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gua ai di

>> Sunday, December 24, 2006

it was a different and new experience for me as i went to my first filipino movie premier last night. :)

jace had the passes to watch the premier for mano po 5 because he had to review it for work. knowing that i like christian bautista (haha insert fan girl scream. ehe) and the premier would be in sm north, he invited me over.

why not diba.

i couldn't find a poster that was in a large file. i got this from their website.

the night started with us asking every security guard for the contact person jace needed to look for. we felt like tennis balls being passed from one court to another, until we arrived at the entrance of the cinema. good thing jace's officemate lori arrived and saved our butts from asking again and again and again for the nth time. ehe.

i guess jace memorized the theme song of mano po already because we stood beside the speakers while we were in line.

"My heart has a mind of it's own.
Right or wrong it's gonna do,
only what it feels it's true.
I'll follow it wherever it goes.
Anywhere it leads me too.
My heart has a mind of it's own."

we entered before the celebrities arrived to escape the chaos and the screaming fans. they started to arrive around 9pm.

the movie wasn't so bad at all.

i'll leave the chinese translations to jace, because i don't know anything about the chinese language. ehe. cinematography was nice, even the scenes of the "past life". it was a good mix of comedy and drama. they even had some chinese scenes to show dreams and feelings. i like the fight scene of christian and richard. nice stunts. :)

it was just overkill to make christian bautista's character an international singer. his billboards in edsa were photoshopped to replace his name to "felix yan". as in same album, but only carrying a different name. haha in all fairness, he did look like some boy band. haha

benta sakin ang character ni ketchup eusebio.

i didn't like the screaming fans while we were watching. it didn't matter if they laughed and screamed at the right moments, but it was damn too annoying when they made very loud side comments. think of it, we were seated at the balcony and i could hear their voices from the orchestra. they screamed "i lab yu enjel!! pakasalan na kita!" in the middle of intense moments in the movie. rawr, no movie manners. they didn't even sing the national anthem. *shakes head*

richard gutierrez is handsome, even from afar. very smooth skin and has this smile plastered on his face. angel is simple as you see her on tv. raymond, um, you can tell that it's him even in the dark. promise.

at sa dami-dami ng nakita kong artista, hindi ko manlang nakita si christian bautista. kamusta naman ang life ko. we were seated an aisle away from where they were seated and i didn't even get a glimpse of christian. whazzap tadhana?

sadly, i wasn't able to get any pictures of celebrities. only the line outside and the movie house. haha di ko na iuupload.

thanks for the invite jace. haha i was able to survive a day without starbucks! whohoo!


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