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stolen from kakai

>> Friday, November 17, 2006

--------- RED ----------

Closest red thing to you?
- the santa hat decor on my computer. yesh, we placed santa hats on our computer monitors.

Last thing that made you angry?
- um. i can't remember.

Do you have a temper?
- sometimes. especially if i have my period. haha

Are you a fan of romance?
- not really.

---------- ORANGE ----------

Closest orange thing to you?
- the ym window that goes orange when i get a message. and guess who, it's kakai!

Do you like to burn things?
- it depends on the things being burnt.

Are you usually a warm-hearted person?
- yeah. but i have my evil tactics every now and then. diba kakai?

Do you have anything against redheaded ppl?
- no. i find it cute nga eh.

Are you usually full of energy?
- Yes. especially when i buy something. aka books or starbucks or anything speedo

--------- YELLOW ----------

Closest yellow thing to you?
- the starbucks gc envelope. na walang laman.

The happiest time[s] of your life?
- watching csi. ym-ing kakai with a juicy chismis. "certain people" going online (raises eyebrows). downloading a new album (or receiving an album from the downloading peeps here in the office). shopping with mom. joking around with dad. lunch outs with the block. ateneo.

Favorite holiday?
- new year. i get to eat a lot and dance (ballroom style) with my younger cousins. haha

When are you usually happy?
- when i don't have my period. hahaha bitter ako sa linggong ito. it's bloody hell.

Are you a coward?
- yes and no. sometimes i am a coward, sometimes i can muster up some courage.

Do you burn or tan?
- tan? i dunno. tan siguro. it's not painful eh.

---------- GREEN ----------

Closest green thing to you?
- the worksheets that i have to answer. now. haha

Do you care about the environment?
- oo naman. i hate littering.

Are you jealous of anyone right now?
- hmm. at some aspects, yes. but if you're asking if i'm jealous of a person's life, then no.

Are you a lucky person?
- i don't consider myself lucky. fortunate, i would say.

Do you always want what you can't have?
- sometimes. especially when that includes books and starbucks. harhar

Do you like being outdoors?
- of course. nature is love!

Are you Irish?
- na-ah.

---------- BLUE ----------

Closest blue thing to you??
- my ateneo jacket.

Do you like the ocean?
- yup! i love the ocean with a view (either of the mountain, or an island).

Are you a logical thinker?
- sometimes. hehe

---------- PURPLE ----------

Last purple thing you saw?
yung strap ng id ko.

Like being treated to expensive things?
- oo naman. extravaganza!

Do you like mysterious things?
- yes. think CSI. *takes out the magic flashlight that lights up a lighted room* (sige, ianalyze mo yan)

Ever met anyone in royalty?
- um. si um. wala yata.

Are you creative?
- yeah. pero i want it hands-on, rather than photoshopped. haha

---------- PINK ----------

Closest pink thing to you?
- My elchay in front of me. HELLO (hahaha!!! tama, ang super pink ng lj mo kakai, nakakaloka. no wonder it brings people to tears)
- yung english book ng grade 6. it's pink.

Do you like sweet things?
- yeah. kilig and sweet as in candy sweet things.

Are you sensitive?
- sometimes. pero i try not to be affected.

---------- WHITE ----------

Closest white thing to you?
- tissue paper na patungan ng mug ko. the computer screen. bond paper na nakakalat sa table ko.

Would you say you're innocent?
- ahhh no. i'm greener than you think.

Always try to keep the peace?
- yeah. pero i can be a war freak online. hahahaha

How do you imagine your wedding?
- something simple. yoko ng gowns-gowns. makati at mainit yon.

Do you like to play in the snow?
- too cold. nah.

Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist?
- nope. i love going to the doctor or dentist.

---------- BLACK ----------

Closest black things to you?
- cover ng cellphone ko. iz black. and a stapler.

Ever enjoy hurting people?
- no. pero kung joke, ok lang. *slap on the arm*

Are you sophisticated or silly?
- lost. hahahahaha

Would you like to go to space?
- oo naman. i want to see the stars.

Do you have a lot of secrets?
- uh-huh.

What are your favorite colors?
- lavander (hahaha!!!! kamusta naman ang bagong favorite color?)
- pink, blue, white

Does the color you wear affect your mood?
- nope. i just wear what i see first in the closet. hahaa


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