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25 reasons to celebrate Christmas

>> Monday, December 25, 2006

25. the presence of your family makes it all worthwhile
24. puto bumbong, bibingka, and noche buena!
23. numerous text messages finding its way to your cellphone
22. staying away to open presents
21. thanking those who remembered you
20. christmas carols
19. christmas presentations and programs
18. kris kringle and guessing who your baby is
17. putting up christmas decorations
16. wrapping presents!
15. metro manila film fest (i know some people would want to watch foreign movies that are set to be shown on december, but because of mmff, we would have to wait till january. think of it as something filipino to look forward to. :P)
14. getting letters and emails from long-lost relatives and friends
13. the wonderful and cold weather (more time for sleeping!)
12. going to church
11. visiting grandparents and relatives
10. seeing everyone happy
9. christmas break! (i go back to work on january 2!)
8. waiting for the start of another year
7. fake snow and snowflakes
6. colors red and green
5. buying (or getting a starbucks planner) a new planner to fix your 2007 life
4. sharing a hot cup of coffee with someone special (ay wala akong someone special. coffee lang. haha)
3. willingness to spend money for heart-felt gifts
2. remembering the reason why we have christmas
1. thanking God for giving us His Son to save us from our sins

merry CHRISTmas everyone!


yawmee 9:48 PM  

aww. thanks for the greeting! merry christmas! :)

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