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talking nonsense

>> Monday, October 09, 2006

there are times that i am annoyed at certain people, especially when i see their name go online or even the mere mentioning of their name. i don't know why; they're not doing anything against me. but there's always this sudden change of emotions whenever their names go up in lights.

of course, people do have flaws. even i admit that i'm not the most perfect person ever born. but some people act as if they are doing something about those flaws. it's not about the flabby skin or the flawless skin, it's about the personality that makes me want to cringe everytime i hear their names. they talk to people like as if they have all the opinions in the world, but you can't even see it happening in their lives.

see? why am i even talking or writing about it? can't i just leave the person alone? maybe i should. i think i should. i should. but times will always come when i'd go irritated and crappy again. for no big reason. just like now. i should be working, but i'm ranting.

this post maybe is useless, no one would relate to it anyway. back to work.


mewydawitewamb 8:54 AM  

i know exactly what you feel.

there's this someone from another office who i just can't bear to be with. i don't even like it when people talk about her. i thought at first that maybe i was jealous, but when i think about it, i don't want to be like her! she didn't really do anything to me... exactly. she just kinda remarked something that totally pissed me off, though i'm not sure that she meant it to be that way...

ah basta. kainis.

point is, i know how you feel. hehehe.

yawmee 9:28 AM  

diba? ang wurd ng feeling, di ka dapat mainis pero naiinis ka. haha

yey, the wamb is weeding my bwog!

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