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big band night

>> Monday, November 27, 2006

last night, everyone shone in their own musical way. i guess it'll be difficult to choose who will be eliminated tonight because no one flopped or hit a wrong note in their performances. everyone got good comments, too.

jan - he did his romantic moves by giving mamita a flower and asked one person from the audience to sing (gail daw?). his facial expressions and movements were not awkward, compared last week and he had this spunk with his songs. maybe it's the choice of songs that put him in the good spot. yeah, maybe.

miguel - i guess his voice is fit for this genre. he didn't look boyish, nor as the rumors would say, "gay". i'm not good when it comes to gaydars and such, but there are some songs that brings out the feminine side in him. and last night, it didn't show up. his suave moves and voice placed him in the safe spot. even the comments were good. however, there was a tinge of elimination in the judges' comments even if they were positive. mr c would write a song with miguel "if he gets eliminated tonight".

mau - as diva as ever. i liked how well she pulled off the song "waray waray". i shall see her in the finals.

gian - whooohoo! my bet for the competition. as wonderful as always, i voted for him 10 times. ahahaha no more comment. i say less for those who deserve more.

so tonight will be a heart-thumping night. i don't know who deserves to be eliminated because they all did well. but i hope gian doesn't get eliminated tonight.


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