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pot tagged me!

>> Thursday, October 26, 2006

Simply list down nine weird things about one's self and tag nine others.

1. when i drink coffee, i feel sleepy afterwards. but if i drink milk, i am awake for the whole day.

2. i can bend my thumb 90 degrees backward.

3. the toes on my feet are widely spaced. they look like alien feet. my ring finger toe is the same height as the pinky toe and has a larger nail than the latter.

4. before i go to bed, i have this story telling in my head that is the continuation of the story i made up the night before. helps me get a good night's sleep and keeps me away from nightmares.

5. i can't sleep without my "security blanket", which i have had since i was small. i don't care if it's gonna be ripped apart soon, as long as i have it with me when i go to bed.

6. i always wear socks if i'm sleeping in an airconditioned room or if the weather is cold.

7. i am addicted to speedo swimsuits. if i had a lot of money, i'll buy a lot of speedo swimsuits with different designs.

8. i have uaap superstition. everytime ateneo is playing a game, it's either i watch the replay, watch it live, or not watch it at all. i don't like watching ateneo games on tv. there's this feeling that ateneo will lose if i watch it on screen.

9. i enjoy bloody and manly movies with all the bombs. i even like watching wrestling. yeah, brings out the guy personality in me.

i tag:
(though some of these people rarely visit their blogger sites. mas masaya daw sa lj

1. edlyn (alam kong bibigay ka. haha)
2. cam (musta na ang paghahanap ng raket?)
3. benny (dahil wala na akong ma-tag. haha)
4. yenna (oh my internet romance. hahahaha kamusta na ang pambboys? haha joke lang!)
5. monix (madam auring in a bikini top! ahaaay!)
6. ralp (dahil wala narin akong maisip na i-tag.)
7. idowl rj (kahit di ko alam kung nagmememe ka sa blog mo. teeheehee)
8. mish (haloo! wazzap? wala narin akong maisip na i-tag. hehe)
9. thirdy (destress sa thesis mo. :D )


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