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3 will be sent to the big dome

>> Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i really hate eliminations. not only are the contestants scared of being eliminated, the audience are also being sent to the "nervous chamber room". i feel i'm part of the elimination series.

last night, one was sent home while three made it to the finals. personally, there was no one deserving to be sent home, based on their performances last sunday. but if you would base it on consistency throughout the competition, miguel is the least candidate to stay. he did well last sunday, so i wasn't sure if it was his time to go.

the group was divided into two: miguel and gian, mau and jan. (commercial break) miguel and gian was asked to sit down, while mau and jan were asked to step forward. (commercial break). jan was asked to sit down. ryan agoncillo asked a hanging question to mau. tension builds up. (commercial break.) ryan asked mau if who among the three guys she thought should be in the hot spot with her. miguel was chosen, based on mau's observation on his performance in the past sundays. did mau make the right choice? (commercial break) finally, after a lot of commercial breaks and silence gaps, miguel was booted off.

i hope mr c keeps his promise on sitting down with miguel and writing a song with him. miguel will make it big, with his looks and young voice. he just needs a little motivation and time to move on, especially with the bulk of criticisms he has received over the past months. :) God speed, miguel.


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