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phil idoldoldol!

>> Sunday, October 22, 2006

"you have caused the elimination of reymond and drae."

that's what you call the power of ryan cayabyab.


last night was themed opm bands and the contestants had to sing songs composed and performed by filipino bands. wency cornejo was the guest judge, replacing francis magalona for that night.

i bow down to mr. c's greatness. the judges had their super fair share of giving the greatest comments in the history of philippine idol.

gian - safe song, i would say. he didn't go falceto (yehey) but the song didn't suit his talent. i guess if he picked something more rockish, then he'd get the judges' vote.

apple - kitchie nadal. hmm. her voice was so low for the song. i'd still go for kitchie nadal.

jan - wrong choice of song. didn't match mr. c's standards.

pow - mr. c is expecting her to win. dandandandaaaan, meet mr. c's prediction! pressure is on pow!

ken - thank you mr. c for being the devil tonight. that was what i wanted to hear. 'nuff said.

mau - wow. i didn't know that there would be other interpretations of the song. at first i thought it would be a safe song for mau's vocal chords. but when she sang the falcetto notes, i was blown away. it wasn't mau on stage, it was a diva in the making. amazing.

arms - good choice of song. :) eeepaglalaban kooo. perfect LSS for the night.

jelli - um. there were stray notes. actually, she can sing and she has a good quality of voice, but she isn't consistent all throughout the song. there were flats and sharps along the way.

miguel - haha i found mr. c's comment funny. "go back and finish your high school." i would kill to have the funds to study in lasalle zobel (which will not happen because i'm through with schooling), so don't give it up kiddo.

tonight's the night. i reallly hope that the good singers stay and those who were dissed by mr. c to have their final bow. pleaaaassseeee..


Ralp. 11:47 AM  

nyahahaha. phil idol avid fan k pla. hehehe d ako nuod nian kea d ako makarel8 sa post mu. hahahaha

w0iii..bawasan mu content ng blog mu. tgal magload. hahaha sori kung nangengealam ako mxado. hahaha (--.

Pot 12:38 PM  

Kahit na hindi rin ako maka-PhilIdol, ang masasabi ko na lang: Matindi talaga si Mr. C. Haha.

Anonymous,  3:38 PM  

waahh.. d ako nakapanood.. hahay.. lintek na PDA kasi eh..

yawmee 6:13 PM  

ralp - haha i can remove the sudoku. :) but the others, i can't. pero kahit nakadial up ako, di mabagal ang load ng blog ko. :)

pot - haha shempre, magaling na yon kaya may k na syang mangaway ng tao. hahaha :) wag ka na manood, mahohook ka lang tapos maaasar ka. haha joke.

mp - haloo, thanks for dropping by! :) sinong maka PDA sa inyo? di bale, sunday na yung performance night, tas yung results monday na. may maabutan k na! :)

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