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my own award-giving body

>> Thursday, December 28, 2006

1) Drinking Buddy of The Year?
- I don't drink. but i'll give the award to jay and geopet, i guess. haha

2) Lifetime service award - Longest friend?
- i'd say regi. :)

3) High Point of the year?
- fourth year. i never expected our batch to be able to produce an event!

4) Low point of the year?
- um. the days i thought i'd fail sci 10 and theo. haha

5) Best holiday?
- new year and christmas

6) Anthem for 2006?
- shempre josh groban: "don't give up" from his latest albums

7) Any regrets?
- nung hinayaan ko siyang manligaw. YUCK.

8) Best Night out?
- the night na di kami natutulog pag camp or sleep overs.

9) Worst Night out?
- hmmm. nung binagyo kami sa immersion. haha di ako makatulog ng matino.

10) Who did you spend your valentines with?
- block e. mga single nagsama-sama

11) Best relationship?
- friendship with block e. :) better than any boyfriend.. to be. haha

12) Worst relationship?
- nung naging friend ko si number 7.

13) Best concert?
- hmmm. di pa dumarating si josh groban dito eh.

14) Best New Relationship/Friend?
- block e. best thing that happened to me. :)

15) Best decision made all year?
- get that starbucks planner. haha joke. um accepting my present job.

16) Best new album that you have listened to?
- josh groban's "awake"

17) Most proud moment?
Larawan: fine arts festival 2006. the best thing that happened to CW-TA batch 2006

18) Most reliable people?
in terms of chismis: kakai and jace. haha
in terms of gaydar: vittorio and kakai
in terms of friendship: block e
in terms of life and death matters: family and certain people from the block

19) Best job of the year?
my work in Galileo! whohoo!

20) Best Film?
this year? The Banquet. amazing.

21) Favorite quote of the year?
"You can't sit on two chairs. You have to choose one." Luciano Pavarotti's coach.

22) Rate 2006 on a scale of 1-10(best)
10! ting ting ting!

23) Plans for 07?
get those English worksheets done!

24) Funniest Friend?
um. i can't choose. the block's wacky eh.

25) Best Family Member Award
shempre parents.

26) Craziest Friend Award
i'd go for vit and kakai. hahaha


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