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see you, love you

>> Sunday, November 05, 2006

block e people share the same weakness. starbucks.

jace, geopet, jihan, edlyn and i met up at glorietta for lunch. last time we met, we ate at pazzo, power plant. we kept the italian theme, only with a different restaurant. lunch was at chef d'angelo and boy, were there a lot of people eating there.

we added to the air pollution with our stories, "hysterical" laughs, and share of interests. jace gave me a beauty and the beast storybook (yey, thanks!) and my monthly dosage of tv shows. jihan was present (at last!) and we forced her to stay with us till 3pm and not return to her office by 130. edlyn brought her camera with her (let's go camwhores!). and geopet, was as evil as ever to his best friend, "total eclipse of my heart."

the meet-up was only short, due to some errands. it didn't matter anyway, it was fun seeing my college friends again. we were bound by the universal feeling called love, and it came in many ways. ours was in a cup of coffee (venti for me). what is it with coffee that makes people sit down and talk? what is it with starbucks that teenagers (feeling teenagers kami) would like to hang out there?

for us, it is a vice.

(whoooosh. drama.)

anyway, pictures are in my multiply. i took pictures from edlyn's cam and posted it in my site too. hehe share the love, nakaw the pictures.


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