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sing for the audience of one

>> Sunday, November 26, 2006

we weren't supposed to watch the concert at crossroad yesterday, but because of a last minute call received, we were able to get tickets for the "audience of one".

the dinner concert (well, concert for us because we didn't purchase a dinner ticket) was a 24th anniversary celebration for crossroad. bread of life ministries has been in the philippines for 24 years and i've seen most of its improvements. from the single service they had in miriam college (which they call maryknoll), to celebrity sports, to circle, and now to the lot which we call our own. we know have our own building and we stand at 77 mo. ignatia st. we know have crossroad 77. i never imagined that we would have something like this now, with a bookstore, tea spa, 24-hour gym, a library for highschool and college students (which they call the shire. aha LOTR inspired), outreaches in different parts of the philippines, a wushu philippine team, and a learning pub.

the church has been going through different fund raising activities for the improvement and development of the building. last night was one of those activities.

among the list of performers were isay alvarez, robert sena, raymond lauchengco, goya bulahan, and a guy whose name i don't know. there were groups of performers: the choir (yes, that choir which i auditioned for and quit after a few meetings because of work sched conflicts), the sonshine street kids choir (led by hans, yeahoo!), and the street dance advanced class.

my favorite song -- and i'm guessing everyone else in the audience area -- was when raymond lauchengo sang somewhere over the rainbow. lolo pete had his ukelele out and performed with him. everyone cheered on when they saw lolo pete on stage. he even wore a hawaiian shirt to go with his ukelele. it was priceless. raymond lauchengco's voice is just... love.

a "backgrounder": lolo pete is mom and dad's ninong at their wedding. he's an avid supporter of classical music and everytime we see each other, he would always ask me about my piano lessons. ehe, he said he'd recommend me to a filipino pianist who'd help me continue my studies. yeahoo! and he was the one who influenced my dad in buying a ukelele. teeheehee

congrats to the choir and everyone who performed last night. it was a wonderful concert, and i hope that this concert would be a testimony to God's greatness and goodness.


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