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ending 2006.

>> Thursday, December 14, 2006

Looking back on 2006
About You...
How old were you in 2006?:twenee
What was the most important thing you discovered in 2006?:that i can find a job related to writing
What will you always remember about 2006?:everything. best year so far. :)
In 2006 did you...
Keep your New Years resolution?:i didn't make one. teeeheehee too busy watching the fireworks
Go on a holiday?:yeap. bumming around.
Change jobs?:yeah. from a mad scientist to a creative writer.
Buy anything from eBay?:nope. not planning on buying.
Prank call someone?:yeah. yesterday. kaso lang the phone wasn't working anymore eh. boo
Get drunk?:with starbucks? yeah.
Get high?:with starbucks? uh-huh again.
Fall in love?:um. not with a person. with movies.
Break up with someone?:nope. haven't done that...YET
Get married?:na-ah!
Get divorced?:married nga hindi, what more kung divorce?
Stop speaking to someone?:yeah. i did. hahaha blocked him too from my ym.
Kiss someone?:mom and dad? pero if you're talking about "kiss" nope.
Kiss someone whose name you can’t remember?:wala.
Make a new friend?:yeah. starbucks friends. hehehe
Do anything embarrassing?:of course. maraming beses na this year.
Do something that you thought that you would never do?:yeah. get a decent job. and get a starbucks planner
Do something you have always wanted to do?:get this job. yehooo!
Do anything that you regret?:yeah. meet that freaking annoying person
Do anything illegal?:um.. does littering count?
Break a promise?:this year? di pa.
Lose something?:yeah. moolah to starbucks
Go crazy?:over starbucks? yeah.
Best of 2006...
Movie:the banquet
TV Show:csi las vegas! whohooo!
Song:lullaby - josh groban
Album:awake - josh groban
Thing you bought:cellphone motorazr v3i
Memory:the days that i see the dinosaur
Worst of 2006...
Movie:open season. sucky.
TV Show:captain barbell and super inggo. hahahaha
Song:anything from cueshe or hale. puh-leez
Album:anything from cueshe or hale. blech
Hangover:the nuclear bomb i did when i drank starbucks one day
Memory:same as above. embarrassing mhen.
About 2007...
What do you want in 2007?:i want to finish the worksheets. asap.
Is there anything you would do differently in 2007?:i dunno. i don't want to promise something i'm not sure i'll do
Do you think it will be a good year?:i hope so. :D i feel it'll be a hectic year
What do you look forward to most about 2007?:theatrical plays!
Do you have a New Years resolution?:no. don't want to make one. :)
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