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broadway on philippine idol! YEAHOO!

>> Sunday, November 19, 2006

the night i've been waiting for.

POW - mamita's best for stage
movie: "so far so good"
the video was funny, she can act. and i love the facial expression when she wore the dress. not a complete package, she didn't wear girly shoes to match the dress. haha on her performance, it was a sablay ending: mahangin ang kanyang high note, which is not a normal thing for pow. i guess she's gonna love lea salonga; because she approved of pow wearing pants.
stage: "i'll give my life for you" from miss saigon
wow. blue eye shadow with the eye liner. may background props pa from miss saigon. may hangin note parin, pero wonderful performance. started the musical show with a bang. ahaha, di bagay ang vietnamese costume.

movie: "growing up"
compared to last week's performance, this one's better. but it's not the best performance, i still want that piano song. :) haha he won't be eliminated. too many fans. uh-oh.
stage: "can you feel the love tonight" from lion king
nice start. may sablay note somewhere in the chorus. his notes went everywhere when the song changed keys. un lang.

GIAN - lea's best for stage
movie: "eto nanaman ako"
OMG KAKAI. PAPA JUSTIN CUYUGAN GUEST IN PHILIPPINE IDOL! Heartbreaker! hahahaha anywaaaay. moving on, ouch yung film ah. no more comment, si gian na bet ko dati pa.
stage: "grease lightning" from grease
hyper song. too theatrical that i think he lost some of the notes. i like his movie performance more. pero... GO GIAN PARIN AKO!

movie: "bakit ngayon ka lang"
AHAAAY! JAN TOPLESS! hahaha. charing. jan's improving except for that one note that i think went flat. his vibratos are improving and it's not as shaky as before.
stage: "corner of the sky" from pippin
i really like his vibratos now, but some of his lyrics were garbled. and i don't like the shoestring style on his shirt. ahehe congratulations for being able to hold that last note in place. thank you.

MAU - lea's best for movie
movie: "diamonds are forever"
parang di marunong umarte si mau. for the first few minutes, di nagiiba yung facial expression niya. i like the ending. comedy. haha she's still a great singer and a great james bond ending. but she's not my idol. ehe. pero i would want her to win if gian doesn't get the spot. aha wooooah, standing ovation.
stage: "and i'm telling you i'm not going" from dream girls
she looks and sounds like a diva.

on the guest judge:
of all the guest judges, i like lea salonga best. not only that she has that tony award to brag about, she can give a full judgment because she does not only comment on musicality and stage presence, she talks about the experiences and lives of the singers in connection to the songs. i hope she's a mainstay.

on the films:
pwede sillang artista. and the love teams are very funny. bagay naman. the idols can act and can carry on their film roles. :) kewl.

other comment: (may be offensive)
um, can someone not put gretchen's daughter and her friends in the first row and right smack behind the judges? it looks like they're not appreciative of the performances and all they would do is to talk to each other, text, and tuck hair behind their ears (nag bangs pa kasi, tatakpan naman yung mukha). place the eliminated idols there instead, they'll pay more attention.

from joms:


sadie's mom 11:12 AM  


yawmee 12:10 PM  

i wasn't able to take a pic. ambilis lang eh. tas i was sitting far from the tv. booo.

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