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>> Thursday, November 30, 2006

to my dear dad, happy birthday!

as everyone is celebrating bonifacio day (or a big "no classes" day because of the storm reming/durian), the pitargue family is celebrating the birthday of two of their family members, my dad and my great grand father.

my great grand lolo's named after andres bonifacio. he was living with us when he died when i was around 10 years old. my dad was supposed to be named andre, but somewhere in the city hall, the typist encoded "i" instead of "e". everyone calls him andri or andrito (by my lolo). my dad's name sounds barok.

andres bonifacio was a "war freak" and a supporter of the revolution. my dad and lolo are the opposite. they love the quiet life, reading books and staying at home. my lolo loved his geese (that's were i got my daily dose of protein when i was small) and pigs. my dad loved tinkering with machines and gadgets.

dad looks like lolo andres so much. now i know how my dad will look in his 90s. we keep a big picture of him in my piano room (which used to be his room) at home. so whenever i go in there, there's a big smiling lolo andres greeting us. some people are creeped out by the pic, but i find it cute. i feel that lolo andres still lives there and he's always ready to greet me. ehe

happy birthday to two of my dear guys. :) i love you.

and a "revolutionary" pic to end this post. taken from random pictures.


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