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>> Saturday, November 18, 2006

so i've seen the whole tirona-pitargue family at last.

kate, her boyfriend joel, tita tina and tito eddie arrived first last friday. i saw them the day they arrived in tita mimi's house. there was a short dinner and chitchats with the family. but i didn't get to talk to them that much because lola was busy entertaining them (with matching drama tears). i wasn't able to take a pic of kate and me 'coz everyone was talking with them and i couldn't take a minute to ask for a pic. kate has this dog that she left in australia. and guess what, they have a doggie hotel; complete with doggie pool and spa.

joel's nice. my lola likes him so much, "very respectful and magalang. ay nako, welcome na welcome siya sa familya." and he likes adobo and sinigang. o diba, filipinized. it looks like he wants to learn filipino because he always asks kate to translate some phrases for him. i guess he's not used to the weather because i noticed his ears grow red because of the humidity here. i do have a picture of joel, kaso lang it's blurry. boooo.

they showed us pictures of their house. and i'm sooo going to like their house because they have a lap pool. they have a lap pool. haha, if there would be a swimming pool burglar, it would be me. tito eddie gave me the sydney newspaper to read. our newspapers are faar more different than ours. our sunday newspaper is only one section of theirs. they have a lot of very colorful articles from all around the world. they also have this one section on arts, where they promote art and theater. i wanted to cry with all the theater shows i won't be able to watch. haha ballet shows, improv theater, musicals, museums, dances, everything that would make my musical body go crazy. i promise that one day before i die, i'll watch plays, and sydney plays are part of that itenerary. and i want to watch it in the sydney opera house.

they said that i'd be shocked if we see crissy. crissy arrived days after their arrival, which was a monday. crissy was my pen pal before even if i only saw them in christmas pictures. i saw crissy yesterday, after their trip from boracay. and boy, she's taller than tita tina.

it wasn't bad at all. we ate dinner in greenbelt and i got to talk to crissy more. haha we have the same phone! she still has this filipino spunk of bargaining. she said that when they were in boracay, she was able to bargain for a pair of shades that was originally priced at two hundred pesos. and she bargained with the native language, only with the australian accent. haha

crissy has a lot of stories, and it seems that she's enjoying her life. she could be a model one day, she got the body and the looks. and the dang height. good thing she didn't wear heels when we went to greenbelt or else we'd look like a pencil and a matchstick walking beside each other. harhar.

they were supposed to visit our house today, but there was a change in plans. they postponed the trip to tuesday. boo, i won't be able to see them again (not until next saturday) because i'll be at work. can't be absent, i have a lot of stuff to finish. better start cleaning my pig pen study table.

visit them in australia? soon. but not as early as next year. :)


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