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a big shrug

>> Friday, December 08, 2006

GELPI went to sacred heart sun valley to present a story for their christmas party. quincy (or as we call him, the gelpi mascot) was the kid pacifier and the trampoline of the kids. i enjoyed myself by taking pictures of the super hyperactive children.

one of the kids, reyna, loved to talk to us. here was one of the many conversations we had.

reyna: i'm going to study in st. scho.
me: when?
reyna: sometime. when i graduate from sacred heart. my sister is studying there.
me: how old is your sister?
reyna: seven.
me: and you are?
reyna: four.
me: do you have a kuya?
reyna: yeah. he's 11 years old.
me: where is your kuya studying? (shempre diba, alangan naman sa st. scho din)
reyna: um. i don't know eh.
me: you didn't ask?
reyna: i don't want to know.


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