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ghaked from ph

>> Monday, November 13, 2006


How old were you?: 15
Where did you go to school?: School of the holy spirit of qc
Where did you work?: i wasn't working at that time. i was busy studying (achooos)
Where did you live?: quezon city
Where did you hang out?: april's house, or at mcdo commonwealth, or at home
How was your hair style?: long hair
Did you wear braces?: nope
Did you wear glasses?: yeah, but also wore contact lenses
Who was your regular-person crush?: um. melvin abundo from 5 and up. i think. or maybe that was in first year. i remember maita printing a picture of him for me. hahaha
How many tattoos did you have?: none. bawal.
How many piercings did you have?: one on each ear.
What car did you drive?: none. i was underaged. haha
What was your favorite band/group: none. i was experimenting on different genres.
worst fear?: failing a subject.
gotten drunk?: nah
Had you driven yet?: not yet. haha
Had you been arrested?: nope. on the safe side lagi.
Had you been to a real party yet?: what do you mean by real parties? i've been to a lot of parties.
Had your heart broken?: nope.


nov 2006

How old are you?: 20
What grade are you in?: graduated and working!
school?: graduated from ateneo de manila university (shempre binuo ko parin)
Where do you work: galileo enrichment learning program
Where do you live?: quezon city represent parin
Where do you hang out?: home nalang. before, block e used to make the fine arts dept our home.
Do you have braces?: nope
Do you wear glasses?: during sundays only. i wear my contact lenses often
Still talk to any of your old friends? of course
Who is your celebrity crush? johnny depp. oh my.. whee!
How many piercings do you have: one on each ear parin
How many tattoos?: none. too painful
What kind of car do you have?: none parin. legal age na ako, wala parin akong kotse.
What is your favorite band/group?: um none. artist lang. josh groban.
What is your biggest fear?: not meeting deadlines. hahaha
Have you gotten drunk?: nah
Have you been arrested since if so how many times total?: di pa. eveer
Has your heart been broken?: nope. hahha safe?


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