting if they remember you the next time you see each other. but i don't go to the extent of hoarding all info because even if i memorized his life line, that doesn't make me more of a friend to him (him: meaning johnny depp, josh groban, johnny depp, josh groban, johnny depp, josh groban... j... :P)

even i will never know the deep dark and dirty secrets of my friends. of course, they have secrets to keep and secrets to tell, but i can't force them to tell me all of their hearts' desires.

knowing a person means trusting and respecting their decisions, trusting and respecting their lives, keeping and respecting their secrets. secrets means responsibilities. responsibility is a big key in keeping a friendship or a relationship. it's gonna be a sucky life if you share the secret with everyone. a close-knit information adds to the spice of life, making it more exciting. but if you carry an top-secret information, you have to carry that responsibility of keeping it to yourself. especially if that information is not solely yours.

people (especially entertainment reporters) should know their limits. over reading actions and words of celebrities may bring them to great trouble. they are people, they have secrets they want to keep. the reporters should respect that some information should be kept inside the homes of the celebrities. if they're willing to share secrets, they'll come to the tv networks and tell their secrets. that way, celebrities will learn to trust reporters. reporters should learn to do responsible reporting because they are reporting about the lives of human beings.

do you have a secret? of course you do. take care of it.


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