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ironic wish

>> Tuesday, November 14, 2006

for once, i didn't want ken to be eliminated last night (though i've been dying for the day that he gets kicked out.)

dj moe was the guest judge for this week's competition. and he made a bet against ken that if ken doesn't get eliminated, he'll wear a dress for the whole week. i badly wanted to see dj moe wear a dress, with that tatoo on his arm and that smirky face.

i noticed that moe is pretty honest and straight forward when it comes to giving out comments. i think that is what puts him in trouble with all the other actors and showbiz people. he seems like he's a nice guy with the nice dj accent, but he's too careless with what he says. and it makes him famous actually, having different tv interview and stints on various shows. i'm not sure if it's really a claim to fame thing.

if miguel gets eliminated next week (which i doubt will happen, because of the thousands of lasallians voting for him. haha), it'll be a tough competition for everyone.

i like mau's haircut, it made her look thinner because less face skin is exposed. the bangs cut off her face, making it look fashionable.

i heard that jan's taking voice lessons, which means that he has this passion to improve his craft. he just needs to be consistent.

gian is still a wonderful singer and a philippine idol. no more comment. consistency is the key.

pow, uuuy. she wore make-up with the blue eye shadow last sunday. wonderful. i agree with mr C's comment on "getting in touch" with her feminine side. consistency is also the key for pow. she's a potential idol.

miguel. too young, but inconsistent. i want the piano-looking swabe guy back. the pop look doesn't fit miguel. he needs to have that clean and classy look because that's what fits him.

i'm gonna watch this sunday's episode of the performances, because it'll have a classical/broadway theme. and the wonderful thing is that they'll have lea salonga as their guest judge! HWEEEEEE! I GOT MY WISH! mwahaha, tough genre, but it'll test the vocal range and singing abilities of the contestants.

oh, and another reason why i was happy with last night's phil idol? christian bautista was there. hahahahaha jologs opm crush, but hey, he's a theater actor! trumpeteer siya! and even though he didn't win in "star in a million", he kept his ground and was able to be part of the roster of singers.

let's go singers!


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