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top two and bottom one.

>> Saturday, October 14, 2006

tsk tsk tsk.. ken, what did you do to the song? i was expecting a leo valdez-like interpretation. you did take out the "kulotations" (as mamita would say it), but you still did not nail it right. i think you could've chosen a safer song that would save you from the criticisms.

my philippine idol for tonight was mau. from the outfit (hottie green!) to the interpretation. wow, you are the winner for tonight. even if dulce was in the audience -- which for me is added tension -- you brought home the trophy beybeh! love it!

tonight, my favorite is arms. complete package with the head dress and maroon gown that made you look ethnic. the husky voice gave it an original touch. you didn't let drae and his kids down. good one arms.

i'd be voting for arms. pero bukas na. :)


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