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magpakahyper sa bel field

>> Saturday, December 16, 2006

kagabi ang pinaka makulit na block E dinner na nangyari.

the night started with a high-pitched, shrilly squeal from vit and em, and me in bel field. imagine the gayest persons screaming on the top of lungs in front of gesu.

haha masaya talaga ang mga taga heights. kasing hyper ng mga tao sa fafa. kaya inadopt na namin kayo sa block e eh. hahaha pati na ang inyong christmas blooper sa isang stranger na binansagan niyong "migoy". ayan, may bago na siyang pangalan ngayon. merry christmas to him!

head count. go!

from the guys: chino, billy, jace, jay, mitch, ryan, quincy, cupcake rj, geopet, xander, vittorio
from the girls: edlyn, helga, chika, jihan, ako, cams, missy, em

(di na ako naglagay ng link tags sa mga pangalan niyo dahil magiging puti na ang post ko.)

yeahoo! finally, a night in bel field under the stars and the twinkling kweesmas lights. my sanity has plunged to the empty cores of the untouched ice tubes, because of that freaking captain barbell-slash-raymond gutierrez joke.

mauuulit uli block e ha. sigurado.

pictures will follow after i nenok from edlyn, chika, billy and rj.


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