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high school musical

>> Monday, November 13, 2006

i met up with my cousins yesterday in makati. they're part of the high school musical generation.

nikki's 12 years old ("no, i'm turning 13 na!") and taller than me. taller than me. all the time, i had her sit down because i don't want her standing beside me. nakakahiya ang height ko. haha she has these sweet eyes that sparkle everytime she speaks. her mouth forms a smile after every sentence. pa-cute effect, and i find it nice. :)

bea's the sweetest ten-year old ever. we were playing hangman in the living room and whenever we didn't get a letter right, she'd say, "awww." and she found it funny when we weren't following the hang man rules anymore. "we're cheating." she'll say, and let out a giggle. and before we parted ways, she wanted a hug.

monique. the baby of the family. it's been a long time since i've seen her, and she didn't cry when she saw strangers in the room. she gave me a wet kiss and a baby hug. "ate". awwww. she's three years old and she calls her stuffed seal a monkey. she knows almost all tv shows and the actors. she knows the colors and the objects around her. she loves to climb chairs and sit beside you. then she'll walk around the room, then sit beside you again. she'll stare at you until you notice her. she loves to say, "hi tita, hi ate."

and these three kids love high school musical. they'll stop and sing to the songs whenever they see the commercial of the movie on tv. nikki loves zach efron, nikki loves the song "bop to the top", and monique just loves dancing to the songs. they're smart for their age, but they're not the annoying type. they're not the know-it-all girls like sharpay. they're the gabriellas in the family. :)

i can't spend time with them often, because they live in dagupan. their parents are doctors there and it looks like i'll be seeing them next year or anytime the pitargue family decides to meet again.

bea: "go pitargues!"


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